The butcher by “technologist”, prison custodian by

The division of métier may make some people feel dispirited insocial position, so they need euphemisms to rename their professions and earn esteemfrom others or avert embarrassment. Garbage collector is know by “sanitationengineer”, automobile mechanic by “automobile engineer”, secretary by”administrative assistant”, maid by “domestic engineer”, butcher by”technologist”, prison custodian by “correctional facility”, window cleaner by”transparent wall maintenance officer”, rat catcher by “rodent officer”, gravedigger by “cemetery operative”, sex worker by “comfort woman, call girl” and”business girl”, janitor by “security officer”, housewife by “domesticmanager”, floor walker by “aisle manager”, and stripper by “exotic dancer”.                                          Political field is rich in euphemism, so euphemismin politics is called political euphemism. Political euphemisms are coined forsocial problems and evils such as poverty, unemployment, crime, racism,bankruptcy, and recession. In order to masking the problems of scarcity andunemployment, the government kept creating euphemisms.

The poor people aregilded as “the deprived, man of modest means, the less well off, the under privileged,economically disadvantaged”, and slum is replaced by “substandard housing, inan economically depressed neighborhood, culturally deprived environment.With the augmentation of society and technology, euphemisms burstin education too. In general, these obscure usages do not cause haziness orcommunication letdown but are used just to avoid insolence or bluntness. Forexample, a dumb student is named as “slow student” or “underachiever”; an idiotis replaced by “person with learning difficulties” and “special needs”. If astudent tells lies, he will be said to “misspoke, bend the truth, tell a whitelie, color the truth, be economical with the truth, dissemble, be unreliable”,etc. If he chisels in the exam, cheating may be replaced by “peer homework,comparing answers, collaborating, harvesting answers”.A student below the normal will be referred as “he can do betterwith help”. A child having no avocation is called “not so versatile, a specialchild” or “exceptional child”.

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If a child stays in a gang, he may be said to”feel secure only in group situation”.The intent of euphemism is to present words of good omen, to avoidunlucky words in which metaphysical harm may come to pass either speaker orhearer, and to prevent hearer from losing face by offending his sensibilities. Examples:There are thousands of examples of euphemisms that we use ineveryday speech. Here is a short list of euphemistic expressions and the thingsthat refer to: §  In a family way; withchild; bun in the oven—to be pregnant§  Riding the crimsonwave; visit from Aunt Flo; period—menstruation§  In a better place;pass away; meet your maker______to die”Custodian” =====è”caretaker””Dismiss” =====è” to dismiss someone from his/her job “”Pre-owned” =====è “used””Correctional facility” =====è “jail””Felloff the back of the truck”=====è “stolen’ “Neutralization”=====è “killing.””Freedomfighter” =====è”terrorist””Revenueenhancement”=====è “taxincrease.””Down-sized”====è”fired.””Betweenjobs” =====è”unemployed.””Passed”=====è “dead.””Officemanager” =====è “secretary.””Custodian”=====è”janitor.””Detainee”======è “prisoner.””Enhancedinterrogation” ======è “torture.””Self-injuriousbehavior incidents” ======è “suicideattempts.””Adultentertainment” or “adult material” ======è”pornography.””Sanitationengineer” ======è “garbage man.””Gentlemen’sclub” ======è “strip club.””Exoticdancer” ======è “stripper””Sleepingwith” ======è”having sexwith.””Policeaction” ======è “undeclaredwar.””Old people”      =====è    “senior citizen” “Pregnant”       ======è     “in the family way “”Die”               ======è         “pass away” “Thedead”      ======è      “the deceased /thelate””Burier”         ======è            “undertaker /mortician””On the streets” ======è “homeless””Adult entertainment” =====è “pornography””Adult beverage” =====è “beer or liquor” “Au natural” =====è “naked””Big-boned” ======è “heavy or overweight””Chronologically-challenged” =====è “late””Comfort woman” ======è “prostitute””Use the rest room” ======è “go to the bathroom””Break wind” ======è “pass gas””Economical with the truth” ======è liar”Powder your nose” ======è “use the rest room””The birds and the bees” =====è “sex””Between jobs” ======è “unemployed””Go all the way” =====è “have sex””Domestic engineer” ======è “maid””Garbage man” =====è “Sanitation engineer””Vertically-challenged” ======è “short””Sleep together” =====è “have sex'”Capitalpunishment”======è”the death penalty””Issues”   ======è”emotional problems””Restroom” ====è”toilet room””Retarded” =====è “developmentallydisabled”    “Secretary” ====è”Personalassistant””Boss”         ======è “Manager,supervisor, director””Remedial”======è”special need, developmental””Military attack” =====è”armedintervention, collateral damage””Bankrupt”     ======è “in reducedcircumstance””Lover”   ======è “gentlemanfriend””Illegitimate” =====è”thewrong side of the blanket””Arguments” =====è”full and frank discussion””Defecate” ====è”Do your business””Theft”      ====è “inventoryleakage””Salesperson” ===è”personal representative””Taxes” ======è”revenue organs””Wrinkles” =====è”character line””Brothel” ====è”house of ill repute””Small people” ====è”restricted growth””Ban” =======è”downsize””Lodger” =====è”paying guest”Ithas further been explained through the following examples:What the British say:”I hear what you say”What the British mean: “I disagree and do not want to discuss itany further”What is understood: “He accepts my point of view”What the British say: “This is in no sense a rebuke”What the British mean: “I am furious with you and letting you knowit”What is understood: “I am not cross with you”What the British say: “With the greatest respect”What the British mean: “I think you are wrong (or a fool)”What is understood: “He is listening to me”What the British say: “Correct me if I’m wrong”What the British mean: “I know I’m right–please don’t contradict me”What is understood: “Tell me what you think”


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