The “Factors Affecting the Behavioral and Academic Performance of Graduating High School Students” Essay

Being a Fourth year High school student is the time where most students are having a pressure. Because this is the time that they are having a hard time in thinking on how to pursue their studies after graduating.

Being a High School is a far different from being a College Student. Because as we all know; you will have a new life when you go to college, New environment which you have to adapt, New set of friends which you have to treat nice, and new subject or topics that you have to study based on what course you will get.There are many problems that we may encounter upon studying this research. One of the problems that can affect the behavioral and academic performance of the graduating High School students is having poor study habit. When students earn a below average grade on a test or a report card, it does not necessarily mean that they did not study hard enough. There are many intelligent children who do not perform well in school, not because they cannot comprehend classroom lessons, but because of external factors that affect their academic success.

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Several studies found this problem challenging and therefore, efforts have to be exerted in order to determine its root cause. According to the article that we have read “Student fails not because they do not have intelligence to understand why they are studying, not because their lessons are too difficult for them, but because they do not know how to study or understand what study means. Therefore, if you have a good study technique on how you will understand your lessons you can have a high grades that you want to achieve. Second is in the state of financial needs.

College tuition and fees are large expenses for students. A full-time college student might spend thousands of each semester depending on the course of each student. Many times, these students do not realize they could apply for scholarship grants to cover many of these expenditures especially if one student is living in a province and wants to take college in Manila. He/she needs an additional allowance for the rent of dormitory because it’s a big hassle if he/she will commute every day from the province to manila especially when there is a heavy traffic.The third problem that we may encounter is the effects of peer pressure in choosing your course for college.

Peer pressure is one of the most difficult issues that can affect the behavioral and academic performance of students. Peer pressure is the pressure to act against your will or judgment for social reasons. It forces you to do things you are not comfortable with but you’re still doing it because your friend wants to.

Think about it. A teenager usually spends much more time with peers than with family members.The communication is direct, and much more powerful than the influence of teachers and other authority figures. Peer pressure can lead to testing drugs and alcohol, skipping school, and various high-risk behaviors. It is also the same in choosing the right course for your college. Some of the graduating high school students wants to take a course even if that is not really the one that they want but because their friend/s will take that course and that is the only way that they think would be the best for them so that they will not separate during the time of college.

Peer pressure can also be a good thing. Teens learn social things from their peers. Socially awkward kids can learn how to fit in and communicate well with others by observing and emulating other teenagers. Similarly, self-confident teens can and set good examples for others. We also think that one problem is the having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Having this kind of relationship is just normal to the teenagers but the bad thing is it can also have a negative effect on the academic performance of the students.


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