The Board Of Investment Of Sri Lanka Commerce Essay

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka completes 32 old ages of being in 2010. In this clip, it has acted as an engine of growing making a considerable impact on the state ‘s economic development. The organisation had its beginnings in the Greater Colombo Economic Commission, which was established in 1978 to bring forth development in the outskirts of Colombo.

Fourteen old ages subsequently, in 1992, the Commission was reconstituted as the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka ( BOI ) with its authorization embracing the full island.The BOI is structured to work as a cardinal facilitation point for investors. It operates as an extreme statutory organic structure. The Board of Directors drawn from the Private and Public sector and its several sections are geared to easing the investing procedure.

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A high powered Cabinet Sub Committee inter-ministerial leading supplying a signifier for investor aid has been set up to beef up the BOI, clear all constrictions and guarantee rapid clearance of investing blessings so that investors can implement undertakings in a hassle free ambiance.The BOI companies today employ over 400,000 workers. They account for about 70 % of Sri Lankan exports and 80 % of the state ‘s industrial exports. The BOI is hence a important agent of alteration and its one-fourth century being has radically transformed Sri Lanka both economically and socially, puting the state in a place where it can vie in an progressively globalized universe.

Significantly, when you sign an understanding with the BOI, the commissariats embodies in the understanding remains valued for the life of the endeavor. Consecutive Governments can non alter these commissariats, guaranting a grade of stableness that few other states can offer or fit.

Vision, mission and nucleus values of BOI

1.2.1 Vision

“ To do Sri Lanka Preferred finish for investing in Asia ”

1.2.2 Mission

“ To be in the head of accomplishing sustainable economic development and employment by advancing and easing foreign and local investings throughout Sri Lanka ”


2.3 Core values

Integrity and professionalismSocial dutyRespect and courtesyFairness, consistence and transparenceTeamworkInvention and engineering drivenBettering criterionProactive and caring

Recruitment and choice

Recruitment and choice procedure in a series of hurdlings aimed at choosing the best campaigner for the occupation. Recruitment and choice refers to the concatenation and sequence of activities refering to recruitment and choice of employable campaigners and occupation searchers for an organisation. Every organisation has some chiseled employment and enlisting policies and hiring processs. The HR section of big organisations, concerns, authorities offices and many-sided organisations are by and large vested with the duties of employee enlisting and choice.

Fig. 2.

1 procedure of enlisting and choice

Recruitment Michigans

Choice starts

Concluding campaigner to do concluding pickCandidate become EmployeeApplicant complete application signifiersUse choice tools to test out most appliersEnrolling ; Construct a pool of campaignersEmployment Planning and predictionBeginning: Lecture note-Managing Peoples, enlisting and choice, 3rd slide

2.1 Recruitment

It ‘s non easy to happen out qualified individual from over dark. When we post the gap we can happen out batch of applicantions specially for direction trainee places of BOI.

Out of all of this applicants we need to happen out most suitabale individual to make full the vacant. Proper recruitement and choice procedure which featured cogency and dependability will do success employement at the terminal.As above diagram, enlisting would be stop up with pooling of campaigners applications. Under this term paper our chief concern is to look into how selection procedure of BOI for direction trainees.


2 Choice

Choice is a procedure by which the best person is chosen from among the appliers who have offered their services to the organisation for employment.Once you have a pool of appliers, the following measure is to choose the best campaigner for the vacancy. This normally means paring down the applicant pool by utilizing the showing tools, such as trial, appraisal Centre ‘s and background and mention cheques.Choosing the right campaigner is of import for three chief grounds.PerformanceCostssLegal duty.So choice of human resources is a most important undertaking.

Because it is the one determine the success or failure of the organisation. When we are non selected the suited individual, it will straight consequence to the public presentation of the organisation.

Choice of Management trainees of BOI

The figure of measure has been practiced by BOI to choose direction trainees as it is really of import to carry through best individual to junior direction degree.

They strict to treat below and it has been consumed considerable clip to assignments as it is authorities approved slow traveling activities consisted of.Screening and short listing of applicationPreliminary interviewsEmployment test/selection trialSecondary interviewsMention checkingSelection determinationWhen we draw selection procedure in to flux chat, it is realized that flow confabs does n’t consists of “ determination ” check. It comprises start-end buttons and action buttons merely. No secondary remedial action is taken placed to endorse to any activity above. If we missed or could n’t accomplish the needed degree of public presentation in peculiar activity, we have to reiterate whole procedure once more.

Fig. 3.1 Existing flow confab for choice of direction trainees

Start of choice

Screening and short listing of appliers


Exit from choice

Preliminary interviews


Exit from choice

Employment test/selection trial


Exit from choice

Mention Checking


Exit from choice

Choosing determinations


Exit from choice

Exit from choice

End of choice

Beginning: BOI collaborate plan- enlisting and choice, 2008

Screening and short listing of application

It is already decided to enroll direction trainees by decently analysing occupation demand of BOI.

Selection procedure is working under close reappraisal of HR section.

Determine your standards

It is of import to foreground the cardinal things which are looking for so HR section can measure all applications on a flat playing field. An effectual occupation description of direction trainee which advertised in intelligence documents gives you the footing for the standards to tag all campaigners against.BOI normally be split into three subdivisions:proficient – does the campaigner have the necessary instruction ( grade ) , developing or makings to win as a direction traineeexperience – For direction trainees BOI did non anticipate more than 1 twelvemonth experience where as they prefer fresh alumnusspersonal – has the campaigner given illustrations of when they have demonstrated the needed competences

3.2.2 Developing a showing chart

A screening chart enables HR director to tag which campaigner meets which criteria.

It allows traveling through each CV seting a mark by each cardinal factors. HR director able to recognize who every the campaigner meets the best basic demand by appreciation CVs rapidly.For illustration, Normally BOI direction trainee place is required to be a degree holder to pre- qualified as first topographic point. As it is, BOI uses the undermentioned footing to screen out applicationsNo grade or a gradeDegree in Related fieldDegree with 1st or 2nd Upper category or below thatFresh alumnus or good see alumnus

3.2 Preliminary interview

After screened out the applications they will name interview for selected appliers who enable to go through through screen unit. The BOI is carry oning the structured interview to choose the individual.Within the interview, the BOI chiefly concerned the attitude, value, believes of the individual instead than see as direction trainees place is concerned. The BOI believes the position of individual and his cognition and accomplishments are straight affected to the public presentation of the organisation.

The intent of preliminary interviewing is to name the best individual for the occupation based entirely on virtue and suitableness. The BOI choice model achieves this by utilizing methods that are systematic, thorough, just, indifferent and based on rational, nonsubjective, occupation related standards.At the interview, each campaigner should be treated systematically.

To accomplish this panel should ;Ask the same initial inquiries of each campaigner – ego debutSupplement their apprehension of the campaigner ‘s responses by following up inquiries as appropriateBe consistent in leting entree to presentation stuff, notes and so on if necessary or petition by interviewersNot let any prejudiced inquiries, torment, or any other behavior which breaches the BOI equal chances policy or codification of behaviorSecure that information obtained throughout the choice procedure is treated as confidential and is known merely to parties involved in the choice procedureKeep records of interviews and the grounds for determinations – returning this information to HR for filing ( and disposal six months subsequently ) .Panel members would be cognizant that it is their duty to guarantee recruitment/interview certification is stored firmly and confidentially whilst in their ownership.

Choice trial

The BOI is carry oning two choice trials for their employees. Normally, BOI used to pattern composing exam as a choice tool for direction trainees.

Practical trial would be applied for technicians and drivers merely. Written paper is general cognition proving scrutiny and cover countries such as mathematics, societal scientific discipline, English linguistic communication and instance survey analysis. Although late BOI realized that aptitude proving procedure besides need to present to mensurate speedy determination doing ability of personalities. But it would be taken more clip to acquire blessing through ministries and other authorities governments. BOI has foreseen to present aptitude proving process near future.

Examination consists of chiefly two parts ;Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs )Writing of Essay and instance surveyBoth MCQs and written documents would be marked by one of panel selected by top direction who is working under section of preparation & A ; development. It is really secrete and non-accessible procedure of all employees except who are above the deputy managers of each and every section.Marks release 28 yearss after the scrutiny.

It is uploaded in to official web site every bit good as shows in notice board of preparation and development division. Based on figure of direction trainees required for each and every section, BOI human resort section will make up one’s mind what the cut off degree is. BOI held duty about the cogency and dependability of the trials and the confidentiality of Markss.

Secondary interviews

This in-depth interview will concentrate on niche and soft accomplishments. The “ Soft accomplishments ” of a campaigner are gauged by utilizing interview techniques. Technical accomplishments are scrutinized by using customized showing methods that will be identified during the initial meetingBOI will besides carry on extra showing where appropriate with mention to few sections of direction trainees concerned. As illustration, the section who responsible for environment preservation might be either from technology back land for societal scientific discipline back land.

That that specific cases, the following showing tools may be utilized:Face-to-Face proficient interviewsScenario inquiries ( general and specific to the direction trainee place of specific section )Secondary interview panel consists of political representation from relevant ministry and operational and in-between degree directors. Secondary interview commission is non included strategic degree directors as such station of direction trainee is categorized under operational direction degree in BOI ordinances.Medical trial should be passed by the selected campaigner after screed through secondary interview.

Even though it was non practiced as the difficult and fast regulation for direction trainees. No medical trial has been faced by any direction trainees who filtered through secondary interview in BOI choice procedure.

3.5 Reference cheque

Mention Checks are completed at this clip by BOI Human resource section and will be kept confidential until requested by the choice commission through written papers. HR section will instantly supply a general study that will foreground the campaigner ‘s strengths and failings identified through the mention cheque. Past path records and current work mentions will be undertaken at the discretion of the campaigner if they got uncertainty further to guarantee public presentation of the campaigner.Under particular fortunes, BOI used to inquire police clearance certification and “ Grama sewaka certification ” to do certain credibleness of the individual. While it states no favoritism take topographic point based on cultural groups under BOI civilization, BOI more concerned and gather extra information particularly when Tamil people are selected as a direction trainees during period of civil war was continue.

Al most all free zones were controlled under BOI where as those countries recognized every bit high security zone in Sri Lanka. That was the chief ground to pay more attending for Tamil people. But, it does n’t intend that BOI did non supply equal chance to different cultural group of Sri Lanka. It is impermanent implemented practiced by BOI to guarantee the national security of Sri Lanka.

3.6 Selection determination

After complete the all above filtering procedures, BOI has to get blessing from secretary of the section of direction service.

Secretary of section of direction services should be taken blessing from BOI board of managers, and following approve from relevant ministries. Normally it would be long procedure and clip devouring activity to publish off written papers of sanctioned direction trainee list merely after secondary interview or mention cheque.HR section will direct an assignment missive to O.

K. campaigners ‘ lasting reference by registry station under reception of sanctioned list of direction trainees has been received to the section. It might states salary graduated table, class of the place, probation period, contract type and contract period, working hours per hebdomad, leave entitlements, etc.



As BOI is following public services processs for choice of direction trainees, it has consumed well more clip than private sector. As consequence of it, applicants discourage to use the places of BOI while more chances are custodies on private sector employers. Considerable hold of whole enlisting and choice procedure has been occurred on phase of “ choice determination ” phase as HR sections ‘ statistics.

Approval had been linked to several section and ministries of public sector. Most of the instances, blessing is postpones by saying deficiency of financess while it is indispensable to make full the direction trainees to go on map of the section decently day of the month today footing. I would wish to propose that it is better to keep “ selection determination ” by BOI itself under reappraisal of separate panel which consists of one representative from each and every section every bit good as approved by board of managers. It might be facilitated BOI to do their selected determination rapidly without vacillation long tally of blessing through unneeded links.

Furthermore, Management trainee choice procedure besides seems to be well long. It is more effectual if BOI can shorten the procedure of choice and offer 3 old ages probation period and rigorous with public presentation of persons at first 3 old ages clip to do certain the best part of single is sufficient to relevant section. Key public presentation indexs would be setup and often reexamine the betterment and development of the direction trainees and describe back to HR section. In order to shorten the choice procedure, I would wish to suggest new the choice procedure as such get downing from choice trial, wide position interview, mention cheque and choice determination. As it is recruitment for in-between degree or operational degree direction, it is non indispensable to keep secondary interview if we can offer long probation period and watchfully supervise their public presentation. If selected employees are non executing good, BOI get an chance to either development of non- performing artists or do dialogue under probation period.

Another hapless thing here is that, political dorsum manus is forced to short circuit the choice procedure as it is straight covering with ministries. Secondary interview panel besides consist of ministry – political related individual to do concluding determinations. The best version is that minimized the engagement of politicians to choice procedure. New proposed choice flow chat will avoid unneeded engagement of politicians.Other than that, the best manner is that show the trial consequence and maintain another pool of campaigners ( Pool-2 ) who merely missed the interview and scored Markss closer to cut off degree to name for wide interview in order to replace campaigners ( Pool-1 ) who above the cut off degree and does n’t executing at interview good. Otherwise HR section needs to name for another intelligence paper advertizement and repeat whole procedure once more to get needed figure of direction trainees. This process will salvage the money of the BOI every bit good as valuable clip of current BOI employees.

However, it should be a pool of campaigner ( Pool-2 ) who merely missed the interview neither far below scored campaigner nor politically influenced campaigner.Most of direction trainees are energetic and new blood young person who seek to construct up their bearer with farther professional development. It is valuable standards to do consideration of personal involvement and athleticss engagement along with extracurricular activities under “ development of screen confab ” apart from educational makings. Personal out edge experience helps to gauge ability of squad work public presentation, interpersonal accomplishment, communicating accomplishments and committedness to plants.Other than written scrutiny, it is recommended to present good designed Assessment Centres ( ACs ) to place appropriate competences of the campaigner along with interview. “ Interview- wide position of probe ” comprises ACs such as direction games.

Management games guarantee ability of job resolution and speedy determination devising. It is really indispensable to place those competences as direction trainees choice procedure is concern.All above listed of suggestions, end product and out come to better the direction trainee choice procedure are summarized as below.

Table 4.1 drumhead tabular array of suggestions, end product and results



Out put



Established in house “ choice determination Panel ” for BOI

Selection panel would do the concluding determination of blessing of selected campaigner as an employee

Fast blessing procedure is functioned.

Avoid un necessary hold caused by other irrelevant sections


Shorten the choice procedure and set up long probation period

Newly established probation period is 3 old ages, Install new cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) and measure often

salvage money and clip by shortening the choice procedure, automatically established rating procedure would profit to place single strengths and failings


Avoid activity called “ secondary Interview ”

No political- representative involves for whole choice procedure

Less political influence to choice procedure


keeping two different pools after choice trial

No separate intelligence paper advertizement when unable to full make full the needed sum of MTs, Merely one choice trial held, Associating activities effectual manner

salvage money and clip of BOI, Most of the clip BOI can stop up with needed figure of MTs


Consideration of past records of extracurricular activities of campaigners

New blood young person encourage to use

Easy to accommodate organisation civilization


Introducing Assessment Centres ( Acs )

Group activities are arranged, Make sense of all have equal chance to choose

Easy to place right topographic point for right individual by practical sense

Start of choice

Choice trial





Mention Checking


Screening and short listing of appliers



Choosing determinations



Selected for pool 2?

Selected for pool 1?

Low Markss holders?

Interview – wide position probe



Sufficient no. of MTs are in pool now?







End of Choice

Exit from SelectionFig. 4.1 Proposed flow confab for choice of direction trainees


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