The Dancing Girl Summary Essay

This story takes place in Bangkok, and is the story about a mans long lost love who goes away and comes back. Although the two never fell in love, he shared this love with her, but it was not returned back to him. This woman had been the prettiest girl in the village ever since she was a little girl. All the men showed interest, and tried there hardest to gain her attention, but she did not give any one of them any attention. She would work on her fathers boat, gutting and cleaning fish.

She was asked to join a Ramwong dancing group, which is a Thai stylized folk dance. She leaves without any hesitation, and the men and her parents feel betrayed because she leaves so easily, and they think they are nothing to her. One day she comes back, and she has a kid.

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The man finds out that she was married to a guitar player, but he got shot, which led her to move back to her old town village where she thought it was safer. As her father passed away, she still went out on his boat and worked.She was the only woman in the Gulf of Thailand who went out alone every night not knowing what dangers the ocean held for her. The man, who is a writer, is asked by his editor to write a story about the women. The editor thinks this would be a great story and names the women, Meh Yaa Nang which means “guardian spirit of the fleet”. As the man goes to write his story about her, he notices that she named the boat “The Dancing Girl”. She reveals to him that she had kept the picture he gave to her all those years ago.

Ever since she had came back, everything and everybody changed, in a good way. She was a different dancing girl now. The theme of the story is that even though somebody changes, they are always that same person they were deep down inside of them. She moved away and was this elegant dancer, but she still came back and worked on the boat, and was the only woman to work on a boat alone.

Even though she was the prettiest girl in the village, she still worked hard and stayed humble.


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