The Difference Between Teaching Methods Essay

There are a lot of differences in the cultural and customs between U. S. and China.

The teaching methods in college are real different in this two country because of this. I have study in the college in China last year, and I am studying in the college in the U. S. now. I have experienced the different teaching methods. Some of the teaching methods are same, but a great many of them are different. In my opinion, the teaching methods in college in the U. S.

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is better. It can bring student more knowledge and attract student to learn hard.In the China college, individual working is the best way to get a good grade. I don’t need to do the homework the teachers gave and I even don’t need to take most classes. The only thing I need to do is review hard in the final month and do a good job in the final test. In the U.

S. college, my final grade is depend on all part of my daily study like the homework, attending the class and all the quiz and the test. Every class I attended and homework I did will improve my final grade. I need to do everything the teachers gave. The other important thing is the group working.Group working is the useful way to study better in the U.

S. college. Like you need to take group working in the presentation and in the most time on the class. The first reason to prove my opinion is the different teaching and learning methods. The way in the U. S.

is group working. As an example, Connolly said: “Group working can expanded the superiority and it is the art of working. The people who have a same goal work together whether the goal is explicit or implicit. It is based on the notion and the dynamic relationships between these group numbers.This can create a synergy and generate the energy ” (2008, 1) His sentence shows us the meaning of the group working. It is a good way for studying and it is the art of working.

Group working can solve some very difficult question like picking up an oyster with three fingers. One person’s power is limited, but one group’s power is unlimited. I need to do a lot of group presentation in my Business class.

This is my first experience of group working. Everyone has to their part of job and give the work to the headman. If I have some question, all the members of my team will try to help me.It is very useful because I learned a lot in our group and we get a good grade finally. The second reason is the the different methods of evaluation. It is no need to study hard all the semester in China. I just need to review hard in the final month and I must get a high score in the final test if I want pass this semester.

Before the final month, I have no need to do the homework the teacher required and I even don’t need to take the class. In other words, the final grade is based on the score of the final test in China.It is China’s methods of evaluation. In the U. S. , all part of daily study will decide your final grade. Every class I attended and every homework I did will decide my final grade. So I need to study hard all the semester.

If I get a low score in the final test, maybe I can pass through the daily study. But if you daily study is bad like you have excessive absenteeism, you get a A+ in the final test, you can’t pass this semester as well. As a example, Contardo’s opinion is a student in the North Carolina Community College System want to get a good grade.Then he need to pay attention on these parts like the student performance evaluation, the course oversight while the two agencies together are responsible for student attendance, student records reporting, the classroom discipline and on on. (2010, 140) This source shows a student in the U. S.

college need to study hard in the full semester if he want get a good final grade. It is really different from the China’s methods of evaluation. The third reason is the different level of academic honesty.Some student in China are very lazy that they didn’t take any class and they didn’t review before the test, so they have to prepare for cheating in the final test, If they can cheat successfully, they will get a good grade as well. While I was taking the final test in China, I can see almost one-third people in the examination room was cheating.

Some people have prepared for the final test, but they still decided to cheat. A good score in the final test is very important, so a lot of people try to cheat. The higher score they get, they higher final grade they get. In the U. S.

I didn’t see anybody cheating in the recently test. All of my classmates do the test by themselves, even though they know nothing about the test. In their mind, they can get a low score. Their daily grade can give them a final grade to pass this semester and their honesty and pride don’t allow them to cheat. Pace said:”Cheating is the challenges to the professor, and even represented the panoply of responses used by students to cope with the humiliation represented.The U.

S. Southern honor didn’t cause these, but it weight heavily in the background. Although the nature of the U.

S. outhern higher education is imperfect, the students learned and graduated with their pride. ” (2011, 28) His opinion shows the exam is not only test students knowledge but also test their honor.

All of my American classmates choose to be a honest people. They will study hard for good grade instead of cheating. In conclusion, the U. S.

teaching methods is really differ from the China teaching methods. Group working is a very important part in my U. S.

college study. Studying hard throughout the whole semester is the second difference. Another difference is no cheating in the U. S. college.The teaching methods in college seriously differ between the U.

S. and China. I prefer to study in the U. S. because I can learned more in my college in the U. S.

The thing my study bring me is not only a diploma but also a lot of knowledge.BibliographyConnolly, Bird. Adult learning in groups. Berkshire, GBR: Open University Press, 2008.

p 1. Web. 1 Dec. 2011. Pace, Robert F.

Halls of Honor: College Men in the Old South. Baton Rouge, LA, USA: LSU Press, 2011. P 28. Web. 3 Dec. 2012. Contardo, Jeanne Bayer. Providing College to Prison Inmates.

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