The find it to be the pinnacle

The mere possibility of me pursuing my Master’s at youresteemed university fills me with great zest and I visualize what great aprivilege it will be. I am ShasankJabade and I would like to introduce myself as hardworking and a quicklearner. Both of which are abilities I have consistently displayed throughoutmy academics.  I have an untiring passion towards solving problems sincemy school days. This very passion leads me to Computer Science.

I love howwriting small, albeit powerful, snippets of code can change how machines behaveor how complex tasks are exponentially simplified. Be it entrepreneurialendeavors or research and academia, Computer Science is in itself an infinitespectrum of scientific advancements; in a nutshell, I find it to be the pinnacleof the engineering evolution.    Despite choosing electronics, I have gradually developedan inclination towards Computer Science from the first year of my college.

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However, keeping true to my electrical background, I took up an automationproject in the first year of my college. The theme of the project is developingagricultural avenues. Its specific focus was water management in fields.

I havedeveloped an irrigation system which uses water levels as a primary variant andperforms the operations. It helps farmers save water as it only uses therequired amount of water to grow the crop and not cause any excess wastage. Thesystem is designed so as to adjust to the type of crop and the season.  Acting on my interest in Computer Science, I learnt webtechnologies like HTML & CSS, JavaScript and WordPress over the internet.Using this knowledge, I designed the website for my college’s annual fest andstarted a content platform by the name ‘SmartScribbles’ with a few friends ofmine to which I provided the tech support. I then learnt SQL Server andNode.js. After doing some freelance works with websites, I got selected for aninternship with Centinel Spark Technologies where I got to work on WebDevelopment projects outsourced by companies in the USA.

I have also developed thefront end of the online medical consultation service, iDocsConnect’s website.My most recent  work has been to developa static website for a HIPAA mail service called mdofficemail.   My non Computer Science background has given me a clearunderstanding of the end user’s perspective. To elaborate, my learning withElectronics and Communications engineering has been to approach problems withlargely hardware-based solutions.

As I worked harder on my solutionimplementation, I found that my predominantly hardware approaches transformedto pure software solutions. It is during this time that I realized how integralsoftware is to engineering solutions. This frame of mind is not only a majormotivation but also strength in terms of understanding software deliverables. A definite requisite to make academic progress is to fitinto the campus culture.

I am outgoing and I can communicate effectively andthis has helped me become a vital part of my college’s culture. I have beeninvolved with communities in my college and I was a part of the organizing teamof various fests including our annual fest. The campus culture at youruniversity is remarkable and lively; a culture whose progress I can confidentlybe a part of.

 The preeminent reason I am applying to your esteemeduniversity is to learn. At this stage of my education, I am clear what I ampassionate about and I want to learn as much as I can and I look forward to thesame in this post-graduate program. The program’s academic focus and thetakeaways are sure to make real my aspirations of becoming a part of theindustry that builds disruptive technologies.    With this background information of mine, I present mycase for securing an admit with your prestigious university. The studentculture, faculty, and the research facilities of your university are beyondexcellence and it would be a dream come true to become a student with you.

Ihave always wanted to study in the United States given its warm acceptanceof various ethnicities and stature as the global leader in innovation.  I humbly request youto consider my candidature for your program.


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