The Cast of Amontillado Essay

Ever heard of a perfect crime? In the story The Cast of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, Montresor accomplishes murder because he is determined, intelligent, and vengeful.

Montresor seeks out revenge after Fortunato insults him many times. Montresor tricks Fortunato into going inside huge underground vaults, there Fortunato thinks he will drink the Amontillado. As they proceed to the end of the vaults Montresor chains Fortunato up, builds a burrier, and leaves Fortunato there to die. Here Montersor will conquer revenge, and his determination and intelligence will show.Montresor shows many great qualities one of them is his determination. When Montresor walks Fortunato through the vaults, he tells the reader, “It is farther on, but observe the white web work which gleams from these cavern walls. ” (Poe 347) When Montresor says this he is determined not to get Fortunato to turn around by showing him the walls which have niter.

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Fortunato is pleased with the niter and continues walking. Another time the reader sees Montresor’s determination is when he tells the reader, “As you are enegaged, I am on my way to Luhesi. If anyone has a critical turn, it is he. He will tell me —. (Poe 346) Afterwards he is interpreted by Fortunato, which shows Fortunato is ready to go.This was Montresor way of showing determination to get Fotunato to go with him.

Another great characteristic is Montresor has is his intelligence. As Montresor is walking Fortunato through the vaults Fortunato is starting to get weary, Montresor tells the reader, Bryan 2 “Drink” (Poe 347) and presents him some wine. Montresor will get Fortunato drunk on their way to the Amontillado. This shows his intelligence because he is tricking him, and Fortunato does not even know. Another time the reader sees Montresor’s intelligence is when he says, “A Mason.

(Poe 248) Montresor knew nothing of the Mason’s ways and rituals but knew a Mason was also a brick layer so he pulls out a shove and shows Fortunato, they begin to laugh and continue on.This was Montresor way of showing his intelligence. However, Montresor has many great qualities he also has bad ones like being vengeful. In the beginning of the story Montresor tells the reader, “At length I would be avenged; this was a point definitively settled.

” (Poe 344) When Montresor says this he is admitting he will get revenge on Fortunato for whatever Fortuanto did. Another time Montresor shows is vengeful side is when he tells the reader, I continued, as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of immolation. ” (Poe 344) Montresor means by this is even though he smiles at Fortunato he is really smiling about his death.

Therefore, in the story The Cast of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe portrays many positive and negative qualities for the character Montresor. Because of Montresor determination, intelligence, and vengefulness he accomplished murder. If it wasn’t for his determination, intelligence, and vengefulness Montresor could not accomplished murder.


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