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The defeat of the League of Nations was one of the major reasons for the uprising of WWII. It exposed imperfections which encouraged Hitler to occupy. The League had failed to deal with the serious political conflicts. There were several such circumstances, but the most effective ones were the Manchurian Crisis, 1931 and the Abyssinian Crisis, 1935. In 1931, the representatives of the League failed to take decisive action when Japan conquered Manchuria. The League didn’t apply punishments because without America it wouldn’t have had enough effect.

Representatives of The League of Nations were reluctant to supply troops to a League of Nations force, so the League had no practical form of compelling other countries to get its choices. Britain was more concerned about keeping positive relationships with Japan. Countries could not even agree on banning arms purchases to Japan as they feared that Japan would reciprocate. Their self-interest meant that that didn’t want to jeopardize their own troops against Japan. Only the US or the Soviet Union would have to capabilities to eliminate the Japanese from Manchuria, but there weren’t representatives of the League. In 1935 Mussolini (Italy) overran Abyssinia and overthrew the Emperor Haile Selassie. Italy was to blame for the League as the invader.

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 The League applied economic punishments, but the representatives were reluctant to apply the ban regarding the sale of oil. The sanctions removed, and the League suffered a blow from this. When Hitler threatened Czechoslovakia in 1938 the crisis resolved outside the League. Hitler saw all these flaws in the League and assumed if he attacked a country the League couldn’t stop him. This was an extremely vital cause because if Hitler thought he had strong opponents, he might not have started the war.


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