Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The field formulated in my mind. Hence,

The field formulated in my mind. Hence,

The world is
pacing towards new technologies each day; nevertheless the driver’s seat is
always occupied by Machines. My father’s line
of work in Trucking and Logistics increased my curiosity and learning towards
machines and management right from my childhood. With time, this shaped
into a career goal and a vision of being at the forefront of technological
advancement in such field formulated in my mind. Hence, I chose to
pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Production Engineering. Now, I want
to steer myself further into the manufacturing science by pursuing a master’s
degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from a university of international
standing and top notch research facility.


I would like to
present my past achievements as credentials for my future performance. My
schooling through a convent gave me propitious opportunities to shoulder
responsibilities as a leader and be outspoken. I served as the School Pupil
Leader during 10th grade. In my higher secondary I opted for Mathematics and
Science as my major subjects and  I
scored over 80% in grades X and XII.

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During my
under-graduation, I learnt the fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and
Analytics along with their practicality. Learning courses like  Instrumentation, Operations Research, Finite
Element Analysis and Manufacturing Processes gave me immense opportunity to
accelerate my learning in the field of Production Engineering. To support the
knowledge gained from classroom, I referred various journals, publications and
research papers related to various areas under the broad spectrum.


 I served as the Vice – Captain for SAE – CBIT
and handled BAJA under SAEINDIA during 2013 and 2014. This improved my
analytical abilities further and I got hands on exposure to material
management. My presentation at Student Professional Development Conference
(SPDC) – ASME won the second prize. A two day workshop on ‘Recent Trends in Manufacturing’ has given me vivid
exposure to the diverging scenario in industrial application.


I did my summer
internship at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. Here I worked on a project titled
‘Standardization of IR-UT Lance Carriage Assembly’. This helped me understand
the typical industrial atmosphere and challenges. The project chiefly dealt
with replacement of ball bearings of the Lance Carriage with rollers. I was
able to bring forth a considerable modification which increased the efficiency
of the Carriage. This filled me with a sense of achievement and confidence.
Also, during this project I learnt to brainstorm and figure out possible
alternatives for existing mechanisms so as to improve the efficiency. I also
assist my father in his work by ciphering container dimensions and laying out
the optimum size, such that a wide range of goods of different sizes can be
efficiently accommodated.


I was always
intrigued by the cutting edge environmental friendly technologies. This led to
an idea of having a fuel-free automobile to foster green energy and green world,
which is indispensable for current environmental conditions. My inclination
towards automobiles, background work and cogitation helped me to come up with a
blueprint of ‘Self Generative Automobile’, which requires no fuel or
electricity to operate. It harnesses wind energy utilizing a vertical axis
turbine for power generation. Pleased with my effort, the Head of my department
has consented for its fabrication under his guidance.


Throughout my
under-graduate studies, I seized every opportunity to portray leadership and
team abilities. I was an active executive member in student groups of college,
ranging from cultural to technical. As a President and Student Coordinator for
the student body of Chaitanya Smruti (Alumni Body of CBIT) my activities include,
but not limited to, planning, execution, securing sponsorship, logistics and
administration to organizes a magnificent techno-cultural fest ‘Carpediem’. I
have been a part of the team that stages Tarang, a popular charity show in the
city. I firmly believe that every individual must contribute his bit towards
the society; doing my bit I work for a Non-Government Organization ‘LOL – Love
Out Loud’, as a part of which we try and cater to the needs of kids in
neighborhood orphanages. I also work towards awareness campaigns on social
education and environmental activities under ‘Women Development Society’.


Having acquired
a solid foundation, graduate studies linking to an intensive career seems the
perfect choice to fulfill my academic and professional goals. My earnest desire
to continue my further studies at your graduate college stems from the fact
that University of Southern California presents rich blend of competent
faculty, intense curriculum, multiethnic diversity coupled with cherished
history of success; for my career prospects. Above all, choosing Industrial and
Systems Engineering in USC Viterbi School of Engineering takes me a step closer
to achieve my goals and objectives. Courses offered in the area of Quality
Management, Supply Chains and Optimization match my interests of study;
aspiring to reach highest levels of responsibility in the workplace.


My objective is
to strengthen my knowledge base in the field of Industrial Engineering and proliferate
into a successful industrialist, which requires fostering of team spirit
and goodwill besides intellectual and creative enrichment. I
strongly believe that Masters at USC will advocate my objective. As a
responsible citizen I would like to play my part in paving the way for new
horizons relevant to the industry in particular and society in general, to make
our globe a better place to live in.


University of
Southern California with its team of highly motivated and industrious graduate
students will lay a strong foundation for my future career. I can assure that, given
an opportunity I will meet and strive to exceed your expectations.