Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The definition of the various crimes Essay

The definition of the various crimes Essay

Violent offenses are offenses that involve force or a menace of force. Harmonizing to the Uniformed Crime Report violent offenses are slaying and non negligent manslaughter, physical colza, robbery, and aggravated assault. Murder and non negligent manslaughter is defined as the willful ( non negligent ) violent death of one homo being by another ( UCR,2010 ) .“ Forcible Rape, by UCR definition, it the animal cognition of a individual forcibly or against that individual ‘s will, or when a victim is mentally or physically incapable of giving consent. Attempts to perpetrate colza are included in this class ” ( South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, 2011 ) .

Harmonizing to the National Atlas of the United States, The Uniform Crime Reporting Program defines robbery as the pickings or trying to take anything of value from the attention, detention, or control of a individual or individuals by bow or menace of force or force and or by seting the victim in fright ( National Atlas, 2011 ) .Harmonizing to the National Atlas of the United States, The Uniform Crime Reporting Program defines aggravated assault is an improper onslaught by one individual upon another for the intent of bring downing terrible or aggravated bodily hurt. This type of assault normally involves the usage of a arm that is likely to do great bodily injury or even decease.

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Besides included in this is the attempted aggravated assaults that displayed arms or the menace to utilize a arm because if the assault were to go on serious hurt would be probably to go on ( National Atlas, 2011 ) .

Definition of Drugs

Drugs that are normally involved when violent offenses are committed are Marijuana, Cocaine, and Heroin. Wrongdoers are perpetrating these offenses while high on these drugs or to perpetrate offenses to derive pecuniary agencies for the drugs.A common definition for the word drug is any substance that in little sums produces important alterations in the organic structure or head.

Marijuana is a common recreational drug that comes from the marihuana works. The works is the Hemp Plant Cannabis sativa. The active ingredient is Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol. Physical and psychological effects of marihuanas are euphoria, anxiousness, awkwardness, bury comprehensiveness, hungriness, hurting alleviation, dry oral cavity, panic onslaughts, bold changeable eyes, paranoia, relaxation, fatigue, hapless coordination, and unmanageable laughter ( Ferreiro, C. 2003 ) .

Cocaine is the drug content extracted from the coca foliage. Cocaine can besides be refined and processed into a white pulverization or stone. These can be snorted, injected, or smoked.

The physical effects of cocaine on a individual are mental watchfulness, decreased appetency, and increased bosom rate and organic structure temperature. The psychological effects on a individual are feelings of good being and a immense sense of power and ability. Excessive doses can take to ictuss and decease from respiratory failure, shot, intellectual bleeding or bosom failure ( LeVert, S. 2006 ) .Heroin is a semi man-made drug derived from morphia. One consequence of diacetylmorphine is a rush of enjoyable emotions that lasts for about one minute. The organic structure so feels a warm flushing of the tegument, contraction of the student, dry oral cavity, heavy feeling in the weaponries and legs, and drowsiness. Physical hurting, anxiousness, and emphasis are besides reduced.

Wayss to intake diacetylmorphines are with acerate leafs, snorting it, and smoking it ( Ferreiro, C. 2003 ) .

Environment wrongdoers are raised in

The environment and the fortunes in which the person was raised in must besides be considered because drugs may hold played a important portion in how he/she was raised. The societal acquisition theory plays a function in here because some people believe you are a merchandise of your ain environment. Harmonizing to the societal acquisition theory, an single learns from observation and patterning the behaviours, attitudes, and emotional reactions of others ( University of South Alabama,2011 ) . In instances where drugs may non be straight involved or connected you have to look even deeper in to the background of the persons who commit those offenses. In some cases drugs may hold had no direct connexion what so of all time.

In urban countries such as Chicago and Houston a big sum of in-between category citizens turn to drugs for an mercantile establishment. It is a fiscal mercantile establishment for some and an emotional and mental mercantile establishment for others. In such an environment the kid is normally left to fend for themselves at an early age due to miss of rearing in most instances depending on the drug of pick, the degree of badness, and the degree of their dependence.

The kids whose parents are utilizing frequently have to repress emotional every bit good as physical maltreatment. The kids whose parents are selling the drugs frequently times have tonss of mercenary things but lack the parenting and subject kids need. In both scenarios the kids have to endure from the type of parenting or the deficiency of rearing. It is believed that kids are a merchandise of their environment and that kids born into inauspicious household environments are more likely than other kids to go a condemnable or have more of an consequence and influence on kids than their ain parent. So they are still exposed to it. By the kids being exposed to these drug infested communities they frequently witness drug minutess being done by packs that are financed by those drugs and senior or friends being viciously beaten about those drugs. Gang wars are fueled by drugs for district.

The kids witness this behaviour everyday and barely anyone halting it and stating it ‘s non ok. To a kid when wrong is being accepted and endorsed by the bulk around them it becomes a norm. So when the minority such as instructors try to maneuver them in the right way it ‘s difficult to accept that you could be a physician or attorney.

When you merely see drugs and force being the lone seeable and productive act around it becomes the norm. So even when kids do non fall victim to that life manner, the outlook that stemmed from the environment in which they grew up is already profoundly rooted in to them. So if that kid grows older and leaves that environment and ne’er has direct engagement in drugs so they become a portion of corporate America.

Gangs and drugs in Chicago

“ Chicago is a gang metropolis. From the immigrant packs and their racialist societal athletic nines to the early African American and Mexican packs ; to Al Capone and the Corruption of the Democratic Machine ; to the young person packs of the mid-fortiess and 1950ss ; to the “ super-gangs ” who organized in the 1960ss on the streets and behind bars and are still here ( and at that place ) . Chicago ‘s packs have institutionalized.

They are a lasting portion to the metropolis, its history and its hereafter ( History of Gangs in Chicago, 2011 ) ”Equally long as there have been metropoliss, there have been packs of some kind. In the 1920 ‘s Chicago entirely had more than 1,300 street packs providing to every cultural, political, and condemnable being conceivable. Black street packs in peculiar flourished in Chicago with rank in the 10s of 1000s by the 1970 ‘s.

As a regulation packs would turn out much better doing mayhem so money. This ended most gang member ‘s callings by the clip they were in their 30 ‘s. There was no such thing as a 30 twelvemonth old mobster.

He was either working a legitimate occupation, dead, or in prison. Crack presented an chance for long clip employment within the packs.Gangs have ever been a portion of Chicago. At first packs were viewed as a by-product of societal disorganisation. Gangs were non about race but alternatively about infinite and disorganisation of the metropolis. As clip went by packs finally became about race. There were African American packs, White European packs, and Italian and Sicilian packs. In the 1920 ‘s Italians and Sicilians seized control of the bootlegging industry from the Irish.

The Irish so ran the legal political relations. Al Capone took over Johnny Torrio ‘s topographic point as the leader of vicinity packs which subsequently became known as the Outfit.By the 1950 ‘s most white cultural packs had faded off because members found occupations frequently as constabularies. Gangs began to fall in into the political and societal convulsion of the times. Gangs started organizing legitimate societal and economic organisation. In the late 1960 ‘s Mayor Daly and State Attorney Hanrahan declared war on packs. This sent pack members deluging into prisons and the epoch of experimentation was dead.

Because of all this the packs had to re organize. Some packs joined together and packs besides started to run concern from prisons. The cleft epidemic created unprecedented concern chances for packs and so finally the drugs became the concern of packs. But before cleft came approximately in the 1960 ‘s and 70 ‘s there was powdered cocaine. It was most popular an beloved by stone stars, film stars, ball participants, and even some politicians.

It was the drug of power and dash. But it was besides expensive. By the early 1980 ‘s the Caribbean and South Americans found that blending that powdered substance with baking sodium carbonate and H2O so cooking off the liquid produce a little rocklike cocaine that you smoke alternatively of snicker through the olfactory organ. This later earned the nick name cleft for the greaves sound the baking sodium carbonate made when it was burned ( History of Gangs in Chicago, 2011 ) .

Gangs and drugs in Houston

Gangs in Houston are categorized into four major classs. There are condemnable street packs, individuality packs, racialist packs, and demonic packs. Since 1988 statistics reveal a steady addition in the entire figure of packs. In 1988 23 packs had been reported. Between 1989 and 1991 the figure of packs had increased to 103. Today there are 225 documented packs in the Houston country with more than 10,000 documented pack members ( Houston & A ; Texas News, 2011 ) . Of all these packs 95 per centum were classified as condemnable street packs. Houston has the most gang members than any other metropolis in Texas.

Gangs are able to perpetrate a broad assortment of condemnable Acts of the Apostless because of their big Numberss. Some of the condemnable Acts of the Apostless include robbery, slaying, drug trafficking, place invasions, snatch, extortion and money laundering. Gangs are besides traveling from interior metropoliss to the suburbs and even to rural countries. Gangs are able to distribute because enlisting is at an all clip high and the members are younger and more violent.Now yearss packs are more organized and a little more smarter. Gangs are more focussed on where the money is so they can be any race and run in any country. Another recent addition in gang activity and drugs is due to Hurricane Katrina. Since Hurricane Katrina displaced adult male of he occupants of New Orleans they have relocated to Houston.

Former New Orleans occupants who were drug sellers from high offense countries now called Houston place. Many of these drug sellers formed relationships with drug traders and packs members. Then after a period of clip the New Orleans drug sellers went back to Louisiana and from the relationships that they formed in Houston with the drug trader and mobsters they were able to obtain big sums of illicit drugs straight form their connexions in Houston. A big sum of drug related violent offense happens in Houston. Drug maltreaters and traders who largely trade and utilize cleft cocaine and meth engage in many violent and belongings offenses that involve assaults, robberies, thrust by shots, a place invasions and firearm misdemeanors. Drug sellers of street packs routinely engage in violent condemnable activity to protect and spread out their drug distribution district.

Comparison of Chicago and Houston

The violent offenses being compared are homicide, robbery and aggravated assaults. An illustration of a homicide would be when person deliberately kills another individual. They could be killed because say they owed money to the individual who killed them or possibly they robbed the individual who killed them.

An illustration of an aggravated assault would be when person physically attacks another individual which consequences in serious bodily injury and besides is committed with a deathly or unsafe arm. A lifelessly or unsafe arm would be a gun, knife, blade, or a blunt instrument.An illustration of a robbery is when there is both larceny and a signifier of force or menace of force used to strip person of their belongings.

An illustration of this could be a drug trader endangering to hit his client if the client does non pay up their debt or manus over their properties in order to pay up their debt.It is of import to non confound robbery with burglary. The difference between the two is burglary is the purpose to interrupt into a edifice with the purpose of perpetrating a offense inside without consent.The two metropoliss being compared are Houston and Chicago. These two metropoliss were chosen because they are comparable in size. Chicago has a population of 2,848,431 and Houston has a population of 2,273,771.

When comparing slaying and non negligent manslaughter Chicago had a sum of 458 slayings compared to Houston ‘s 287 slayings. So Chicago had 171 more slayings and non negligent manslaughters than Houston.When comparing robberies Chicago had a sum of 15,877 robberies and Houston had a sum of 11,367 robberies. Chicago had 4,510 robberies more than Houston.When comparing aggravated assaults Chicago had 15,727 and Houston had 13,116. Chicago had 2,611 more aggravated assaults than Houston.When comparing violent offense between Chicago and Houston, Chicago had a sum of 34,195 offenses and Houston ‘s sum was 24,779.To see the comparing of aggravated assaults that occurred in 2009 in the province of Illinois and Texas see Appendix 1.To see the comparing of slayings between Illinois and Texas for 2009 see Appendix 2.To see the comparing of robberies between Illinois and Texas for 2009 see Appendix 3.Appendix 1Comparison of Aggravated Assaults between Illinois and Texas

Type of Weapon



Aggravated Assaults1,33273,823Firearms62417,516Knifes or cutting instruments24916,393Other arms31926,622Personal Weapons14013,292Appendix 2Comparison of slayings for Illinois and Texas

Type of Weapon






Firearms386862Rifle555Pistol360661Shotgun858Knifes or cutting instruments39197Handss, fists, and pess6113Other arms48153Unknown type of piece1388