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The financial sector is governed by split second decisions which can either retain ample amount of profits or heavy losses. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers made evident to me, personally, the vulnerability of all businesses irrespective of the corporate size, level of profit or the impact it has on the economy and the marketplace, as poor decisions can still create a notable loss. The concept of investment is of great fascination to me as it accounts for qualitative as well quantitative risks which depend on factors of mathematical formulae to ensure that companies make well-calculated decisions on how their money should be invested. When studying Accounting and Finance at University, I am keen to gain a better understanding of ways to make feasible financial decisions and calculate these risks by using different models such as capital assets. My A-Level subjects have provided me with functional knowledge of Accounting and Finance.

Mathematics has raised my ability to utilise arithmetical functions, which may be beneficial considering the analytical ability required in Accounting and Finance. Accordingly, it has also enabled me to apply mathematical skills to solve everyday problems, such as, using trigonometric identities to model scenarios that allow informed predictions to be made. Studying business has allowed me to employ financial calculations like balance sheet and profit and loss sheet in a deeper understanding of the importance of financial reporting will promote a successful business. Whilst studying Drama, I have increased my confidence and interpersonal skills. In both Business and Drama, I have refined the ability to effectively plan projects, using critical path analysis to illustrate the complexity of project planning.

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┬áMagazines, such as ‘The Financial Times’ and ‘The Economist’, allow me to keep up to date with the ever-changing global economics, as well as expanding my knowledge international financial markets. Alongside these magazines, I also enjoy reading books such as ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, which give great insights into economic principles and financial independence. Reading such text impact to pursue a career in Finance, as I strive to be someone, who will one day, be able to devise solutions for the financial and economic issues we currently face.My part-time job as a customer assistant at my local supermarket has equipped me by setting a strong sense of insight into the demands of working life.

This role has strengthened my communication skills and my time management.The high demands of the role have instilled in me the art of being an independent learner which has quickened me to think fast on my feet, using my initiatives in any situation. This job has prepared me for the challenges to come both at University and my future career in Finance.Participating in the National Citizenship Service in 2015, as the role of a team leader, allowed me to finely tuned the key skills of teamwork, resilience and leadership as I concluded with the demands of the team, coming to an understanding of the best decision for the team.Furthermore, deepening my interests in Accounting and Finance, I involved myself in extra-curriculum activities in school.

Being the elected financial and managing director at the Young Enterprise project, come with its share of challenges, as it required a vast amount of financial capability, problem-solving and making tough decisions in light of the best for the company. Young Enterprise has fostered me to advance in the knowledge and attitudes needed to succeed, which are paramount for University and my future in Finance.The hope of studying Accounting and Finance at a degree level and beyond, I relish in, as I feel enthused and confident in my intellectual abilities and the sheer dedication I have not only put in but still will continue to embed into a desire of mine at your institution.


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