The Good Earth Essay Research Paper Peter

The Good Earth Essay, Research PaperPeter Cao 5/17/000Period 8 H.R.10The Good EarthThe Good Earth, a book written by an American writer ; but is about the life of anordinary Chinese husbandman during the early 1900s.

Is an highly well-written novel. Themany realistic inside informations the writer Pearl S. Buck used, to convey about the day-to-day adversities ofthe chief character are rather absorbing.

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And its really rare that a foreign author can cognizeso much about China. Besides the fact that Pearl S. Buck chose to compose about the life of acommon husbandman is rather interesting, because in the Chinese society husbandmans are greatsubscribers ; nevertheless, at most times is regarded as the lower category of the Chinese societalconstruction.

Foremost, the Good Earth begins with Wang Lung traveling to the Great House ofHwang ( P.49 ) to convey place the married woman that was betrothed to him by his male parent. From thatminute on the married woman, O-lan wholly changed the remainder of Wang lung s life. Not merelythat O-lan was persevering and street-smart, she besides helped Wang Lung gain the really wealththat will turn him off from her.Wang Lung lived with his male parent, married woman, and five kids, one whom is mentallyretarded. Although Wang Lung supplied all the physical demands for his household and kept allthe household traditions. Just like the ascendants which inherited the land before him, WangLung worked the Earth that provided nutrient, prosperity, and all he of all time need. However, theEarth besides brought him grieve through natural catastrophes, but the Earth remained his solebeginning of inner-peace.

Wang Lung was a lovingness and compassionate adult male with a strong sense of householdand version to simple life. For illustration, Wang Lung showed utmost regard andgrasp for his married woman in a clip when adult females were considered to be no more soslaves. In the early chapters of the novel when Wang Lung was hapless, he gave O-lan fourAg pieces so she may return to the House of Hwang in expansive manner. He besides offered towage five 1000 Ag pieces for her recovery after he discovered she had a & # 8220 ; fire in hervital organs & # 8221 ; ( P.170 ) .

He so spent the remainder of her yearss by her decease bed and bought her the bestquality casket.Furthermore, Wang Lung had a particular relationship with his first girl, PoorFool, his mentally retarded progeny. Poor Fool did non talk and did nil more sotwirl a piece of fabric in the Sun. Although Wang Lung had retainers and slaves, hepersonally took attention of his girl after O-lan died. He besides yelled at his love Lotuswhen she called Poor Fool an imbecile Now I will non hear my kids cursed, no and nonby anyone…For he was most angry of all that Lotus dared to cuss this kid of his andname her imbecile, and a burden of fresh hurting for the miss fell upon his bosom, so that for a twenty-four hours andtwo yearss he would non travel near Lotus, but he played with the kids and he went intothe town and he bought a circle of barley confect for his hapless sap and he comfortedhimself with her babe pleasance in the sweet gluey material. ( P.

212 ) His love for Poor Foolwas unmeasurable and he was comforted when she was happy ; & # 8220 ; Well, and that hapless sapof mine brings me more comfort so all the others put together & # 8221 ; ( P. 234 ) .Wang Lung & # 8217 ; s caring nature was the foundation for a stable household. Although itwas seldom displayed, Wang Lung & # 8217 ; s coldheartedness and sheer inhuman treatment profoundly scarred themost darling members in his household. For case, Wang Lung & # 8217 ; s infatuation with Lotustemporarily blinds his true love for O-lan. Alternatively of the caring hubby O-lan grew tolove he was average and he assaulted her with abuses about her deficiency of beauty andhighlighted her highly big characteristics: He saw for the first clip that her hair was unsmoothand brown and straight and that her face was level and coarse-skinned, and her characteristicsexcessively big wholly and without any kind of beauty or visible radiation. Her superciliums were scatteredand her hairs excessively few, and her lips excessively broad and her custodies and pess were big anddistributing & # 8230 ; I would hold my married woman expression less like a hind. And those pess of yours- .

( 169,170 ) .This uninterrupted battery of abuses convinced O-lan that they lost the love they one timeshared. Furthermore, Wang Lung confiscated the two pearls O-lan saved from the South.O-lan wanted to hold the pearls set in earrings to give their youngest girl on hermarrying twenty-four hours, but Wang Lung did non hold: Why should that one wear have need ofthem.

( 188 )Although he learned the pearls would be for his girls marrying twenty-four hours, hedecided to give them as gifts to his kept woman. Furthermore, he lashes his eldest boy and hiskept woman with a bamboo stick, because he saw them discoursing by the pool andinstantly assumed they were holding an matter. He said to Lotus & # 8220 ; So must you of all time be aprostitute and travel a-whoring about after my ain boies! & # 8221 ; ( P.247 ) . Wang Lung so direct hisoldest boy to the South for two old ages the following twenty-four hours.

Wang Lung & # 8217 ; s covetous andcondescending behaviour hurts his loved 1s the most.. Therefore, non merely The Good Earth can be praised for its pragmatism, thepresentation of life-like human failing through Wang Lung is besides rather challenging.Besides, as mentioned above the fact that an American writer, Pearl S. Buck can compose sogood about Chinese civilization is highly absorbing.


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