Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Classical Communism and Modern Socialism Essay

The Classical Communism and Modern Socialism Essay

If one of your friend accepts the cosmetic surgery and he or she just looks so different than before. Do you think he or she is still the person you know before? My answer for this question is yes, I do think he or she is still the person I know because they have the same soul. People communicate with each other with their souls, but not the appearance! Soul is the most important thing of a person because it can show all of the personalities of that person, like kind, evil, honest or shady. If you really want to know a person and want to build a good friendship with he or she you should care about his or her soul.

The same principle can also use in the problem between the classical communism and modern socialism. As the time goes on, the communism has also change a lot. After the process of change, the classical communism called modern socialism. The modern socialism just like the person who finish the cosmetic surgery and the classical communism is the person who does not do the cosmetic surgery yet. Even though they have different appearance, they have the most important similarity – the soul. Now let me introduce the classical communism and modern socialism more specifically.

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The classical communism comes from the Marxism. It is a very important part of the Marxism. As the time passes, the classical communism slowly changes into the modern socialism and become one of the most important ideologies in the world. At that time period, communism is just the nice hope of the people who are the lower class. But, during the time passes, people know they should make some changes so that their hopes can come true. Then, the modern socialism born. Some people will say that the classical communism changes too much during the process to become the modern socialism. They are orrect because the classical communism and modern socialism are different from the perspective of human nature, the economic system, the understanding of equality, the admeasure system of the society, the way to achieve their goal and even the final goal. However, I think although they are so different from each other , they have the same main idea which is to help the lower class in the society to protect their rights. I want to talk about the changes from classical communism to modern socialism. I already said that the classical communism comes from the Marxism which made by Karl Marx.

Marx believes that the human nature is good which means all the people are good. But, when the time passes, the communists find that Marx’s belief on human nature is not correct. There are some evil people live in the world. They realize that not all of the people is kind and selfless, so they change the positive view of human nature to mixed view of human nature. It is more realistic because the world should include the good man and bad man. All the people are good is impossible. The classical communism also different from the modern socialism on the economic system.

The classical communists think that they can live without contact with others and all the enterprises are control by the government. That means they can satisfied their own needs by their working. Trading with other country is useless in the classical communism. The government can control all the business so that the differentiation of the class will not be very serious any more. However, the modern socialists do not agree with this old idea. For example, China is a socialism country and the government realizes that the importance of the international trade. In the process of this industrialization drive, foreign trade has been playing a significant role. ” “Quantitatively the share of foreign trade in Red China has ranged from 6. 2per cent in 1953 to 8. 8 per cent in 1959” (P227, ASPECTS OF MODERN COMMUNISM). This number shows China is focus on the international trade as a very typical symbol of the modern socialism country. That also mean the modern socialist know sometimes they must have some economic relationship with other countries. The modern socialism also improve the private enterprise.

They allow the people to have their own company and them people get rich and their life become better and better. The government see the progeny of the mixed economy is really good, so it becomes a important identity for modern socialism. Moreover, the classical communism and modern socialism are not same on the understanding of the equality. In the perspective of the classical communism equality means everything is absolute equitable. All the people has some position in the society. There are no upper class or lower class, so nobody can control someone else.

People can go everywhere they want to go and they can do everything which is not illegal they like to do. At last, the socialists find that the absolute equality is impossible. For example, if there has an apple and everyone want to eat the apple. Use the theory of the classical communism to understand is everyone can own the apple but there is only one apple so there has no solutions. As this reason the socialists change it into the equality of opportunity. It means everyone have the chance to own the apple, but they should compete with the others.

The person who is the winner can own the apple. The classical communism and modern socialism hold different thought about the admeasure system of the society. The classical communism believe that the people have the right to get the thing what they want. People are working together and the production of their work is belong to everyone. But, it is not fair because some people are hard-working and some people are lazy. There is no reason for the hard-working people get the same benefit as the lazy people who do not do a lot of work.

The modern socialism change this unfair thought to people get the benefit based on how many works they do. It is the right way to admeasure the social resources so that nobody will complain. The most important difference between the classical communism and the modern socialism is the way to achieve their goal. Because of the time period the classical communism agree to use the revolution to achieve their goal. The revolution is the same meaning of use force to get the political power. It will cause the casualty so it is too cruel.

There is a good example to illustrate the idea of the revolution in the classical communism. “ Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes. ” (P31 CLASSIACAL MARXISM) On the other hand the modern socialism is more sane than the classical communism.

The modern socialist think to use the force is too violent. They try to use different way to solve the problem which is more peaceful because they do not want to hurt others. Therefore the modern socialism prefer to peaceful actions, like conversation or trade. At last, the final goal of the classical communism is different from the modern socialism. The final goal of the classical communism is to make all the state on the earth to become a big country, like a family which has no anger, pain and war. Therefore , all people live in harmony.

It is more like a beautiful ideal result, but not a thing that can really happen in the world. For that reason, the communism does not successes. “ In practice communism fails dismally. The only way it can be achieved is if every single member of a communist society is in absolute agreement with the above arrangement – and that the legislators are not open to corruption in the form of personal acquisition or favour. We have seen in section one that is it proper for man to own the product of his mind, or that acquired by accident of birth.

If such is taken in any way other than voluntarily it is robbery. ” (THE SOCIAL ENGINEERS – COLLECTIVISM the website) proves that the goal of classical communism can never come true. So, the modern socialism give up this utopian goal. They find a more realistic goal which is to make their own country more flourishing and peaceful and try their best to help other countries when they fall in trouble. There are also some similarities exist between the classical communism and modern communism.

They have the same original intention which is to help the lower class of the society, like the worker class and the farmer class. “There’s not much difference between Communism and Socialism. They’re essentially the same thing. ” (Resources & Information the website) They all want to society become more and more fairer, so everybody can get the social welfare. The USA socialist party can show my idea clearly. “The Socialist Party stands for socialized medicine– a health care system based on universal coverage, salaried doctors and health care workers, and revenues derived from a graduated income tax. (PROOF THAT DEMOCRATS = SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM the journal) Both of them support the workers to use the trade unionism to protect their rights because they want the workers know how use the power of a collectivity. Some people will ask if the communism still the communism after all of these changes. I think it is still the communism. I acknowledge that the modern socialism and the classical communism have many differences. Though they have differences, they have the same core which to protect the right of lower class in the society, just like the example I write the soul of the communism is not change at all.

All of the changes are about the process to get the great goal. It is the same theory as the cosmetic surgery. Take the part which is not perfect off and remake it, so the people become beautiful and the communism become more perfect. The modern socialism makes the classical communism more realistic, because some of the ideas in classical communism is not mature enough. Moreover, these original thoughts of communism are just can not come true.

In conclusion, the classical communism and the modern socialism has the same core and they all work for the poor people in the society. Go through the changes between classical communism and modern socialism, you can not only find the times can changes things you can also find the truth can never wash by the time water . I believe that many years later the communism will changes again. It will become more perfect because the civilization of human being will be more developed, but the core of helping the people who comes from lower class will never changes.