The Determination of Aminata Essay

A Quote #1: “I stood to pray. I had nothing to cove my hair, but proceeded anyway. With my head down, I put my thumbs behind my ear. Allaah Akbar, I said.

I place my right hand over my left and began to say Subhaana ala huuma wa bihamdika… (pg 33)” The significance of this quote shows how mentally strong Aminata is, even though both of her parents were killed and she was captured as a slave by the toubabu. This significant phrase in this quote “I stood and pray” shows how much control and strength Aminata has.For an eleven year old girl you would have expected her to not be as mentally stable. Instead of sitting she shows determination by standing. Although she knew it was going to be a long journey that she might not survive she still managed to stand and pray because she still had hope. B Quote #2: I could barely keep myself from falling on my knees, but I thought about my mother and father outside my village and I kept standing. (pg63)” The significance of this quote shows how determined Aminata is. I could barely keep myself from falling” is an example of the hard times Aminata would go through.

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As an eleven year old child that has never been outside her land and on a ship, she has seen many horrifying things that no human being should see or even experience. “But I thought about my mother and father outside of my village and kept standing” shows how motivated and mentally mature she is. Although she was going through depressing times she control and kept her mind stable by remembering what her mother and father taught her when they were alive.


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