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The1920s were a time of extraordinary change and a period of effectiveenthusiasm in several regions of society. The world had just finishedthe largest war in history “World War One”, and the United Stateswas left unharmed for the most part from remaining neutral beforeentering the war in 1917. The people in the United States experienceda colourful period over the span of the twenties which is generallyreferred to as “the roaring twenties.” However, it was also anexceptionally troublesome and difficult time for some individuals.

Outof all the new industries, the automobile was an essential one. Itwas the development that changed American lives in the 20th centurythe most. Henry Ford was the person who revolutionised thelarge-scale manufacturing of vehicles. He utilised the assembly lineidea for automobile production.

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The critically acclaimed assemblyline allowed for manufacturing companies to create the extra productto sell, one of these products was your everyday automobiles. Themodel T Ford was the most well-known car at the time with more thanfifteen million being sold across the country by 1927. It was thefirst car to be affordable for the majority of Americans as itchanged the standard way of living, working, and traveling.Therewere cars that existed before the twenties but, they weren’t veryreliable and were really meant for the rich because they wereextremely expensive. The automobile presented a radical betterapproach for life to the Americans as it pushed them forward into theforever changing technological world. With the companies having theability to make extending amounts of vehicles they were able tosupply the highly rising interest that the people wanted. They wereable to produce a car in under two hours. The Model T price droppedto about $400 which was the lowest price of any car sold at the time.

There had been a tremendous growth of owners for the automobile withthe number of enlisted drivers practically tripling to twenty-threemillion before the decade was over. In 1921, the model T Ford heldaround sixty percent of the new car market.Theopportunity for decisions encouraged many families to travel toplaces that were impossible before. The younger generation adored itsince they could gain more independence with the freedom fromdriving. Couples that were dating could discover a place to be alonefrom everyone else as the automobile helped to ease relaxed sexualstates of mind. Urban inhabitants had the chance to rediscoverunsullied landscapes, just as rural families were able to travel intotown for shopping needs.

Before this, many individuals only did theirshopping in nearby stores that were within walking distance. Thecapacity of the automobile to travel long distances also raised thequestion of road maintenance. Roads were redesigned and remade as newroad rules were presented alongside with traffic lights. Householdsalso started to accompany driveways and garages with fewer lawns.Beforethe automobile was introduced people generally both lived and workedin the city, and they used horses to travel on dirt roads or grass.Assembly line labourers could move out of the industrial cities andlive healthier lives away from the pollution of the manufacturingfactories. Because of the automobile, the growth of suburbs took intoaccount individuals to live on the edges and be able to work in thecity.

There was new employment because of the effect on theautomobile, for instance, fast food, highway construction, statepolice, convenience stores, gas stations, auto shops, etc. whichallowed greater work for the world’s growing population.


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