The consumer’s perspective, the initial few seconds

The image above is a minimalistic, yet a powerful viewpoint of how colour and font plays a massive role in affecting the psyche of its readers? This very image can be used as campaigns against racism or even beauty creams that claim ‘fairness is the key to success’. It is just a wordplay of three words put against simple black and white background, yet it leaves a profound effect.

This is the very effect that businesses all over the world, operating at different levels of success and ‘brand-image’, constantly working towards. They are devising more innovative ways to achieve and maintain popularity amongst their customers. A scientific study says that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video content. To create an impact on consumer’s perspective, the initial few seconds of a video content play a crucial role. This impact could be achieved by appropriate use of colours and font in those few seconds. For this use, the knowledge of colour psychology is essential.

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Text is everywhere and it is an essential component for shaping a user experience. The point at hand remains that the writing keeps its readers gripped, and make their experience as hassle free as possible. The emotional elements also need to be conveyed through the written language; even if that text may lack in comparison to image or video.To remedy this, it is possible to employ certain techniques to ease a reader’s experience. Be it a blurb on a book, product information on a web page, a blog, or a full-length novel.

The key is to ensure that readers take notice, read the important information, and stay gripped. The personality of the writing needs to befit its occasion or circumstance. Had the above image been put in a different textual style, that is, font, the effect would have different. If ‘Comic Sans’ had used, instead of the Calibri, the effect would have been comical; as the font tries to depict through its set calligraphy. The correct emphasis on the correct words, the right pauses can beautifully convey the emotional elements, make the text seem more humane.

It need not be flowery, it can be factual, however the reader is a human, just like the author. Italics and bold have marked their presence in many a word, just to give the affected text importance. Color’s main function within text is to highlight and create emphasis for the reader, helping the eyes to distinguish differing elements and draw attention. In conclusion, it can be said that to create maximum effect, go for minimalistic, which creates impact, and shows personality and carries forward the message crystal clear.


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