The Better Utilisation Of Human Resources Business Essay

Any administration to accomplish and carry through the coveted nonsubjective demands physical, fiscal and human resources. Human resources can merely be to the full utilised when they are motivated and this can be done by constructing willingness in employees to work. The proper use of human resources is merely possible when they are motivated ensuing in the addition of productiveness of the administration.

Efficiency of employees is increased

For an employee to work expeditiously he has to be good supported as an employee does non merely depend upon his makings and abilities. An employee to in order to give his best needs some aid from direction as there is ever spread between ability and willingness. In this manner the degree of public presentation of employees will be improved and will ensue into-

Productiveness additions

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Cost of operations reduced and

Overall efficiency improved

Goals of the administration are achieved

Every administration has certain set of ends which they look out to accomplish and these ends can be achieved when the human resources of that administration are extremely motivated and it consequences in

Best possible use of resources

Co-ordination and co-operation has to take topographic point at the same time which can be done through motive.

The staffs of an administration are end oriented and present the best possible consequences.

Higher work force keeping

When an employee feels good about his administration stableness of work force is achieved as this will besides ensue in the positive result and the administration ‘s repute is placed high. The employee is satisfied and does non believe of traveling out of the administration as they feel that they have an active engagement in the direction.

The accomplishments and efficiency of employees will ever be of advantage to employees every bit good as employers. This will in bend create a positive image of the administration and therefore will increase the trade name value of that administration which will pull competent and qualified people into its crease. There is a really old stating which states that “ Old is gold ” , this statement is really true in this instance as the more the experience of the employee the more he benefits the endeavor and since they do non necessitate or take clip to set besides acts as an frost on the bar.

A affable relationship between employees

Motivation besides plays an of import factor in doing the employees feel satisfied. It besides builds a affable, friendly atmosphere in an administration. And a friendly atmosphere brings stableness and will assist in supplying a smooth and sound topographic point and it will be an administration where single involvements will co-occur with the organisational involvements.

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Wayss of actuating Employees:

There are different ways of actuating employees and different theories have been proposed. Some of these theories are listed below.

Taylor ‘s Theory of Scientific Management

Mayo ‘s Human Relation School of idea

Maslow’sA Theory of MotivationA – Hierarchy of Needs

Herzberg ‘s two-factor theory of motive

1. Taylor ‘s Theory of Scientific Management

His Theory of scientific direction stated the followers:

Management demands to maintain an oculus on their employees as it is a general phenomenon that workers do non of course bask work and so necessitate close supervising and control.

Work has to be divided harmonizing to their ability by giving them short term ends.

Suitable preparation has to be given to the employees in order for them to work every bit expeditiously as possible.

Employees have to be paid consequently i.e. harmonizing to the figure of points they produce in a set period.

This will ensue in the higher productiveness of each employee.

2. Mayo ‘s Human Relation School of idea

Mayo concluded that workers are best motivated in the undermentioned ways:

If the employee and the direction have better apprehension and good communicating with each other the efficiency of an employee was seen to hold improved.

If an employee is teamed up with its co-workers of similar work and greater director engagement ever enhances their productiveness.

3. Maslow’sA Theory of MotivationA – Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow ‘s theory provinces that an employee has some basic demands which had to be fulfilled so the employee thinks about other demands. He stated that each and every employee have their ain set of demands but after a careful survey he came up with a generalized construction which better explains the demands of an employee. He has put frontward a theory consisting of five degrees of homo demands which employees need to hold fulfilled at work. These demands are structured into a hierarchy and merely one time a lower degree of demand has been to the full met, so merely will an employee would be motivated by the chance of holding the following demand up in the hierarchy satisfied.

Hierarchy theory diagram

An administration can merely win when the troughs realise the single demands of each employee as each employee have their ain set of demands and they vary from each other. Hence directors should recognize that employees are non motivated in the same manner and so does non come on to the following degree of hierarchy at the same gait.

Occupational wellness and safety in building undertaking direction By Helen Lingard, Stephen M. Rowlinson

Herzberg ‘s two-factor theory of motive

Herzberg in his theory of motive wants the administration to take a democratic attack that motivates employees and this can be done by bettering the nature and content of the existent occupation through certain methods. Some of the methods are listed below.

Job enlargement- Employees must be given occupations which are interesting and creates a degree of assurance in the employee. These undertakings assigned to employees must be of great assortment but non needfully disputing.

Job enrichment – An employee who is given a disputing occupation which can be termed as complex and these undertakings must be interrelated environing a complete unit of work and therefore gives a sense of great accomplishment to the employees.

The motive to workA By Frederick Herzberg, Bernard Mausner, Barbara Bloch Snyderman


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