The Critical Success Factors Of Business Process Management Commerce Essay

Harmonizing to Zairis definition, BPM is the ability to systematically heighten built-in activities within critical company operations, with the usage of a process which is good structured. From this, finding the best possible manner to place the critical success factors by a combination of three theories ; eventuality theory, dynamic capableness and Task Technology Fit as attempted by the writer Trkman ( 2010 ) is critiqued to efficaciously analyze its utility and relevancy to the field of IS and importance to IS within administrations. This critical analysis besides looks closely at the proposed three theories and the linkages applied to the fiscal establishment which would infer the factors that would do the administration successful. The restrictions in the writers approach were highlighted and further analysed to happen best possible solutions if any, for future reappraisal or execution every bit good as appropriate comparing made with other plants and instance surveies from other research workers done in the class of this review.


The chief part of this paper is a categorical unfavorable judgment of the writers Trkman ( 2010 ) s attack and methodological analysis in placing the critical success factors of concern procedure direction and his pick of administration within a fiscal establishment ( Sky bank ) where his instance survey was carried out. From farther research we see that the whole construct of BPM explained by Zairi ( 1997 ) is the ability to systematically heighten built-in activities within critical company or organisational operations, with the usage of a process which is good defined. Trkmans ( 2010 ) methodological analysiss are critiqued to see the studys relevancy and an exposure of the jobs which hindered his research was highlighted ground being there is a long lists of jobs both with the theoretical attack used by the writer towards BPM execution every bit good as restrictions encountered during his research, all of which were presented. For case the eventuality theory construct of tantrum in the article chosen was to a great extent criticized by Drazin and Van de Ven ( 1985 ) who disagrees with this fit political orientation reasoning the given of tantrum fails to see manners and tendencies that directors pattern by their duplicating what other similar houses and organisation make merely because it appears to work for them irrespective of the fact a better solution could be elsewhere. Therefore the venture of utilizing such theories to happen Critical success factors needs a careful survey to see if it is infact a logical measure to take in IS for heightening critical company processes and making theoretical foundations to germinate the vague recycled BPM construct which most administrations seem to avoid regardless of the benefits it promises to supply.

Importance OF THE STUDY

To understand the importance of the survey, the dislocation of the chief footings mentioned in the article would help us to better hold on the relevancy of the writers research by foremost specifying the footings BPM, CSF and Process.

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Business Process Management: Harmonizing to Zairi ( 1997 ) , BPM is the ability to systematically heighten built-in activities like fabrication, communicating every bit good as other critical company operations, with the usage of a process which is good structured. These built-in activities mentioned are invariably carried out on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing with an purpose to either deliver values to consumer or accomplishing objectives/goals or marks set out by an organisation.

Critical Success Factors: These factors harmonizing to Bocij et Al ( 2002 ) are factors that aid determine and enable one accurately place and mensurate the productiveness every bit good as the effectivity of assorted countries within an organisation. They tell one what an organisations exact information demands are and are present within about all countries of concern administrations. They inform administrations what should or should non be done every bit good as the right manner to make it.

BPMs relevancy & A ; Importance to Information Systems

To cast visible radiation on the importance of BPM Kanji ( 1995 ) has proposed that about all activities which are carried out within an organisation are considered procedures. A hinderance to the ability of a client to accomplish satisfaction is created when merely a functional attack is used, which harmonizing to Edson and Shannahan ( 1991 ) leads to hapless communicating. So to repair this job, Mc Adam ( 1996 ) tells us an opposite consequence is produced when the attack becomes procedure based, the focal point on the client is improved and managerial barriers caused by conventional maps are eliminated. Zairi ( 1997 ) proposes that a procedure is merely the transition of input into an end product and comprises of the assortment of ways the resources possessed by establishments are used faithfully, systematically to get at set marks, ends and aims.

Therefore, what the Writer tries to accomplish is to demo theoretically backed steps to find the efficiency with which dynamically coordinated set of procedures are enhanced and improved. Besides from the dislocation of the footings, it is clearer to see how this authors attempt to make a theoretical foundation specifying the CSFs of BPM doing usage of theories is in-fact of import and relevant to IS most particularly IS within concern organisations where it would be used chiefly as a major platform for the decrease in failure and increased productiveness taking to a houses competitory border. This is farther backed up by an article by Ko ( 2009 ) who states BPMs execution in an organisation is critical because it provides insight and enables one to cognize precisely what is gong on in an administration and state us where betterment is most likely required.

Although the construct of BPM might look comparatively new, the procedures have ever been carried out in administrations for a long clip without them recognizing because many footings like Business Process Re-engineering, Business Performance Management have been used in the early 1990s to depict this thought of BPM. Which harmonizing to Dale, Elkjaer, Vanderwiele and Williams, ( 2001 ) who believe the antecedently proposed thoughts are merely repackaged in new contexts.

Therefore, from a critical position point, the articles efforts may be comparatively new but the existent construct and thought of BPM has been in being and from other academic diaries and text books BPM has been instead termed BPR, WFM etc all with a similar definition but somewhat different significances.


Previous efforts have been made to place CSF of BPM and about all of them lacked a theoretical construction which partly renders BPM devoid of any sound theoretical undertone or backup whatsoever. This is supported by Karim, Somers, and Bhahacherjee ( 2007 ) see besides Melao and Pidd ( 2000 ) who province the BPM continues to be atheoretcal in nature. This makes categorization and comparative surveies rather hard.

Besides, most recent reappraisals by Abdolvand, Albadvi and Ferdowsi ( 2008 ) show that there are several failures in BPM execution in undertakings started by companies where a big per centum of BPM have failed despite big sums spent and invested. Leading to some BPM undertakings being viewed as a hazardous venture.

No clear and proper definition of the success of BPM categorising the existent success of BPM execution in organisations which varies from organisation to organisation, besides noted by Bandrara, Gable and Roseman ( 2005 ) who province small empirical surveies into success factors were present greatly hindering the survey.

Newell, Swan and Galliers ( 2000 ) and Terziovski, Fitzpatrick and ONeil ( 2003 ) observed that documents studied from BPM had no theory which was new and the BPM construct remained slightly dead in nature as present thoughts of BPM were merely based into the thoughts already known from old surveies.

Grant ( 2002 ) proposes that when a strategic executing by a house is considered, when transporting out any of the above facets with respect to suit is done in isolation or on its ain, hapless consequences would be derived in an organisation.

Therefore the writers combination of the three theories could assist in turn toing assorted research inquiries that are difficult to analyse within organisations by the usage of a individual theoretical construction or model. The CSF highlighted in the article uses the construct of Fit. A tantrum between the concern environment and procedure, proper organisation and tantrum between undertakings within concern procedure of organisation and IT.


This critiqued article effort to lend a much needed original and theoretical foundation from which success every bit good as failure of the BPM attack implemented in organisations can be pin-pointed.

The writer provides a model construct deduced from a blend of three deeply embedded theories viz. the Contingency, Dynamic capabilities theory and Task engineering fit theories.

The writer creatively links all three theories together to get at the prosperity of the BPM pattern by utilizing a instance survey carried out in a bank.

The writer proposes that each theory should non be viewed separately on its ain but from jointly linked vantage point.

As Further in this critical reappraisal of the writers work we shall see how he achieves this and the of import theoretical underpinnings of each proposed theory which he proposed to specify CSFs success factors every bit good as if it is of import to be implemented in the first topographic point.

From Rankema and Berghout ( 1997 ) , these linkages in theory could be indispensable in finding the demand for much investing of hard currency in information engineering which has been questioned over the old ages due to its extortionate costs. It is rather ambitious, for one error can be an organisation lucks.


The writer Trkman ( 2010 ) sets to term the BPM execution by the usage of three theories ; the Contingency theory, Dynamic capableness theory and Task engineering tantrum theory. To understand what the writer is making and why the three theories in peculiar were selected in the first topographic point, the theories must foremost be explained and presented consequently.

Contingency Theory: Fielder ( 1964 ) explains the eventuality theory to be one where there are legion or multiple methods of forming and non merely one best manner. This is besides applied to leading every bit good, he besides states merely that whatever the chosen method of organisation or taking that is effectual in certain scenarios/settings that same method when applied in another scenario might non be every bit effectual and may even give a wholly negative consequence. Therefore harmonizing to Fielder ( 1964 ) the optimum organizational/leadership manner is contingent upon assorted internal and external restraints. Livari ( 1992 ) contends there is a important importance for a tantrum or nexus with the environment every bit good as administrations to be effective.

Drazin and Van de Ven ( 1985 ) critiqued this tantrum which is ever mentioned in this eventuality theory because they argue with a inquiry, which was what precisely is the cause of this mentioned tantrum? As the eventuality theory assumes that when an organisation and its environment possess correlating traits, a tantrum is produced as a consequence.

So, Drazin and Van de Ven ( 1985 ) further argue saying that the given of tantrum in this theory fails to see manners and tendencies that directors pattern by their copying what other similar houses and organisation make merely because it appears to work for them irrespective of the fact a better solution may infact prevarication else where.

Therefore Drazin and Van de Ven ( 1985 ) province this correlativity would outdo non be described as tantrum but as choice. Schoonhoven ( 1981 ) besides disputes the thought that eventuality theory is infact a theory at all.

Harmonizing to Betts ( 2003 ) in his article which besides proposes the attack of this theory seems inexplicable neglecting to to the full explicate the relationships and fit construct, its attack seems hazardous, complicated, difficult to implement and barely accepted by organisations because of deficiency of lucidity in how it would be, if applied to current scenarios in an organisation.

Dynamic Capabilities Theory: This harmonizing to Helfat, Finklestein and Mitchells ( 2006 ) , definition refers to the capacity of an organisation to broaden, create and adjust with intent a resource base in relation to treat in a fleetly fluctuating environment. From the article, Dynamic capablenesss is chiefly about betterment and continuity in an environment which is quickly traveling to accomplish long term competitory advantage.

Task Technology Fit: From TTF we can happen grounds for the failures of investings in information engineering by distributing the thoughts of TTF into organisational degrees and the public presentation of an organisation would be positively influenced by IT if there is a connexion with concern procedures.


The writer used a qualitative agency of research by utilizing a instance survey which attempts to demo the combination of the three theories which would efficaciously pin-point the critical success factors of the bank in the paper.

An lineation of the methods used for the research survey

Case survey protocols were prepared during the research

Semi structured interviews and series of oppugning were carried out on a figure of staff under sky bank employment

Research inquiries were asked to derive cognition which would help in the designation of procedures.

Creation of a squad comprising of staff from all departmental degrees to derive information of bank procedures and gather intel for proof of BPM proposal.

Workshops were besides conducted where the squad improved the list of concern procedure and blessing and verification of identified CSFs.

Presentation and blessing of the BPM construct by direction and other staff, taking to the find bank processes that add client value and strategic procedure devoid of client value.

At some point the package IGrafx procedure package was implemented to plan and fix a concern procedure theoretical account.

Description of methods

During the research carried out in the bank we can detect from the article that the method of research implemented was to use a instance survey method affecting qualitative research for roll uping and analyzing informations. There was a choice of a squad of Managerial degree staff from the chosen bank who attended workshops and the chief responsibilities of the directors and staff involved was to fine-tune lists of identified procedures every bit good as BPM constructs proposed after value making non-value making classs of procedures were produced. Semi-structured interviews took topographic point by inquiring inquiries and this was to assistance in the theoretical account procedure design. When fixing the theoretical accounts the IGrafx procedure package was besides used.

Analyzing the Methods suitableness for the survey

From a stopping point and critical observation, one could hold that this is a suited method for research but after a critical expression at the survey method applied, rather a figure of jobs were in-fact encountered than applicable solutions in the instance survey. The jobs which were largely due to human factor, where it was observed that some employees did non desire to take portion in the research survey or O.K. of the concern procedure theoretical accounts proposed.

In comparing with a farther external reappraisal of a much similar article, harmonizing to Sentanin ( 2008 ) where a instance survey used to place and implement BPM was carried out in Embrapa Brazillian Agricultural Research Corporation ( EBARC ) in Sao Paulo of Brazil. By utilizing really similar methods like the 1s adopted in the critiqued article, here, in the EBARC, employees were besides interviewed by unstructured agencies in an attempt to place and implement BMP in the Brazilian Public research Centre. With an purpose to besides increase efficiency, make value and altering from the functional based attack to a more procedure based attack.

This similar applied method in the Embrapa Brazillian Agricultural Research Corporation instance survey above besides had its defects, where harmonizing to Sentanin ( 2008 ) after all procedures were identified, quandaries arose due to the employees who did non accept BPMs execution because they failed to understand it, taking to systematically utilize the same functional activities.

Other surveies by Neubauer, T ( 2009 ) used The Status Quo Process Management ( SQPM ) which appears to be a much better option in acknowledging procedure maps within organisations who use of BPM as in an existent study carried out with empirical point of view in three European fiscal establishments in 2006 and efficaciously enabled a just comparing of houses standing against rivals.

In Neubauer, T ( 2009 ) s article SQPM applies a much more empirical or statistical signifier of attack attempted to size up links with procedure and organizational scheme within IT realm in concern and accordingly, Status Quo Process Management ( SQPM ) attack has a strong wonder as to what really makes organisations tick every bit good as why certain procedures take topographic point because it appears to present a much more strong and indepth set of inquiries presented to employees unlike Trikman ( 2010 ) s method, SQPM Has a stronger overview of diverse fiscal administrations big in size because it was implemented in a figure of other European states.

Neubauer, T ( 2009 ) established a more Statistical and exponential agencies for measuring Processes enforced and carried out from trials methods known as the T- Test ratings of appropriate assurance degrees, represented in per centum signifier. Besides Used balance mark cards taking demographics into consideration of and besides a more deeper sampling exercising and oppugning procedure emanated from this method targeted at assorted industries, on-line inquirers over the cyberspace was used every bit good as cyberspace electronic mail histories and tele-phones.

Six sigma attack: Pande and Holpp ( 2001 ) and Hammer ( 2002 ) see Six sigma attack as an appropriate agencies to mensurate job decrease of BPM, sympathizing and looking after client demands to foster better procedures in concern, squad edifice every bit good as alining scheme for of import undertaking aims.

Entire quality direction: Conceptual presentation of methods, were all available resources are used to continuously better procedures. Hakes ( 1991 ) .


Strategic alliance is dependent on extended economic variable, construction of the industry, market, demand and supply and the features of the administration Hoffer ( 1975 ) and the inability to properly connect undertakings from BPM and scheme was chiefly the ground for failure Bandara, Indulska, Chong & A ; Sadiq, ( 2007 )

The involuntariness to pass on alteration in the administration comes from lack in steady and efficient certification and tracking the kind and grade of its impact Lee & A ; Ahn ( 2008 ) and a procedure direction section should make an gap for client response to excite steady improvement.

Functional expertness duplicate and operational complexness increase pose a possible morass for organizing a procedure, this might take to acceleration of cost, emanation of horizontal silos, disagreement in the bringing of operational determinations between procedures and clampdown of the productiveness Silvestro & A ; Westley ( 2002 )

A procedure proprietor should be suited and ascertained for all procedures, and should hold the exclusive undertaking of analyzing public presentation and for steady improvement Lee & A ; Dale, ( 1998 ) and should be left with the undertaking for planing and preparation of employees Hammer & A ; Stanton ( 1999 ) with a in-between direction to assist.

Incorporating of diverse built-in features and process-oriented betterment attacks needs to be designed in a system Davenport & A ; Stoddard ( 1994 ) where the Heads and the in-between directors should be the important support elements and driving force Salvolainen ( 1999 )

A proper and careful analysis should be carried out on the cost-benefit to measure the economic practicableness of information, to acquire top directors and fiscal relief Hur, Mabert & A ; Hartley ( 2007 ) and to vouch the attainment of the benefits. Love, Iran, Standing, Lin & A ; Burn ( 2005 )

Automation of concern procedure patterning better the public presentation of concern activities and do possible wide supervising of endeavors and direction Nikolaidou et Al ( 2001 )

Proper alliance of procedure in an administration that embrace uninterrupted alteration and its reassure adjustability and alteration of its foundation processes with a valued blend of IT will convey approximately competitory advantage this is the chief deduction. From Gibb, Buchanam & A ; Shah ( 2006 ) s proposal we see the riddance of functional silos in procedure administration paves manner for effective flow of information, improved value coevals and effectual development of the system Investing in IT suited for the concern procedure amplifies admissible strategic advantage. This mean that the company will be able to work efficaciously as an administration, be able to fulfill at that place client demands, save cost and every bit good be profitable if implemented the right manner.


Karim et Al ( 2007 ) noted that in malice of meaningful fiscal gift vested into the field of information engineering, a big figure of houses can non tap into and obtain significant addition which is caused by their deficiency of experience to aptly use information engineering into the concern attack.

Customers misunderstand the attack towards concern procedures because most Bankss and companies portray a tradition that is incompatible with the thrust to delight them. Peppard ( 2000 )

Certain issues emanated from the low encouragement of the usage of information engineering. A common illustration is a recognition card verification processing. The book keeper/cashier has to corroborate the recognition map which is noted on paper since the sum recognition ranking of the client is non seen in the information systems. Trkman ( 2010 )

Different common issues were analyzed in the dimension of the instance survey. For case client bank correspondence like posting out history statements, and unequal aid in assorted responsibilities which is organized by manus. Technology helps to ease out the emphasis of manual labor. Trkman ( 2010 )

Past educating Sessionss did non give positive returns because of absence of encouragements amongst the workers. Trkman ( 2010 )

This research study clearly gives an uncomplete consequence to the uninterrupted Inquisition of the appraisal of information engineering parts which is posed as an issue for the past 40 old ages. Renkema & A ; Berghout ( 1997 ) .

Another challenge is an enquiry on the growing on how immune information systems will respond to accommodations or alterations within its of all time altering milieus. Trkman ( 2010 ) .


The construct of this article is obscure and research attack and likely be less concentrated on the private sector and more on the populace sector. Thomas et Al ( 2002 ) noted that really small happening has been recorded on the usage of concern procedure direction in public or urban parts in developing states.

A inquiry now arises as to why the writer Trkman ( 2010 ) , failed to plan or supply an accurate diagrammatical theoretical account to picture his recommended conjectural construction of the critical success factors identified in the article ; this would hold made his proposed construct clearer. When compared with Sentanins ( 2008 ) theoretical account figure of the Embrapa Research Centre theoretical account BPM structural model. Thomas et Al ( 2008 ) used the incorporate procedure direction theoretical account to demo the connexion between information systems and its concern attack.

More exponential/empirical attack should be carried out such as SQBPM, TQM and others which appear to give more clearer and favorable consequences.


From all vantage points and research done into this review of Trkman ( 2010 ) s article we see his effort to turn to and nail critical success factors of BPM by utilizing the Contingency, Task engineering Fit and Dynamic Capability theory may be comparatively new but the inquiry as to whether it is a logical attack to take is questioned because there still seem to be loopholes to the research used, we observe the BPM construct is missing a proper lucidity in its theoretical part Melao and Pidd ( 2000 ) , we besides observed small quantitative every bit good as empirical research Bandrara, Gable and Roseman ( 2005 ) in old documents and the examination of the tantrum construct by Schoonhoven ( 1981 ) and Drazin and Van de Ven ( 1985 ) most surely such noticeable aberrances and failings in the theory and constructs behind this could most probably be a definite hazardous venture and could take to a immense fiscal loss by whatever organisation who takes the hazard in using this vague political orientation, as it is even observed that employees and direction in some instances were even immune to the alteration in procedures of the administration Sentanin ( 2008 ) , backs this in the Embrapa Brazillian Agricultural Research Corporation instance survey. Here, we see human factors and attitude to alter may be a factor in finding the BPMs success or failure, the attack is still in its earlier phases but it appears farther work could hold been done to confirm this research such as the appropriate modeling of the organisations ( sky bank ) procedure to give a clear range of the whole image and the chief factors concerned, this was non done any where in Trkman ( 2010 ) s article but successfully implemented in exponential surveies done by Neubauer, T ( 2009 )

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