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The main theme in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is racism. Racism is shown through the novel between the whites and the black. Discrimination between the two races in this novel is a very important part to understand. They believe that the white race is more important and higher up than the black race.

The theme racial discrimination is an issue throughout the whole novel is is directed to the reader the story as there is many incidents that occur and that relate back to this theme and helps support it There was multiple situations where the housekeeper Calpurnia was apart of racism. Calpurnia is black and the Finches are white, these are a few examples of how all blacks were in a low class society. Scout and Jem visited her all coloured church, while whites and blacks were not seen together in public. Scout and jems aunt Alexandra did not allow them to visit Calpurnia home. This came across to make a point to the reader blacks should not be mixed with the white race. There was another situation that involves racism in the novel and this is when Mr Dolphus Raymond, who is a white man who married a black woman.

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In this time public drinking was allowed as long as the drink was covered with a paper bag. Mr Dolphus made everyone believe that he was an alcoholic because he would carry around his Coca-cola in a paper bag. He told Scout and Dill he does this for an excuse to society and why he married a black woman. This is another example that shows that whites were ashamed of the black race. Racism is still a problem that exists in our daily lives. For example Donald Trump’s comments on blacks and Mexicans during the campaign.

This shows that even though he is leading the USA as president, he still hasn’t come to terms with mixing ethics and different beliefs. My personal opinion is it shouldn’t matter the colour of your skin or the beliefs a person has, everyone should get treated equal.


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