The Concept of Human Rights Essay

During the Second World War.

the most hideous slaughter took topographic point ; committed by the Nazi government. killing 1000000s of guiltless people. The universe could non believe this cold event occurred.

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“They felt like a war could no longer be used as an alibi to perpetrate offenses against humanity” . ( unac. org ) it was a determination that was made across cosmopolitan lines that the violation of Human Right will no longer be accepted. and we will unify as one to set up a declaration of Human Rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created and signed on December 10. 1948. there was legislatives from 48 states who came together at the United Nations in Paris who believed in the value and regard for human life. ( unac. org ) After several bill of exchanges and much argument. the concluding version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR ) emerged.

The ( UDHR ) was a list of primary privileges that the worldwide group decided were equal and merely for all worlds. ( unac. roentgenium ) The list of human rights consisted of six classs such as Political Rights.

the right to vote. the right to citizenship and to take part in authorities.Liberty Rights: the right to freedom of sentiment and look ; Equality Rights: the right to be free from favoritism ; Economic Rights: the right to fair rewards and safe on the job conditions ; Social Rights: the right to instruction and to adequate wellness attention ; Security Rights: protect people against offenses such as slaying.

slaughter. anguish. and colza.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ) Human rights is decidedly NOT a inactive construct. it’s a dynamic construct. because counties. people and fortunes alteration and because was set up different values over clip. For illustration the issues on homosexual rights.

which were non and concern in 1948 as it is now that more homosexuals are coming out and demanding the same right as everyone else regard matrimony and equality.Besides. now planetary heating and the environment is an issue among many counties there is a demand for the right to a clean environment. Harmonizing Professor Philip Alston. Chairman of the UN Committee. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights can hold extensions added it. but the original declaration can non be changed. Therefore.

we will go on to develop Human rights in America and across the Earth. It will be a slow procedure as issues arise. but it is necessary to do this universe a better topographic point for all human existences.


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