The employability of the school of business administration who undergone OJT Essay

THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUNDIntroductionIn a fast changing world where “subsistence” and “existence” are the main purpose of living, individuals are perceived to finding ways and means to cope with how to live and survive. The trend of the world today vis-à-vis the needs to basically live become the most important measure of men to direct his/her attention to muddle through life – for his comfortability, if not for his survival.

Amongst the arm used by men to further his quest for survival is his/her ability to grasp knowledge and learn. Being “learned” becomes the gauge of being able to live and survive. Therefore, men struggles to be able to put himself/herself to Institutions that would get him ready to face the adversities of life.The University of Cagayan Valley is one among the Institutions that provides the claim of men to be learned. Its existence of almost 70 years has proved its immense assistance of helping individuals “survive” life. It has produced thousands of graduates that have made their own niches in all fields. But the most important factor to be taken in consideration is that it has become an instrumental of giving aid to individuals in stressing the need to survive.Survival in the context mentioned is the ability of men to be employed in companies, institutions, agencies or establishments that shall be his/her means of living.

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The “employability” therefore of an individual is at most the crucial aspect to be seen.In the corporate world, the employability of a person depends on a lot of factors. Nonetheless, the employability is gauged on an individual’s competency, adaptability, efficiency, and productivity that shall make theseindividual ready to face the real world.Educational Institutions such as the University of Cagayan Valley adheres to creating “employable” graduates. It focuses not only on providing theoretical concepts to its students but it also provides them opportunities to hone them in as well rounded individuals by instituting programs to simulate actual or real life corporate scenarios such as enrolling them in On the Job programs (OJT). This facet gives students actual experiences to be pitted in organizations, agencies or establishments that shall provide them a “feel” of the real corporate environment.

It is on this line that the researchers thought of making a tangible reference on the employability of students who have had or are presently having On the Job trainings particularly students of the School of Business Administration. The study shall gauge the employability of students in terms of their competency, adaptability, efficiency, and productivity vis-à-vis the standards where the students were or are assigned.The study shall prove to identify whether the students are ready to be employed to corporations or establishments such as theirs. The basis for evaluation shall be their actual workload in the office where they have undergone their OJT and parameters on their competency, adaptability, efficiency and productivity shall be gauged.

The success of the study shall prove beneficial not only to the students but also to the Administration and Faculty of the University of Cagayan Valley as they shall have a reference in assessing their instructions and strategies to make their students “employable” and to fulfill their utmost mission of aiding their clientele to conquer the world and survive the adversities of life.Conceptual FrameworkThe “employability” of a would-be graduate revolves on factors which usually a company or establishment deem necessary for an applicant to possess. Factors such as his/her competency to achieve and further the company’s goals which include understanding of the missions and visions of the company, over-all capacity of an individual in terms of knowing the company’s protocols and regulations, ability of an individual to deal with clients which includes his/her communications skills and his/her skills in his/her chosen field. Moreover, the assessment shall also seek to gauge the adaptability of an individual in terms of workload, work pressure, peer adaptation and the like. Another factor that shall be sought is the individual’s efficiency which shall be seen in an individual’s attendance, time frame of finishing a task and his ability to accomplish workloads even without being told.

On the other hand, another facet to be seen is an individual load for productivity. The number of clients served, number of tasks done and his/her furtherance to make the establishment or agency profitable shall be accounted for.With the advent of more graduated than actual jobs offered, indeed the readiness of a would-be graduate shall depend on the qualities mentioned.

All of which are the factors considered in the study.INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT.F E E D B A C KFigure 1. Paradigm showing the Conceptual Framework of the Study Statement of the ProblemThe study shall aim to assess the degree of employability of students who have undergone or are undergoing On the Job Training of the School of Business Administration of the University of Cagayan Valley. Specifically, it shall seek to answer the following:1.

What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:1.1 Age1.2 Sex1.3 Highest Educational Attainment of parents1.4 Monthly Income of Parents1.5 Cultural/Ethnic Background1.6 Field of Specialization1.7 Agency/ies deployed in.

2.What is the degree of employability of would-be graduates along factors such as: competency, efficiency, adaptability and productivity? 3.Is there a significant relationship between the degree of employability and the respondent’s profile?HypothesesThe study will be guided by the lone hypotheses:1.There is no significant relationship between the degree of employability and the respondent’s profile.Significance of the studyWith the hardships in life which consumes the day to day life of human beings nowadays, people at a point comes to exhaust and stress himself for him to be able to cope with the demands of time.

His/her readiness to face the challenging corporate world is a means to give him a head start of his ability to survive. It is projected that this study shall stand beneficial not only to the respondents or the researcher but most imploringly to the following:College Deans. This study will help the Dean understand the needs of the students to be viable soon be employees.Community. The result of this study could be used as a basis to improve curricular offerings, hence, future enrollees from the will also be benefited. Curriculum Planners.

The result of this study will be used by them as a basis for designing the methods and approaches that shall make them employable. Faculty. Through the findings of this study, the faculty members would be able to decipher the interests of their students which shall give them a turnabout in their approaches and strategies to elicit qualities to make them employable. Future Researchers. This study will be helpful and useful to the future researchers who would have the same study with this research work since they can use this as their reference to expand further their studies. Researcher. The result of this study would give the researchers an idea whether what they learn in school and in OJT shall deem be beneficial to them School Administration. This study could provide a basis for the Administrators to come up with measures to improve their linkages to agencies to enhance their OJT programs.

Students. The data obtained in this research work have the students as its main recipients as the findings would be the bases of the faculty members and administrators provide ways and means to understand the degree of their readiness.Scope and Delimitation of the StudyThis research work shall focus on the degree of employable of students who have undergone OJT Program of the School of Business Administration of the University of Cagayan Valley for the school year 2012-2013.

Definition of TermsThe following terms are defined operationally for the readers to understand better this research study.THE EMPLOYABILITY OF SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WHOUNDERGONE OJT, OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAGAYAN VALLEYS.Y. 2012-2013A Thesis Presented To The Faculty of theSchool of Business Administration,University of Cagayan Valley,Tuguegarao CityIn Partial Fulfillment for the DegreeSchool of Business Administration (S.B.A)By:MARY JANE PAGALILAUANJACKELYN CIPRIANO2013


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