The fast food industry Essay

The fast nutrient industry has been turning more and more every twelvemonth. There is a fast nutrient eating house in every corner.

Since fast nutrient is going so popular more and more people chose to travel to a fast nutrient eating house daily. Fast nutrient is a go oning growing industry in our state. Fast nutrient eating houses continue to increase their popularity by take downing their monetary values and supplying faster service for their clients.

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There is a immense competition between fast nutrient eating houses and how they advertise can consequence the concern. There are many grounds as to why fast nutrient has become so popular. One of the chief causes is the simplest of them all. indolence.

One of the chief causes for the popularity of fast nutrient is advertisement. There are fast nutrient eating houses being advertised of hoardings. at some schools. on the cyberspace. and on telecasting.Most fast nutrient advertizements are directed to immature people because they are easy persuaded. Harmonizing to Haugen. immature people in America are bombarded with advertisement every twenty-four hours.

A immature individual does non normally think of their wellness or other of import factors that could go of eating fast nutrient invariably. they merely think that it’s what they want because they saw it on the telecasting. Haugen provinces. “Marketers reach them through commercials on telecasting and besides through ads in magazines. on hoardings. on the cyberspace and even in the bathroom stalls at school” ( Haugen 2008 ) . It seems that there is no flight from fast nutrient selling for kids.

It is everyplace they turn. It is sad that advertizement companies have found so many ways to acquire to kids to do them desire to devour their merchandise because for most of them it consequences in fleshiness. One of the most successful advertizement merchandises comes with the kid’s repast.

the plaything. Many kids insist on their parents purchasing them that repast. from that peculiar fast nutrient eating house.

because they want the plaything that comes with the kid’s repast. Since fast nutrient has become so popular it has resulted in fleshiness for many kids. The kids are drawn to the fast nutrient because of the playthings that come with the repast and how it is advertised to be more appealing to kids.

Since the consequence of fast nutrient on kids has been so drastic many fast nutrient eating houses now have healthy pick child repasts that come with a plaything every bit good. This could be a great option to assist kids eat healthy.Since many people have such demanding agendas they resort to fast nutrient.

Harmonizing to Simplicity of Thinking. the chief cause for the current expanding of fast nutrient eating houses is that they fit with the needful velocity of life everyplace ( SOT 2011 ) . This means that with an persons busy agenda they do non hold adequate clip to fix a repast in the forenoon so they resort to fast nutrient. An illustration given states that throughout the twenty-four hours an person may sometimes fall back to fast nutrient more than one time in order to do their life easier. Fast nutrient makes it possible to eat on the spell and unrecorded life uninterrupted.

Harmonizing to Think Free. since the popularity of fast nutrient has grown people have become addicted to fast nutrient. Eating fast nutrient develops the wont and dependence to this sort of nutrient ( Rokotmivo 2009 ) . the secret formulas of fast nutrient eating houses have hidden constituents. irrespective if they are healthy of non.

they are ever included in the repast.This is what makes each fast nutrient eating house distinct from another and makes you want to return to that same one to acquire that same gustatory sensation that you have become addicted to. For illustration. acquiring a cheeseburger from Burger King will savor different than telling a cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr. even if it is ordered with the exact same condiments.

This is because of the secret ingredient that each Burger has that sets it apart from other fast nutrient eating houses. When people are addicted to fast nutrient they will happen natural and typical nutrient less delightful and no longer satisfies their demands. Having fast nutrient be an easy resort to cooking a repast and taking persons clip off from them it has caused it to go more popular and has still effected many people in holding a hapless diet.Fast nutrient is non merely convenient it is besides cheap. Harmonizing to Food for Thought.

a new national survey of eating out and income shows that fast nutrient dining has become more popular with lower income households ( FFT 2002 ) . Fast nutrient has become more popular with those of lower income households. With the specials and the great trades like the dollar bill of fare it is less expensive than fixing a repast for some households. This consequences in more people traveling to fast nutrient eating houses.

If some fruit at a food market shop costs a dollar or sometimes possibly more. people would instead travel to a fast nutrient eating house and acquire something more filling like a cheeseburger off of the dollar bill of fare. With the economic system so bad it is easy to see why many people resort to fast nutrient over traveling to the food market shop. It is non merely easier but in some instances it is less expensive.One of the chief causes for the popularity of fast nutrient is that people are merely lazy. It is true that many people havve the clip and the agencies to cook a nice repast for themselves or their household but they resort to fast nutrient merely because it is an easy option.

Why is at that place a demand to cook when it would be faster to merely travel to a fast nutrient eating house since there is one at about every corner and order something. The lazy factor of many people has resulted in fleshiness. Fast nutrient besides makes a individuals organic structure want to be less inactive. After eating something from McDonald’s an person would most likely want to take a sleep or merely loosen up and watch a film. The consequence that fast nutrient has on the organic structure is ne’er good. whether its indolence or fleshiness.

In decision. the cause of the popularity of fast nutrient is great advertizement. its easy and fast. and people are lazy. The effects of fast nutrient has resulted in it being everyplace. whether its advertised on telecasting. on hoardings.

or in schools. and found on every corner. Fast nutrient has led to many people being corpulent and addicted to the unhealthy picks they offer. The more popular fast nutrient has gotten the more fast nutrient eating houses are being built to make the demands of society.

Fast nutrient for some people can govern their lives.


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