Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The germans invasion, the French build up

The germans invasion, the French build up

The invasion of Germans on France and  Low countries (Netherlands) , Known asBattle of France or the Fall of France, during the seciond world war From May 10,1940- June 25,1940. 

The Attack
Germany invades France through the Ardennes which end up being no obstacle for German tanks. When they invade through the Ardennes the Germans, Catch the French of guard and they are late to send troops to the region.Cut the French and British forces defending France in half. Then Nazi begin to drive toward Paris, the capital city. In support for Germany Italy invades France.This led the Germans to flee to south of France through cars and bikes.The Nazis now occupy France and establish a puppet government called the Vichy government.

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The war was made out of two German plans Fall Gelb(yellow case) and Fall Rot (Case Red). 
First, the German arms moved through the Ardennes, to break the allied unit of France and Belgium. Te British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and many French soldiers where pulled out and evacuated. 
The second operation Fall Rot (Red Case), started June 5 , where the Germans attacked the outflanked the Mangoit Line to attack France. On June 10, Italy declared war on France 
Maginoit line 

France Plan 
While France was waiting or the germans invasion, the French build up a defensive bunker and force along the french Frontier.  French thought this plan would repeal and scare away the Germans from France

But their was two problems with the Maginoit Plan, There was two holes along the  Franco-Belgian borde Franco-Belgian border. The second problem was the French thought the Ardennes Forest would be impassible for any large army. But that wasn’t true Germany, was able to cross the forest and reach France. 

Gamelins Plan 
The Gamelins Plan was to defeat France as the Maginoit line. France had very little effort to invade Germany. The period the of the war left the Germans hands and had many time to finish fighting in the east and Poland  and move their troops to the west.

The Germans ttok over France for two years and in 1994,the military campaign called , Operation Overfold was launched by the  British and French to cut down the Germans supply lines. This operation was a huge success for French government.

A ‘Significant Individual’ from history that was involved.
Adolf Hitler