The cave art of early man. Moving

Thehistory of graphic design can be regarded as the history ofcommunication and it can be seen in its most primitive form in thecave art of early man.

Moving forward from this we start to seerelics of it again in the ruins of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians usedhieroglyphics picturessymbols as their way of communication muchof which was written of papyrus which they invented. In westernsociety the most notable form of early graphic design are the holymanuscripts of the medieval period whichwere handwritten and illustrated. Printedworks date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China with the firstknown printed book in 868 which was done using cut wooden blocks.While print in China isnot very well know to most people the work of Johann Gutenberg inGermany in 1448 is as he was the person who introduced moveable metaltype this was also theera when advertising started to grow as the cost of publishing haddoped considerably howeverit would not be until the late nineteenth century that the firstpublished designs started to appear making the distinction betweenfine art and graphic design.”New Kind of Printing Calls for NewDesign” by William Addison Dwiggins wasthe first time that the term graphic design appeared in print in1922.Edward Johnston in 1916 designedthe signage for the London Underground which would become a classicexample of graphic design in the modern era.

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Corporateidentity would bepioneered by Paul Rand in the middle of the century which would beconsidered a subset of graphic design whichitself would grow along side consumerism. Withthe advent of better computers and software and the ability to usethe internet graphic design has evolved intothe industry we have today.Graphicdesign can be found and used in many different area’s such as Corporate Identities and logo’s.

Book, brochure, magazine and newspaper layout. Poster and advertising. Websites. Product packaging.GraphicDesigner-Client RelationshipRespect Let your client explain things. Honesty If You don’t know something tell your client. Patience Allow your client time to communicate their ideas.

Listen Listen to what your client has to say. Questions Be fully aware of everything to do with the project direction. GraphicDesigner-Target Audience relationship.Agraphic designer will most likely never be in a situation when theywill have face to face time with their target audience so as to getto know them better so they will have to rely on market research toknow their target audience.

Therole of the graphic designer with the target audience to tocommunicate the clients message using the tools available such astext, fonts images, colours.Jobprostitutes for graphic designers are as followsGraphic Designer Layout Artist Image Editor Colour Artist Photo Artist and Digital Painter Newspaper, Book, Magazine Designer Packaging and Stationary Designer Visualizer Art Director


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