The bright colors which are traditional in

   The item I found is from Asia and is a light, waterproof jacket made in Bangladesh.

The jacket is mostly green on the outside and black on the interior. The jacket cost $65.   It took me around and hour to find the jacket.   The jacket was sold at Macy’s within the Carbondale mall.

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Macy’s is a department store chain that sells all types of apparel and other items.   Bangladesh has a monsoon climate with high temperatures and high humidity. The jacket is light and waterproof which fits their hot, rainy climate.  A cotton piece of material and a jersey referred to as shirt are the common apparel for men in rural areas, most having bright colors.  A piece of material may be a loop of fabric, somewhat sort of aterribly, terribly loose skirt or a skirt. It hangs from the waist to the ankles and is gathered before at the waist and twisted into a kind of 0.

5 knot, with the ends tucked in in order that they won’t unravel. If a Bengali boy desires to run, swim, fish, or play, he will pull the lowest of the piece of material up and tuck it into his waist, prepared for action. On special occasions, they’ll wear a pajama-panjabi. within the urban areas men have, however, for the most part tailored to western costume (virtualbangladesh). The jacket’s interior is made from cotton and also possesses the bright colors which are traditional in Bangladesh culture. Jackets are normally not worn by the people of Bangladesh, even though it has some qualities of their culture. That is a major thing that the jacket doesn’t reflect about their culture.   Despite political and social unrest within the country, the economy has evidenced resilient.

Bangladesh has reduced its poorness rate from over 0.5 to lower than a 3rd of the population and mature at a mean 6 June 1944 of GDP over the last twenty years. Growth amounted to seven.05% in 2016 supported by remittances from nearly ten million Bangladeshi living abroad, garment exports, hyperbolic wages and low inflation.

continued  growth is predicted given economics stability in conjunction with credit growth and hyperbolic non-public investment. in keeping with the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics  ( Ministry of finance). Bangladesh has only recently started to rise out of extreme poverty. The country solely relies  on on the trade and exports of clothing and food. The garment exports made up a large portion of their income along with agriculture. 5. My item could have been made in Southern Illinois.

This region possesses the proper supplies needed in manufacturing the jacket. If it were to be made in this region I believe the  colors would be alot more dull rather than bright as they are in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh people are known to walk around in bright colored clothing, both women and men. The main reason the jacket was not made in Southern Illinois is for the concern of expenses.

The pay difference here in Southern Illinois and Bangladesh is extremely different. In Bangladesh the average monthly wage is around 58 dollars to where in the U.S. it is around 4,000 dollars. Bangladesh is a region where the United States can import clothing at cheap prices and sell them for a major profit. My jacket most likely cost around two dollars to make in Bangladesh but is sold in store for 65 dollars. 6. The waterproof jacket expresses cultural and economic globalization.

  Today all the trendy and developed and developing countries area unit a lot of or less at intervals the fold ofglobalization. People’s Republic of Bangladesh with its increasing sway of exports and imports is not any exception to it.Globalization is {increasingly|progressively|more and a lot of} turning into a lot of and more widespread, as a result of most of the countries see their higher fortune during this arrangement. globalisation covers a large vary of problems, economic,political, cultural, etc.

There area unit scopes of win-win gains of the concerned countries in their dealings.Since the difficulty of globalisation is a lot of a dream than reality, a shot was created to form the readers more privy to the difficulty, so they take a lot of interest in implementing the nobler ideas of globalization.


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