The Effects of Owning a Pet Essay

There seems to be more of us trying to improve our overall health and well-being. Discovering new ways to improve our lives, weather it is emotionally, physically or mentally. All of which are important to living a healthy life. In this essay, I will discuss a few of the many benefits of owning a pet. Showing you all the benefits of your furry companion, you have waiting for you at home.

I will begin with how owning a cat or dog has been shown in numerous ways to decrease blood pressure, which can also lead to other problems like heart attack or stroke. Nearly 1 in 3 Americans have high blood pressure or hypertension.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, any type of companion has been shown to also help calm your nerves, by reducing stress and calming your mood. As we all know stress could start out small and escalate later into major problems. Therefore, next time your day has become overwhelming and you seem to be on the verge of feeling like you have no control, just relax, you have an animal at home awaiting your return.

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When you walk through your door, simply sit down and pet your furry friend. This will help calm you and put you at ease, by lowering your blood pressure, which decreases your heart rate.In fact having a pet has been proven so effective, that animals are being used in various forms of therapy as a form of treatment. Brought to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. Pet therapy is being offered in many residential care facilities, retirement living, home/community care, rehabilitation centers, and hospices. Animals used in the therapy may include domesticated pets, such as dogs or cats and farm animals.

Animals give us something we as humans always need, love and understanding. An unconditional love. Relating to that old saying, “Dog is a man’s best friend! However, you cannot just take any animal into this environment; of course, these animals have to undergo special training. However, after their initial training is complete they are brought into the lives of the elderly and bring out drastic improvements, such as improved communication. Those who are normally unresponsive to other therapies may ‘brighten up’ and ‘chat’ with a pet. Pets may motivate and encourage the elderly to stay healthy and exercise, giving them a feeling of being ‘needed’. Motor skills may improve with the assistance of an animal trained for this environment.Though there is still more! I have also found that being the owner of a pet can really improve in the lives of children of all ages.

Children who struggle in emotional development while growing up is what really intrigued my interest. A doctor Segal, who works specifically with children says “ When a child is attached to a dog or cat, they learn to express themselves in more ways and they learn to relate better. ” “That children with ADHD, who take care of a pet can encourage them to focus on responsibilities through a predictable routine. While the sensory experience of holding and petting an animal can also be soothing for children as well. My daughter Jasmin is ten years old, she has ADHD also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Which if you are a parent to a child with this disorder, life can be very overwhelming and sometimes too stressful. According to the National Institutes of Health, children take responsibility in caring for an animal, will help them with low self esteem, help make a child feel less alone and to also be less fearful and more protected.In the duties of responsibility, they learn to love and care for their new companion, which through out their life together, they are able to create an everlasting bond.

On the web at www. everydayhealth. com, you will find how animals positively effect the growth and development of children. There really are some interesting studies you may find intriguing. One study of 256 children, ages 5 to 11 years, in three schools in England and Scotland, found that kids with pets had fewer sick days.

Another study said children with pets at home score significantly higher on empathy and pro–social scales than non–pet owners. I hope that you will have a completely new way of thinking about your animals. If you come through your front door and you are instantly welcomed by your giant saint bra nard covering your entire face with slimy kisses; Just know, its his way of showing you he loves you. If you are more of a cat person, who enters her home to the cat who always welcomes you by dancing around your calves with her bushy tail, Remember she just wants to show you how much she missed you throughout the day.Keep in mind, no matter how you are greeted by your animals at home, you may never be able to tell just how much they actually do for us at that exact moment, but it does make a in the long haul. However, for those of you who do not own a pet maybe you should think about getting one.

As you have read they are shown to be beneficial not only for you but for your whole family. Though keep in mind that there are plenty of loving animals at your local animal shelter to adopt from!!


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