The Contribution To Gross Domestic Product Tourism Essay

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is located in the South East of England.

The metropolis of London is one of the universe most popular tourer finishs where over 30 million visitants around the universe semen to see and besides one of the Centres of finance and trade in the universe. London is covering over 1600km2 and its tourer attractive force is enriched with the river Thames which flows across the London. ( www.

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order now ) .The metropolis consists of 33 London boroughs including the metropolis of London with each borough managed by a local authorization. Greater London is composed of Inner and outer London and the population of London are more than 7.5 million. ( www. )Detail tourer Numberss and tourer motives and bring forthing parts to the finishLondon is a really popular tourer finish with and people come from a great figure of states to see the capital of the United Kingdom.Above tabular array contains the per centum of inward visitants to London in 2009.

Harmonizing to website 29 million people visited London in 2009 and bulk of the people are coming from USA and France.

Apprise tourisms part to the local economic system

Average spend per visitPeoples are sing London for legion grounds, but as we can see from table 2, the chief motive to see London is vacations. In one-fourth 1, 2011 around 1.

4 million visitants came to London and they spend about ?682 million lbs during their stay.( Beginning: )Average length of stay of visitantsHarmonizing to UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics, Average length of stay of visitants is 7.7 in the United Kingdom.( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nationsencyclopedia.

com/WorldStats/UNCTAD-average-length-stay-visitors.html )

The part to Gross domestic merchandise ( GDP )

New international travel figures show that visitants to London spent a record ?8.6 billion here last twelvemonth, as the capital welcomed its highest Numberss of tourers and concern travelers in four old ages. ( londonandpartners.

com ) . In 2009, there were 10.8 million domestic nightlong trips to London, bring forthing a entire spend of ?2.2bn and 14.

2 million inbound visits to the part, together accounting for ?8.24bn. ( )Room tenancy in London hotels reached a record-breaking 92.4 per cent in July 2011- the highest figure of all time for the capital (

uk ) . The mean cost of a London hotel room is ?154.18, compared with ?75.

72 inA Cardiffand ?103.86 atA HeathrowA airdrome ( ) .Eating out inA LondonA costs an norm of ?37.72 per caput. The Harden ‘s study calculates that is how much Londoners pay for a three-course repast including half a bottle of vino and java, based on studies by 8,000 diners. Harmonizing to Harden ‘s at least four London eating houses charge ?100 or more for a standard dinner ( thisislondon. ) .

The figure of people employed in the touristry industry in the finish

It is estimated that there are 1.4 million occupations related straight to touristry activity in the UK, accounting for 5 % of entire UK employment. Approximately 130,000 of these occupations are freelance ( all statistics sourced from Tourism Alliance 2010 ) .

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Average tenancy degrees in adjustment in the finish

Harmonizing to the England tenancy study, room tenancy degree in London from January 2012 to September 2012, is 80 % and bed infinite tenancy degree is 62 % .

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Investigate the cultural societal and physical characteristics of the finish

Identify the cultural resources of the finish, such as Museum, Art galleries, Gastronomy, Place of worship, Festivals/events, Memorials

We can happen tonss of cultural attractive forces in London, including: museums, humanistic disciplines, music, festivals, memorials, nutrients and many more. These attractive forces made London one of the most culturally vivacious metropoliss in the universe. London has four UNESCO universe heritage sites: Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich, Westminster Palace and Kew ‘s Royal Botanic Gardens. And besides London has cultural Centres run by and dedicated to its “ Polish, Kurdish, Chinese, Romanian, Hungarian, Bengali, Jewish, Somali, Hindu, and Irish ” communities.

hypertext transfer protocol: // has 22 national museums and more than 200 other museums. Most of them are allowed for free admittance and public contributions are welcomed on these locales. Some of the particular exhibits are separated with an admittance fee.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Examples of Free London Museums:

Victoria & A ; Albert Museum

The universe greatest museum which dedicated “ Cosmetic Humanistic disciplines ” .

You can see both modern and ancient Art Exhibits from all over the universe inside this museum.

Natural History Museum

Possession of extremely valued dodos, workss, animate beings and minerals aggregation and many of them set on show for the public screening.

Science Museum

Peoples will see how development of scientific discipline has change the human life.

British Museum

One of the universe ‘s greatest museums which devoted for human history and civilization and it has more 13 million exhibits inside the museum. Storied originate from all the continents in the universe about the human civilization from its birth to show.

Museum of London

Museum which tells the narrative of London from its beginnings to show.

Imperial War Museum

Memories from both universe wars are exhibiting in Imperial war museum and besides all the military operations since August 1914 which Britain involved.Furthermore London has museums with admittance charges including:

HMS Belfast ( Central London )

HMS Belfast the lone lasting ship of her type during the 2nd universe war and it ‘s one of the universe ‘s most powerful big visible radiation patrol cars of all time built.

Cabinet War Rooms

Winston Churchill directed Second World War by remaining in these belowground war suites.hypertext transfer protocol: //www. are different types of art galleries in London. Those are Royal Academy of Arts, Tate Modern ( The Tate Modern is the universe ‘s most popular modern art gallery ) , Tate Britain, National Gallery, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House, Hayward Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Barbican Art Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, Saatchi Gallery.hypertext transfer protocol: // are more than 200 festivals around London take topographic point every twelvemonth.

It includes the music and dance shows, the nutrient festivals in London, countless parties and the pyrotechnics go oning in the most celebrated locales of the metropolis footings London as a festival metropolis. For illustration:“ BaishakiMela, the Bengali New Year is celebrated in Brick Lane and is the biggest Bengali jubilation outside Bangladesh and West Bengal ” .Hyde Park Winter WonderlandChinese New Year festivalThames FestivalNotting Hill carnivalwww. 192.220.58.

88/ london_events/festivals.htmlLondon has 40,000 listed edifices and over 150 ancient memorials.hypertext transfer protocol: // Palace is one of the popular landmarks in London and the Queen ‘s functionary and chief royal London place. It has been the official London abode of Britain ‘s monarchy since 1837.

Queen Victoria was the first sovereign to populate at that place, moreover the Changing of the Guard ceremonial that takes topographic point in the forecourt each forenoon since 1660.hypertext transfer protocol: // Ben is the most celebrated clock face and bells in the universe ; Big Ben is really the name of the biggest bell ( 13.

5 dozenss ) inside The Clock Tower ( 320ft ) which forms portion of the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is non unfastened to the populace.House of Parliament – Palace of Westminster, now more normally known as the Houses of Parliament.

Members of the public can watch arguments when parliament is in session. Westminster Abbey is one of Europe ‘s finest Gothic edifices and the scene of enthronements, matrimonies and entombments of British sovereigns.

Investigate the societal characteristics of the finish

The host populations attitude to tourers

Doxey ‘s ( 1975 ) ‘Irridex ‘ theoretical account suggests that communities pass through a sequence of reactions as the impacts of an germinating touristry industry in their country become more marked and their perceptual experiences change with experience.

It is suggested that associated mutual reactions of the community influence the patterned advance of phases by sabotaging the entreaty of the country to tourers and therefore cut downing its viability as a tourer finish.This, possibly, reflects some ambivalency sing the more general preservation deductions of touristry, whereas occupant ‘s positions on more discernible and immediate ( noise and litter ) impacts might be strongly influenced by perceptual experiences refering the comparative importance of touristry and urban growing in bring forthing these impacts.

Crime degrees within the tourer finish

Harmonizing to Metropolitan Police web site, offense statistics following tabular array shows the offense degree in London up to January 2012.

hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20stats % 203.png

The Carrying capacity of the finish, including grounds of the congestion and overcrowding

London tourer finish and route web need manage increasing demand and do new methods in order to ease more visitant and more economic activity.

“ More than 10 million journeys are made by private motor vehicle in the capital each twenty-four hours, about 7,000 coachs cover around 700 paths, and about 90 per cent of London ‘s cargo is transported by route ” .One advice was given to the people in order to avoid congestion and overcrowding is check on line traffic intelligence updates and tickets handiness and online engagement services. And besides to avoid congestion and overcrowding in public conveyance ( coachs, tubings, trains ) visitants were advice to walk between finishs around the cardinal London. Avoiding tourist hot spots is another manner to cut down congestion and overcrowding.hypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: //

Demographics of the finish, including genders faith, incomes, socio economic groups

Below graph was extracted from the London City constabularies web site. Harmonizing to them London population is as follows ;

Table and pie chart demoing residential population by Gender

Religions distribution in London we can see from the below tabular array and graph. Table and pie chart demoing residential population by faithIn London about half of the income was contributed by the full clip employees. Table and pie chart demoing residential population by Economic activity i.e. full clip employment, retiredTable and pie chart demoing residential population by Ethnicityhypertext transfer protocol: //www. transfer protocol: //

ca/d.aspx? s=/About_London/localstats.htm

The influence of local authorities policies ( Borough councils ) on the local population and visitants likewise

Britain ‘s tourer industry flourish lies with the industry itself and the concerns and administrations at its bosom.

Government scheme sets out how they will modernize touristry organic structures to guarantee they reflect the natural geographics of a tourer country, leting concerns and administrations to work together in partnerships to market their country in the most effectual manner. Through this policy local touristry will drive by the people who know their country best and let them to take the duty of their ain concern. Local policies will turn to under several sections in the borough and authorities will reexamine the growing of the touristry industry in the country.

Another policy authorities was introduce is the cut down batch of administrative financess and redeploy the financess and resources to maximize the touristry installations.Making local touristry organic structures to develop the touristry, is one of the authorities new policy. Government will modernize and regenerate them into a “ Destination Management Organisations ( DMOs ) ” . These will be funded by partnerships and touristry itself.

Government is utilizing financess to organize taging workshops and runs to guarantee the new policies delivered decently.hypertext transfer protocol: //

uk/images/publications/Government2_Tourism_Policy_2011.pdfhypertext transfer protocol: //

Public comfortss within the finish: Libraries, leisure Centres etc.

There are plentifulness of the public comfortss around London tourer finishs, as illustrations Isleworth, Lewisham, Sutton, Hillingdon etc.

Most of these leisure Centres are operate by the local council. Some of them is in partnership with Fusion, a extremely experient athletics and leisure administration. These public comfortss are consists of coffeehouse, exercising studios, gym, cycling studios, Leaning and swimming pools etc.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.fusion-lifestyle.

com/centres/Isleworth_Leisure_Centre_Library/Facilitieshypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: //

uk/index.aspx? articleid=951hypertext transfer protocol: //

uk/article/20263/Botwell-Green-Sports-and-Leisure-Centrehypertext transfer protocol: //


Public conveyance within the finish

The City of London is good served by public conveyance. Visitors can easy happen necessary information from the conveyance for London website really easy. Buss, Tubes, DLR, Overgorund, River, Emirates Air Line, Trams, National Rail are the most common conveyance methods used by the visitants.hypertext transfer protocol: //

Analyze the physical characteristics of the finish:

The natural features the finish possesses

The physical characteristic can be either natural or semisynthetic.

We can place Parkss and botanical gardens around the metropolis of London as natural attractive forces. Main characteristics in these Parkss and gardens are beautiful landscape gardening, flowers, pools and lakes etc. We can happen batch of natural gardens around the busy cardinal London such as ; Regent Park, Hyde Park, St James Park, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park, Battersea Park, Covent Garden etc.Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

The reinforced environment including: Architecture, edifices

London is filled with batch of beautiful semisynthetic attractive force.

Below mentioned attractive forces are most popular in London ;Large Ben – One of the universe celebrated landmarks in Britain and at the clip it was built in 1858 it was the largest in the universeTower Bridge – One of the universe celebrated land grade of UK was built 1894 by being despite disliked by many of them.London Eye – The elephantine observation wheel in the Centre of London and since its gap in 2000 the 30-minute ‘flight ‘ offers tourers a great bird oculus position over London.Madam Tussaud ‘s – Display of wax figures universe celebrated characters around the around and it has been really popular among the visitants since its gap in 1835Followings are some other popular attractive force in London which are enrich with architectural characteristics ; Tower Of London, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St Paul ‘s Cathedral, British Museum, Natural History Museumhypertext transfer protocol: //www.

Peoples ‘s attitudes, both locals and visitants to the physical characteristics to the physical characteristics identified.

Peoples ‘s attitudes can be affected by many characteristics in certain finish. Chiefly if a finish admittance frees is free or inexpensive people will attracted to those topographic points more than the other topographic points. And besides London Eye is one good illustration for the physical characteristics, because visitants can acquire a beautiful position all over the metropolis of cardinal London when going in it and it ‘s a different sort of an experience to visitants. Madam Tussaud is the other finish that visitants attracted because of it physical characteristic. Visitors can see wax statues of universe celebrated characters in their existent size and these statues are really alive.

Visitors get a opportunity to run into universe celebrated people that they ca n’t run into in existent life.

Identify any characteristics that may be missing in the finish, such as: attractive force, installations, adjustment



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