“The Ever since my childhood, I was

               “The only person you are destined tobecome is the person you decide to be.” — Ralph Waldo EmersonEver since my childhood, I was alwaysinterested in knowing how things worked and how the world actually functions.The relation with science and math started from a very nascent stage of mylife. My constant desire to explore various realms of Physics and Mathematicsin my Senior School brought great laurels to my academic performances, andbeing buoyed by the sheer interest, I developed a penchant for Informationtechnology.

My strong hold on technical subjects not only helped me extend mystudies successfully but also opened the path of my dream career in InformationTechnology Engineering at St Francis Institute of Technology (SFIT) underMumbai University. At SFIT, I had an affection for a selectfew subjects that made my Engineering Bachelors a matter of sheer joy.”Database management system” helped me understand the foundations ofmodern data handling techniques. Right from a simple user login screen tocomplex geographic and topological sentiment analysis, it showed me that thedata has to be stored efficiently before it can be used for analysis.”Data Mining and Business Intelligence” (DMBI) is intimately relatedto ITM.

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In DMBI, I learned basics of data analytics which included marketbasket analysis to more complicated recommendation systems which are used bydifferent e-commerce players that are currently operating. Furthermore, I cameto know that the Data generated and the digital footprint are growing at anexponential rate while traditional data structures and mining algorithms arefalling behind in analyzing and capturing the data at hand. The subject”Big data analytics” gave preliminary knowledge of different Big Datatechnologies such as MapReduce, Hadoop and NoSQL databases for unstructureddata. The subject also shed some light on different algorithms used to minesocial media data to create patterns and insights which was really helpful forme to have a good idea about the information systems’ utility in modern daybusiness environments.

  My concepts found an application throughmy final year project at SFIT. The Project “Art-Kart” is ane-commerce platform designed to be an interactive market place for artaficionados and artists/artwork sellers. We built a recommendation system whichallows the buyers to find products that would be of their interest based ontheir past experiences.

But my major learning was not an enhancement of my hardskills but rather of my soft skills which involve team building, leadership,team work, effective communication skills. This helped me realize how importantsoft skills are to work efficiently and productively in a collaborativeenvironment. The Project helped me gain a  broader understanding of the e-commercemarket not only from a technological standpoint but also from a businessperspective as to what a buyer and a seller would look for in a marketplace forArt. This in turn made us well aware of the IT problems faced by businessbodies and the need of providing IT solutions to them which is what ITM is allabout.

I had a stint of professional workexperience too. Working at a US-based company named Ingram Micro, the world’slargest IT distributor and ranked #62 in fortune 500 in 2015 on a WarehouseManagement Application developed in .Net framework where my key roles weremanaging and handling technical issues faced by the business team based indifferent countries like Sweden, United Kingdom and Netherlands to name a few gaveme a whole new perspective of effective use of technology in industryperspectives.

It involved root cause analysis of Production issues occurring inthe application and fixing them. Developing the changing functionalities as perclient requirement helped me understand the business and functional flow of alarge organization and how to apply my technical knowledge to solve problemsfaced by the functional units based off shore. Apart from academic and professionalengagements, I was involved with various extracurricular activities.

Irepresented my school in sports like football for 4 years and hockey for 5years until was injured with a foot injury so couldn’t continue to pursue thesame further. I was also a part of commercial Drama and Theatrics and performedin 3 different plays in various cities across Maharashtra.My indispensable desire to outshine inboth professional and personal domains of life is a quality that helped me stayfocused on my aims right since my childhood, till now. However, I dream to acethe field of Information Systems and hence, I think a Master’s Degree from theUniversity of Texas at Dallas in  Information Technology and Management (ITM) wouldmake my career successful to the optimum.

The world-class research labs, a competitiveglobal study culture and expert tutelage of Professors Xianjun Geng in BusinessIntelligence and Mehmet Ayvaci in Statistical Modelling are all but factorsthat can help me obtain a penultimate position in the modern corporateecosystem. Thus I submit my application to the ITM course at your University,and look forward to a favorable response.


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