The Ending Of Anna Karenina Research Essay

The Ending Of Anna Karenina Essay, Research PaperThe stoping of Anna KareninaAs we saw at the terminal of the fresh Anna Karenina, Anna ends her tragic life by throwing herself onto the paths underneath an onset train, while imploring God for forgiveness during that clip. The manner Anna & # 8217 ; s life ended symbolized the rise and autumn of her life set together into one incident that took topographic point on the metro. Anna, who at one point was a really outstanding adult female in the Russian Society, now lived a sad and awful life of wretchedness.

By reading at the terminal, it became really obvious that Anna had by far reached her lowest point in life. Her societal jobs with Vronsky, Karenin, every bit good as her other milieus leave her old and entirely.Could all of this been prevented? Sure. Could the Russian Society non hold the autumn that they had? Sure.

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However, each state of affairs, whether it was Anna, or the Russian Society, each made picks that decided their eventual destiny. In the terminal, the Bible & # 8220 ; Vengeance is mine, I will refund, & # 8221 ; showed itself to be the most of import quotation mark in the novel.Anna, merely like Russia, were both every bit successful. Anna was a popular adult female in Society, Russia & # 8217 ; s upper category were really affluent and comfortable. Overtime, each made dearly-won determinations that sent themselves into problem. Anna had her jobs with her unfaithfulnesss, while the Russian Society had jobs commanding how much money they spent. Finally, Anna personality alterations wholly due to her looking at society in a different visible radiation and frailty versa. Some members of the Russian Society, had to give up the & # 8220 ; good & # 8221 ; life, in exchange for a paying occupation to assist final payment debts accumulated by sheer ignorance and a willingness to pass but non pay.

R / & gt ;The subject of the novel was based entirely on pick. The subject of pick was the starting point of the novel that built into other aspects of the narrative. From the first few pages of the novel where Oblonsky has an unfaithfulness with Dolly, but shows no compunction for his actions. That state of affairs was circled around the two chief matrimonies in the novel between Levin and Kitty, every bit good as Anna and Karenin. As the novel continued, we saw the Russian nobility throw their money wholly off to the point of bankruptcy and debt. The nobility made their determination to go on to populate the affluent life, merely worrying about & # 8220 ; ageless presentation. & # 8221 ; The Russian nobility lived a & # 8220 ; double & # 8221 ; life. On one manus, parts of the nobility tried to show themselves as people who did non hold a concern in the universe and merely lived life easy, where in world, they were enduring inside with the same jobs as most of the common people that lived there during that clip.

Anna was the cardinal figure in the novel, therefore the rubric Anna Karenina. Anna & # 8217 ; s up & # 8217 ; s and downs were magnified due to her being that cardinal figure that the novel focused on. From her marrige to Karenin, to unfaithfulnesss with Vronsky, to the terminal where she throws herself onto the train, the full focal point of the novel centered around her and her life.The importance of her autumn signified the autumn of Anna, every bit good as Russia. Russia, for the most portion, took that exact same autumn. It was a fitting decision to a novel which showed the up & # 8217 ; s and downsof most, if non all the characters in the novel.

I agree with Tolstoy, the manner the narrative ended was a fitting decision. Why alteration it if it were true.BibliographyAnna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy-1950


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