The Constitution As A Source Of Discord Essay

In The Union Essay, Research PaperBy the 1850 s the Constitution, originally framed as an instrument of national integrity, had become a beginning of sectional strife and tenseness and finally contributed to the failure of the brotherhood it had created. It is true that the Constitution was seen as a beginning of struggle. This was felt by both the presidents, the leaders of the clip, and common people. One ground why the Fundamental law brought all of that problem was because of the difference of the readings of the Constitution between the North and the South.

Many people and each president of the clip period of 1850-1861 made direct statements about how and why the Fundamental law was the beginning of the job.The presidents had a batch to cover with. Conflict between the North and South was high, and there were other concerns, like the terror of 1857 to worry approximately. President Davis, in his message to the Confederate Congress stated that the Constitution was unable to forestall the growing of a political school that was incorrect in his sentiment. This was a job in the reading of the Constitution- the Northerners were supportive of a federal authorities and the Southerners favored province s rights. President Buchanan pointed out that the southern provinces were backed up by the Constitution were allowed to make up one’s mind if they wanted to retreat, or to maintain slaves, because affairs non in the Constitution were left up to them. The Fundamental law is the struggle here because it is once more about the reading of the Constitution whether the provinces are allowed to make up one’s mind if they could splinter, because there was nil stating that they could, but besides nil saying that they could non.

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President Lincoln s job was like Buchanan s. The job was that the south felt they could destruct the brotherhood, because it is within their alleged province rights. But Lincoln argues that no sTate has a right to destruct the Constitution or the brotherhood. Since this sezession struggle affected non merely the presidents, but everyone in the full brotherhood every bit good, the more common people had an sentiment about this.

A normal, ordinary citizen of Georgia brought up the point that the Constitution did non incorporate the issue of bondage and where it was allowed to be. It contained nil about make up one’s minding if districts or new provinces were free or enslaved, which lead to acrimonious statements between the Northerners and Southerners. He points out that the South is even willing to compromise a small, and allows for popular sovereignty, but that the north won t even let that in the new districts. He claims the equilibrium that holds the Constitution together is destroyed. William Lloyd Garrison argues that the words slaves and bondage do non be in the Constitution, but yet the Constitution gives protection to the slave anteroom.

This was a major point of struggle because both the North and the South could warrant themselves through this same reading, which is non a good thing. Ralph Waldo Emerson attacked the Constitution because it allowed for such a alteration in the jurisprudence of bondage, which changed from it being illegal to enslave a adult male to illegal to non reenslave a adult male. It was a contradiction, which the Fundamental law allowed that lead to disagree.The Constitution did take to disagree and tenseness, and it was prolonged by the statements of the opposing point of views, north and south, of how the Constitution should be interpreted. The north favored a loose reading, and the South had a more actual reading because it literally says affairs non in the Constitution are a affair left up to the provinces, and bondage is non in at that place. The failure of the brotherhood that was created is a mention to the Civil War, which was inevitable with things traveling as they were.


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