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“I hope that she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a miss can be in this universe. a beautiful small fool” . Daisy says in the book The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzerald ( 20 ) . In her head. to be foolish is the best manner to last in the 1920’s in America. an epoch when adult females are non treated every bit reasonably as work forces. Based on Nick’s narrative. Daisy is an inordinately charming. desirable. but careless and selfish character who is married to a affluent and. powerful. immature adult male named Tom Buchanan. Daisy breaks the promise with Gatsby. as a smart and elusive adult female. who merely concerns herself with her ain benefits. However. she acts superficially as a hapless sap since she ever lives in her ain semblance. and doesn’t cognize what is she truly wants. When Daisy confronts a state of affairs that she needs to do picks between things. she ever runs off from them and prefers to maintain everything unchanged and controlled. in order to acquire rid of the force per unit area. insecurity and struggles in her deep interior.

None but a sap would make such a thing since everyone knows that nil lasts everlastingly. To get married Tom is what Daisy has to make because she is tired of waiting. waiting for Gatsby to come back. She feels satisfied and secured when she decides to get married Tom. However. on the dark before her nuptials. Daisy pulls out “a twine of pearls valued at three hundred and 50 1000 dollars” . and wants Jordan “tell’em all Daisy’s change her mine” . and she “cried and cried” ( 91. 92 ) . Finally. “the pearls were around her cervix and the incident was over” merely “half an hr later” ( 92 ) . After Daisy receives a missive from Gatsby. she does seek to alter her head for Gatsby. However. this sudden missive interruptions Daisy’s program. Daisy can’t accept this alteration because she wants a steady life out of her semblance. which is in her control. As a consequence. she is married to Tom to complete what she plans to. After the matrimony. even though Daisy suffers from the treachery and forsaking from Tom. she still stays with him.

She puts her existent feelings off and walks into her “well-designed” illusive universe. For case. when Tom receives a call from his kept woman. he goes indoors to pick up the call without a universe. Daisy so “suddenly threw her serviette on the tabular array and excused herself and went into house” ( 17 ) . In other words. Daisy clearly knows the matter of her hubby. She merely buries her suffering emotion inside and doesn’t complain. Furthermore. on the twenty-four hours when Daisy’s girl is born. Tom is “God knows where” ( 20 ) . This implies one of the causes why Daisy feels “cynical” about everything and becomes more careless ( 19 ) . It is tormenting that her hubby does non remain with her even on the twenty-four hours her girl was born but what Daisy does is merely turning away her caput and crying hopelessly. There is no uncertainty that Daisy understands her matrimony is based on the money. She doesn’t addition felicity even though she gets her so called security and wealth from Tom. Ironically. she pretends that everything is traveling good and doesn’t face the jobs in her life. Isn’t she a sap? Apparently. she merely attempts to obtain what would do her life easier. without recognizing what she truly wants. Daisy knows about her life as a certain manner: composure and stable.

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Therefore. she would ne’er take Gatsby before she met Tom nor after her matrimony. When Gatsby requires Daisy to state Tom she ne’er loves Tom. Daisy cried to Gatsby. “You want excessively much. I love you now—isn’t that plenty? ” ( 158 ) . The word “cried” vividly exhibits how frightened and nervous Daisy is at that clip. which besides reveals that she doesn’t even cognize how to cover with the jobs that happens beyond her semblance. Additionally. she “sobs helplessly” and says to Gatsby. “I did love him once—but I loved you too” ( 159 ) . To maintain her matrimony with Tom and matter with Gatsby at the same clip decidedly is a silly. bad thought. which foreshadows that Daisy would hold chosen one of them finally. What’s more. Daisy runs off with Tom after the auto accident. After all Gatsby is the 1 who takes the incrimination of killing for Daisy. but she neither calls Gatsby nor goes to his funeral. Once once more. from the beginning to the terminal. Daisy ne’er thinks about to run off with Gatsby because she can’t accept the truth: the visual aspect of Gatsby is about to destroy her life which is supposed to be stable.

Daisy realizes that she is populating in her semblance. but she is still unwilling to confront the truth. After fighting with the struggles in her head. she ever chooses to get away from the world. She gets what she wants from Tom. but at the disbursal of losing her morality and the ability and right of basking the true love and prosecuting what she wants. As a adult female life in 1920s when adult females are tend to be ignored. Daisy’s fate can be said as a wretchedness. or calamity. When Daisy is being lured to travel off from hubby and household by Gatsby. her matrimony is put into the border and. she is blamed for the matter. Bing a merchandise for which the work forces are contending farther emphasizes that. Daisy’s unhappiness and all her careless. foolish actions are resulted from the barbarous society. From all of Daisy’s agonies. it is non difficult to understand that why she says she wants her girl to be a small sap at the beginning of the book. Truly. merely being a sap can she avoid herself from all the unneeded jobs.

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