The case, a stack is the basic

The concept of Zero StockCheck is not a novelty for the system of stock accounting in FCI as thesame is applied to a stack of food grains as a unit. Even in the context ofdepots with bulk storage structures like silos, Zero Stock Check isapplied to a silo as a unit and not to the entire Depot in one go. In otherwords, Zero Stock Check which is commonly used as a management tool incases of bulk storage structures like silos by taking a silo as a unit, mayhave limited application in case of storage of food grains in the form of stacksin godowns / sheds in which case, a stack is the basic unit of stockaccounting; as such, it may, at the best serve as a tool for salvaging from astate of total damage to regular stock accounting system. Introduction of ZeroStock Check PV in all the FSDs in certain order or roster where there istraditional system of storage in sheds in the form of stacks may be termed aswasteful as it would result into underutilization of storage space andunproductive expenditure on items of fixed cost which is avoidable too.Therefore, policy decision to prescribe Zero Stock Check as Over theCounter Solution for application in an arbitrary number of depots everyquarter without putting in place precise protocols for selection of depot andits implementation merits immediate review.

At the same time, necessity and urgency to take all requiredsteps to prevent further collapse of regular system of stock accounting andrestoring the same cannot be overlooked anymore and must be accorded top mostpriority. It is therefore, necessary to put in place an accountabilitystructure and an appropriate internal control mechanism supported by a policyof zero tolerance to any material deviation from standard protocols /operating procedures prescribed in this respect by Storage Manual developed byFCI. Can this goal be realized without revisiting the bonanza of reimbursementof Operational Cost in the present manner is a million dollar question

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