The Concepts Of Loyalty In Companies Commerce Essay

I would hold been surprised if the construct of trueness was non emphasized in our ancient literature.

After making a small research I came across Chanakya ‘s arthashastra which is an ancient Indian treatise on statesmanship, economic policy and military scheme. Chanakya was a bookman at Takshashila and subsequently the Prime Minister of Chandragupta, the fist Mauryan Emperor. Chanakya was considered a maestro in the field of economic sciences and political scientific discipline and is popularly known as India ‘s Machiavelli. Arthashastra is believed to be written around 300BC and is believed to be the foundation of Indian political doctrine.Chapter 1 of book 7 gives the counsel for naming cardinal advisers. Chanakya begins this chapter get downing with sum-ups of what others have to state about the subject. The first beginning believes that the cardinal places should be filled by the male monarch ‘s schoolmates as the male monarch knows them good and would be able to judge their abilities and trustiness and besides because they would be loyal to the male monarch because of their friendly relationship with the male monarch. This is the position which is prevalent in the corporate universe today besides.

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This position though is contradicted by another bookman because harmonizing to him the womb-to-tomb friends they have seen the male monarch in about all state of affairss some of which possibly may be mortifying and therefore they would be inappropriate curates and advisers as they would ever be able to diss the male monarch and even blackjack him at times. Harmonizing to him a male monarch should name people who support his secret undertakings. These people would be driven by fright of the secret events being revealed and will stay loyal. I personally believe this construct to be truly flawed as these people really are non loyal and whatever trueness they show is because of some ground and the twenty-four hours that ground does non keep true their trueness would zap.

But this construct is besides booming in today ‘s universe in Fieldss of political scientific discipline, economic sciences and international dealingss these yearss as a batch of relationships are built over fright where the stronger overpowers the incapacitated weaker spouse. The most seeable illustration of this construct is US ‘s foreign dealingss with most of the states. This construct is challenged by another bookman who believes that the fright is for both the parties. The advisers are afraid of the male monarch because he knows their secrets but the male monarch besides fears his advisers as his secrets are besides revealed to them. The minute he portions his secrets with his advisers he loses control over them and may go a marionette in their custodies. The solution to this could be taking people who have proved their trueness before and have put forward their ain lives for the safety of their male monarch.Another bookman dismissed this construct wholly and points out that trueness and ability are like chalk and cheese and they do non hold anything to make with each other.

Harmonizing to him people in cardinal places should be chosen based on their record and abilities. Harmonizing to him qualities such as ability, endowment, cognition etc are critical for efficient running of an imperium and hence everything should depend on rigorous meritocracy. In today ‘s competitory universe meritocracy can non be an stray solution as the individual may travel to another organisation if he is offered better footings, destabilising your organisation. Yet another bookman discounted trueness and suggested that familial traditions are an first-class manner of make fulling up cardinal places as they are familiar with working of the land and are therefore best suited to make full the function of cardinal advisers. Harmonizing to him these people are non tempted by wagess etc and are guided by noblesse oblige.

This is pretty apparent in Indian political scenario where an aging politician most of the clip is replaced or joined by person from his household and the so called tradition of functioning the people remains within the household. Another bookman points out the defect in this system by stating that these people create problems for the male monarch as they start believing that they are besides entitled to certain privileges. This becomes debatable for the male monarch as his purpose is the public assistance of people. Harmonizing to him people should be selected from a pool of new and educated experts whose deficiency of anterior history would guarantee they continue to fear and esteem the male monarch. This position is countered by another bookman who believes that inexperient people would panic in crisis state of affairs when the male monarch truly requires their support therefore a male monarch should name loyal and wise people to identify places so that they can back up him during the clip of crisis.Finally Chanakya expresses his sentiment. Harmonizing to him all these positions are appropriate in given state of affairss and the male monarch must make up one’s mind based on the state of affairs in which he is. Harmonizing to him trueness, steadiness, expertness, deficiency of experience etc are all utile.

Chanakya so goes on describe the qualities that the premier curate ( the most of import functionary to the male monarch should possess ) and he states trueness one time once more to be one of the most of import quality that the premier curate should possess. So in today ‘s competitory environment particularly in the corporate universe is loyalty the most of import character a individual should possess for him to busy a cardinal place.What is the mechanism that a modern twenty-four hours organisation normally uses to assign cardinal places to its employees? I would seek and explicate the mechanism through the procedure of sequence planning. Succession planning is a uninterrupted concern procedure through which an organisation programs for its hereafter work force demands. It is considered a proactive attack as you are be aftering for the hereafter and is normally done for a few cardinal places in the organisation. One may believe why is sequence be aftering needed or what are its benefits? Succession planning ever turns out to be cost effectual as it minimizes the hazard associated with loss of leading or specialised accomplishments and cognition.

In order to win in today ‘s competitory environment an organisation must actively be after for the hereafter as employees leave their organisations for a figure of grounds. Therefore if an organisation can make full cardinal places without much problem so they save themselves from sing unneeded convulsion.Now coming to how cardinal places are identified for any organisation. For every organisation cardinal places are those places that are indispensable for an organisation to map and if such places are vacated tomorrow the organisation will potentially halt operations. The cardinal places can change from being functional, proficient or managerial in nature. It is imperative for an organisation to set right sort of people in such places in the first topographic point and besides do sequence planning to guarantee that cognition and accomplishments stay in the organisation when the individual exits.

A cardinal place may besides be held by a individual from whom you seek adept, advice, thoughts or counsel to undertake the issues you face. So if the place is of such importance equal attempts should be put to take the right individual for the occupation and besides sequence planning should be done to take the possibility of the pandemonium that may be created if the station is vacated.So what are the indispensable qualities that one should possess to keep a cardinal place in an organisation? One of the indispensable demands is competences which are defined as the cognition and accomplishments required to transport out the maps associated with a peculiar key map. The competences would change from occupation to occupation for e.g.

the competences required for the station of CFO would be different from one ‘s required for the station of the CEO. But should merely knowledge and accomplishments of a prospective campaigner be checked while sing him for a cardinal place? The reply is decidedly No because there are certain characters which a individual is expected to possess irrespective of the place he is looking frontward to busy. Qualities such as trueness, honestness and unity are every bit of import as any of the other proficient, managerial or functional cognition or skill an single possesses. Although all the 3 i.e. trueness, honestness and unity seem to be every bit of import but is loyalty the most indispensable among all of them? Would a loyal employee be the 1 who steps up to the home base in tough times? It is a natural inclination for any human being to remain about people he trusts and the same besides applies to the workplace.

Whether its friendly relationship, love affair or good relationships at work the key to their success is trust. One may look up to a figure of qualities in his/her spouse but if they do non swear each other so the relationship would non last really long. Trust comes with trueness and it is the lone manner people can be bound together in booming relationships so does that intend an employee must be committed to his organisation and the organisation to its employees and this is the lone manner to further success and pave manner for positive growing?Let us presume that people are non loyal to each other. What would go on in a state of affairs like this? Disloyalty leads to devastation and there have been legion illustrations in the recent yesteryear to turn out this fact. Companies such as Enron and Satyam were disloyal to their employees and they are a portion of history now. A unpatriotic employee can do serious amendss to an organisation if he offers the trade secrets of his organisation to its challenger for personal benefit.

On a broader degree if disloyalty is the order of the twenty-four hours states would fall portion. Let us take illustration of Rome for case. When Roman Empire was gaining its glorification its soldiers were best in the universe largely made out of Roman citizens who had volunteered to function their state. As the land expanded more soldiers were inducted into the ground forces from the conquered states. These soldiers lacked trueness to the Roman Empire and they were motivated by other factors such as wage as a consequence of which the ground forces ‘s strength started worsening and the Romans easy started losing their bridgehead and therefore were overthrown. So can we utilize a similar analogy to state that a loyal employee is an organisation ‘s biggest plus? If we believe in this impression so the fact that most of the top places in an organisation goes to its most loyal employees would non come as a surprise.

If we see any of the large concern houses of India such as Reliance or Tata we would see that all the top places in those organisations are filled by sure Plutos of Mukesh Ambani or Ratan Tata. They are schoolmates, relations, friends, neighbors of the household or are employees that have served the organisation for a long clip. Although they may non be the best in whatever they do but they possess one quality that makes them cherished to the organisation and that is their trueness towards the organisation.Is trueness required at every degree? Suppose I am personally responsible to present something and I need aid from person else for it than who should I near? My most sure friend or person who is exceeding at the occupation? For illustration 10 old ages down the line I would wish to go an enterpriser and open my ain HR consulting house. When I look for people, should I look for people who would demo commitment towards me and my organisation and seek to invest people with whom I worked before and who I believe would be loyal to me? Or should I give importance to the ability of the individual because trueness entirely may non vouch me success? What trueness may guarantee is that my organisation is in right custodies and even if something goes incorrect people would non turn their dorsum on me. What ability would guarantee is that my organisation is really doing advancement.

So is a proper blend of trueness and ability the reply to my demands?The million dollar inquiry is the construct of trueness clasp true in today ‘s universe? Recent events in concern universe have made it more hard for trueness to thrive. Cases such as Arthur Anderson, Tyco, World Com, Satyam have left the work force with a really misanthropic position of the direction as harmonizing to them direction ignore moralss to better their underside line and the biggest sick person because of this are the hapless employees who had no thought of what had been go oning in their organisation. Economic factors such as recession have led to be film editing and layoffs that has once more pushed employee trueness to a new low.

Retrenchment has non been handled good by most of the organisation and it creates a fright in the head of the remainder of the employees that anytime shortly the axe may fall on them every bit good. The younger work force when sees that employees that have been loyal to the organisation for old ages were laid away without proper justification start believing that trueness is a thing of past and this construct does non be in this universe any longer. The nature of relationship between employees and employers has besides changed. Gone are those yearss where people would work for decennaries in the same organisation and the whole thought of trueness to a individual organisation seems like a thing from past but so once more they do non desire to maintain switching every 2nd twelvemonth for the remainder of their callings. If we consider the employer ‘s position the organisation would halt operation if a big part of work force is to be replaced every twelvemonth. So organisations would be able to accomplish the accomplishments and expertness they require to vie merely if they rethink and redefine trueness and supply development chances to their employees as per the employees demand.

Loyalty should non be ever looked as a proposition. Although experts may believe that an employee ‘s trueness towards an organisation and what it stands for goes in a great manner towards him bring forthing his best work but employees may give their best while fostering their ain callings. Therefore if the accomplishments the individual learns to foster his calling lucifer with the company needs so both of these can travel along together.

Thus it is clear that if an organisation helps an employee in geting a new accomplishment and back up their calling promotion they would win his committedness. Thus the organisation should assist its employees in turning out of their current occupations into new occupations within their organisation. So does this mean that the endowment which has left the company was non loyal? It is really hard to be loyal to a individual for life. It is more like dating i.e. you would be faithful to a individual you are presently dating while you are involved with him and this does non halt you from traveling on and dating person else. Thus organisations should non do an attempt to maintain all the employees for life. The relationship should merely last for the piece when both the parties are profiting.


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