The Gospel of Mark revised Essay

            The Gospel of Mark with the prophecy of Isaiah that a messenger will be coming before the birth of the Lord.

The first few verses show Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist, the one who is regarded as the ‘messenger’. With that, Jesus is then the one assumed as the Greater One after Him.            Jesus chose 12 men and made disciples out of them. And then he started teaching and performing miracles, casting out demons, healing the sick, and bringing up the dead. Jesus, in the eyes of the people before, is one miracle worker. He traveled Judea, Galilee, Capernaum, and other nearby areas.

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He became popular by name of Jesus of Nazareth. He goes into towns and villages with a commanding authority to preach the teachings of God. The amazing things that he can do had awed many followers, disciples, believers, and even detractors.He was assumed by many to be sent forth by God to save men. But others, mostly the Pharisees and the Sadducees, think otherwise. He constantly made the mute talk, the blind see, and the lame walk. People who had shown him faith and believed in Him were healed from all their sicknesses and diseases. When he teaches the word of God, he uses parables.

His words are a puzzle to those who do not believe in him, enlightenment to those who do believe.Jesus traveled over lands and seas to teach the word of God. His message: repent from your sins and go back to the loving embrace of God.  Then the promise of salvation is ensured. And because of the manner Jesus speaks of the love of God, a lot of his followers had regarded him as the true Son of God.This is the very reason why the Pharisees and the Sadducees were alarmed. They conspired to persecute Jesus, and eventually nailed him on the cross. They put him through agony.

They charged him with blasphemy. But Jesus never fought against nor accepted the blame. He continued to be the good soul he is. He understood his persecutors. He forgave them. Instead of using his powers to relieve himself of the pain and misery, he left to God what should be made of them. He has decided to live on the prophecy: the prophecy that he will be saving the world from their sins. And even on the cross, Jesus has done miracles.

During the hour of his death, the earth shook and the skies dimmed. He has really proven himself as the Son of God.            The story of Jesus is a series of supernatural incidents. The Gospel of Mark openly illustrates how Jesus walked through the journey that God made for him, to save men.

Given that the Gospel of Mark has solid foundation that goes with it, a person walking on earth doing miracles and proclaiming the good news of salvation is indeed one person of authority, power, and divinity.   It would be easy to believe in Him, especially if we are there, physically touching Him and hearing His words.After reading the Gospel of Mark, I realize that God loved us so much He even sent his beloved son, Jesus, to save the world. In the story, Jesus is still performing miracles even during and after his death on the cross.

He has risen on the third day. No person in this world could match that feat. He is supernatural.

He is worth believing.I surrender to his words and his deeds, although it is apparent that following Him is not easy. I know I need to do certain sacrifices to follow his will.Given this, Jesus is my ultimate guiding light whenever there is a decision to be done in my life. He has left us a lot of wisdom and teachings that we could use in our daily living. Simple words such as loving thy neighbor as we love ourselves should be the main principle applied to everything we do.

Jesus illustrates a good example when speaks of the story of the Good Samaritan. Loving our neighbors is one fundamental act we should always keep in mind when relating with other people.The presence of Jesus in our lives will definitely affect our culture and belief. Believers of Jesus will have a different perception of the truth and how to lead one’s life as to compare to non-believers.

The life of Jesus will serve as a model on how we should leave our own lives. That is, to love God above all and to love our neighbors as we love our self. Jesus clearly states the presence of heaven and of hell. Followers of Jesus then would culturally incline themselves to live a pure life here on earth in order to enter the Kingdom of God.After reading the Gospel of Mark, I am willing to believe that there is one soul who walked the earth with supreme power that even evil spirits obey Him.

Jesus is real. He has performed deeds to prove He is indeed the Son of God. Today, we should make ourselves worthy for His sufferings, His agony, and His hardships. Culturally, we should adapt to His way of living. Live like He does.

Believe like He does. Take our oen cross and follow him.


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