The Cuban Culture Essay

The Cuban culture is a very diverse culture. According to Maps of the World. com (2012) “It has an international reputation as being one of the richest cultures in the world.

” Being the biggest country in the Caribbean, with a population of about 11. 4 million, Cuba is a mixture of different cultures and races. The majority of Cubans speak Spanish but other languages are sometimes used such as English and Haitian Creole.

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It is their culture when speaking to strangers or the elderly to speak more formally as a sign of respect.A handshake upon greeting is most common of men, but they will also often exchange a friendly hug when greeting relatives or close friends. It’s also common for men and women to kiss your cheek lightly as a sign of hello or a friendly goodbye. The Cuban economy is run by the government, which sets the prices for goods and also rations the citizens. Most of the food rationed to the public is imported due to a poorly ran agricultural system. The Cuban culture does not value privacy and private space like we do in American culture.

Intimate socializing can occur in the streets or in a supermarket line. Since Cubans are accustomed to being in tight quarters they are not defensive of bodily space or even physical affection. Physical affection like a hug upon greeting a stranger in public is even considered normal and polite. Cubans value respect and are extremely courteous to their guests. When conducting business of any sort it is important to respect them by keeping a low profile. Keep your voice at a minimal level and don’t count your money in plain sight, instead have it counted and ready before the transaction is over.By doing any kind of private transactions they could be considered breaking a law and will have to suffer the consequence. Also, Cubans understand their political situation better than we do, so it is of utmost importance not to have a loud political discussion in public areas where others nearby may only hear parts of the conversation, because you could potentially embarrass someone and not even realize it.

Even though Cuba is a diverse mixture of different influences, much of Cuba’s culture is recognized all over the world. They may be poor in economy but are very rich in culture!


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