The France, along with several other countries,

The Normandy Campaign is considered to be one of the most pivotable and recognizable events during the Second World War. This historic moment was fought between the allied forces and Nazi Germany. German forces had taken over France, along with several other countries, including Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, in a total of only six weeks. Previous to the invasion of Normandy, many of the allies, including Canadian soldiers, raided the French port of Dieppe. A total of 3,369 Canadian casualties had occured.

The Dieppe raid was overall considered to be a failure, as Germans had already known about the raid prior to it occuring. This was due to the interception of a German convoy along the english channel. German soldiers had also been prepared with many military fortifications overlooking the port. On June 6th, in 1944, the allied forces made the decision to raid Juno Beach, located in Normandy, France. Canadians decided to raid this port, rather than any others located in Europe. This is primarily due to German forces anticipating a raid on a Belgian port, rather than one in France.

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Canadian soldiers had played an essential role in the invasion, as they were able to liberate Europe from German occupation. The allies had faced extremely tough obstacles, such as the many German fortifications. The Canadian forces had taken an eight-kilometre stretch along the front of Normandy, also known as “Juno”. There was a total of 5 divisions, comprised of American, British, and Canadian forces. The divisions were given names, such as Gold, Sword, Utah, and Omaha. A total of more than 14,000 Canadians fought bravely throughout the many German reinforcements. These were comprised of the raining of German artillery fire, tank barricades, and land mines.

The allies were able establish the the beach, and their push was carried out throughout France. After just over two months, France was completely liberated from any German control. They would later meet Soviet forces traveling from the east. The Normandy Campaign was considered to be a definite success, and was proved to be very significant moment for the country of Canada. Their contribution would overall show the amount of bravery, and sacrifice that was implemented throughout the war. Canada is now honoured for their service during the Normandy Campaign.


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