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The Heartland War between the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Armies has left the country in ruins. An appallingly horrifying resolution has been reached: human life cannot be terminated until the age of thirteen, abortion is no longer legal. Three teenagers find that their lives will shortly be ended based on a document, “The Bill of Life”, that they have never read. It will take great, bold actions to save their lives and the lives of unfortunate children around them. 
This book, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, is a shockingly realistic piece of modern dystopian literature that follows the story of teenagers who are running for their lives. Immense amounts of detail and plot twist after plot twist make this novel an interesting read, very much highlighting a writing style that Shusterman is known for. Unwind, the first book in a four-novel series establishes an elaborate setting and characters, who readers come to know very well. It is clear that Shusterman is a talented young adult fiction writer, as this novel very much is suited for teenagers. Written to appeal to a wide range of readers’s interests, this book pulls pieces of a lot of different genres, while staying true to the science fiction genre. 
Unwind initially takes place in the futuristic midwestern town Akron, Ohio, where Lev, Connor, and Risa live what could be considered a normal childhood. The novel follows these characters traveling across the United States, eventually ending up in Arizona trying to find safety from dangers of being unwound, a process by which 99.4% of a body is dismantled and used for transplants. This process is considered by the government a more civil and less wasteful way to “dispose” of children, rather than allow abortion. 
Connor, too difficult for his parents to control, Risa, a ward of the state, and Lev, a tithe raised to be unwound have the opportunity to escape society and survive. They are ultimately forced to go incognito until their eighteenth birthday, when they will be considered legal citizens of the United States and will be freed of their unwinding order. Throughout their epic adventures, these characters meet others who become influential and vital to the plot and learn to work together to face incredible conflict. 
Shusterman’s writing keeps readers incredibly engaged (yes, even those of us who are not sci-fi fans) throughout this fast-paced story. Far and few between, this novel can absolutely be enjoyed by anyone as it explores abstract ideas such as morals, love, and ethics in a concrete way. Though, at some times, overly dramatic, this novel touches on life’s big ideas, leaving readers ultimately questioning what it means to be alive. Though it is a disturbing read, this novel is a work of art, beautifully yet so simply written. 
Conclusively, this novel stands out as not only an amazing piece of young adult dystopian literature, but as a great work of fiction, written to be savored by teens and adults. The book is unique as it possesses thought-provoking and action-filled moments, but also moments that are tender with romance and emotion. Leaving readers ready to pick up it’s sequel, Unwind gets readers thinking for days (or maybe weeks) after finishing. This review highly recommends this novel as something to be read by anyone who is looking to be challenged by deep thoughts and incredibly compelling writing, but warns that great questions will ultimately arise.