The Downfall Of China Essay Research Paper

The Downfall Of China Essay, Research PaperChina is the perfect illustration of what happens when one leader is given to muchpower. The leaders of China were each really afraid of societal reform, and theeffects that outside influence may hold on their imposts. As a agency of originatingreform, they shut the full Western universe out about wholly. At the clip it was amove that served China good but in the long tally it was the ruin of China. Whileblindfolded, the Chinese were unable to see the great promotions of the Westernuniverse. With an egoistic authorities, the Chinese citizens were neglected outside of thecastle walls and the state fell to shambles.

Alternatively of exciting economic growing theauthorities suppressed it as the remainder of the universe advanced. While focused on fright ofinternal rebellion the Chinese leaders overlooked the position of their ground forces and were nonprepared for the remainder of the universe as they fell so far behind in about every promotion.Had China remained in contact with the Western universe it would hold been possible forthem to be as advanced a civilisation as the Western universe.As the Chinese authorities had their caput buried in the sand with concern overlosing control of their imperium, they neglected to keep the basic necessities of afunctional state. All of China & # 8217 ; s canals finally decayed as they were left unrepairedfor old ages, the ironworks that China one time prided itself one became disused with out a2nd expression, and the ground forces itself was no lucifer for any Western ground forces. The merchandiserswere of no help to the hapless Chinese civilians as their net incomes on land and instruction.Upon closing out the remainder of the universe China had forbidden the usage of a printing imperativeness.The look of societal unfavorable judgment and intelligence of the outside universe was banned.

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The peopleof China had no thought what was go oning. When the doors had been shut from theoutside universe Europe was non as extremely advanced as China. Europeans lived in crowdedmetropoliss with gnawers and disgusting olfactory properties.

The Chinese for a period of clip lived with the fresharoma of flowers and tea. As China internally decayed the citizens had nil to compareit to for they had ever been in front of Europe in about everything for so manycenturies.After the 13th century Western civilisation flourished. In Western Europe theauthoritiess encouraged industrial growing and single commercialism as a agency ofmaintaining in front of the competition. With each distinguishable state viing with each other aassortment of single trades were created finally triping the Industrial Revolution.

As a consequence of to a great extent merchandising around the universe, each state became really affluent, andas such their internal economic systems grew. In Great Britain without authorities suppressionon single companies they were able to construct the minutest powerful navy in the universe, andcolonize in many different states. As China was enduring from economic putrefaction, theypaid no attending to the universe around them.

They did non recognize that the remainder of the universewas waiting to suppress China and split the profitss. When Chinese functionaries refused tocontinue trading with the British they initiated the Opium Wars. The concluding consequence of theOpium War was about lay waste toing. They were forced to subscribe an unjust pact withBritain. Under the pact, the opium trade was legalized and the Guangzhou monopolywas ended as Xiamen, Ningbo, Fuzhou, and Shanghai was besides opened to merchandise. Theisland of Hong Kong became a British base and Britain established the right to overseeand inspect a published duty construction on China & # 8217 ; s trade.

Finally, China, already staggeringfrom trade instability, was compelled to pay a war insurance of $ 21 million.China was really focused on maintaining the Japanese and Lusitanian plagiarists awayfrom their shores. While they were distracted every other European state continued toconstruct their ground forcess at a rapid velocity. With new engineering, the Western universe left Chinabuttocks and continued to contrive more deadly arms. As China was busy contending offmarauders they had no excess clip to maintain up. As all of their Fe mills were disusedthey had no cost, efficient method. Because of their military failing they lost all of theOpium Wars which ensuing in stultifying economic losingss. Thinking that things couldn & # 8217 ; Tacquire worse internal disturbance led to the Taiping Rebellion, which resulted in the deceases oftwenty million people.

The loss was yet another drastically unfavourable blow to theChinese economic system. Shortly following the Taiping Rebellion the Sino-Japanese War of1894-1895 farther damaged China. The remainder of the universe was merely waiting to take a pieceof China at this point. The Boxer Rebellion merely made their state of affairs worse. The Chineseneeded reform and fast. It wasn & # 8217 ; t until January foremost, 1912 that Dr. Sun Yat-sen was to besworn in as the first president of the probationary authorities of China & # 8217 ; s new Republic.

Crippling licking during the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95It was nescient on China & # 8217 ; s portion to presume that Europe wouldn & # 8217 ; t seek to colonisetheir state. Had China non shut out the Western universe they would hold been able tomaintain progressing their ground forces & # 8217 ; s equipment. As a consequence they might hold been able to contend offthe British and the Gallic during the Opium Wars. The Russian & # 8217 ; s would hold beenhappy to help in return for a trading understanding. Fortunately China ended up with a newRepublic and managed to keep order and take part in the last old ages of theIndustrial Revolution.

In shutting, had China non shut out the Western universe as a agency ofdefence they might hold been one of the taking states in the universe today.


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