The baroque era Essay

Comparing the Eras of the Renaissance and Baroque

Since the beginning of clip Art has been used as a signifier of look. With each historical art epoch came new progresss and techniques. Each epoch was influenced by the alone features, manner and societal conditions of its clip. Although each epoch bought forth new signifiers and alone manners of art many historical art periods were influenced by an earlier period of history. The undermentioned essay will depict and explicate the features, manner and influences of the Renaissance and Baroque eras as single periods.

It will besides analyse painting from each period and explicate the similarities and differences of both pictures ; it will besides discourse the relationship between the two epochs.

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A expression at the Renaissance

The Renaissance epoch is known as the period of passage into modern twenty-four hours. The term Renaissance originated from the Gallic linguistic communication intending metempsychosis, which exactly describes the period of the Renaissance. The Renaissance began in Italy and rapidly distribute across Europe between the 14th and seventeenth century. During this period Europe experienced big societal, rational and economic alterations. Europe ‘s ability to surface from the stagnated economic system of the Middle Age had big effects on the period.

Possibly the most important and popular promotions made were in the cultural, societal and political establishments. The patterned advance into Individualism during the Renaissance made manner for major promotions. This patterned advance removed the traditional values of the Church and allowed persons the freedom to research the human head, organic structure and their milieus.

The issue of faith had a important consequence on the Renaissance epoch. With the Catholic Church tangled up in contention over power, corruptness, barratry, nepotism and the Pope ‘s fathering of illicit kids, many followings turned off from the Church and embraced a new Reformed version of their beliefs doing a lessening power degree for the Church. The addition of literacy besides affected the Catholic Church, as trusters learned more they realized that the Church was prophesying merely what they favored to the followings. Possibly the most important spiritual event during the Renaissance history, was the Protestant Reformation, which was founded by Martin Luther in Germany. The new found positions towards faith had major effects on society and their manner of idea.

Freedom from the Church allowed persons to research freely which resulted in a wholly new manner of life in all Fieldss. ( “ The Renaissance ” , n.d. )The Renaissance epoch allowed art to develop and maturate far beyond the traditional and conventional spiritual capable affair to retroflex human emotion and pragmatism in art.

While faith remained the chief influence during the Renaissance the inception and acknowledgment of human signifier, look and scientific survey became really active influences in the humanistic disciplines. Painting and sculpting techniques developed greatly during the Renaissance. Artists began utilizing new techniques such as additive position, Torahs of part, balance and physical presence. The cardinal peculiarity that characterized Renaissance art includes an worship and congratulations of the human figure and nature, realistic additive position and prominence on the association of visible radiation and shadow. Most of the best known creative persons and chef-d’oeuvres were produced during the Renaissance period. During the Renaissance epoch celebrated creative persons such as Masaccio, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci created alone and nontraditional techniques ne’er used earlier. ( “ The Renaissance ” , n.d.


A expression at the Baroque period

The term Baroque originates from the Lusitanian linguistic communication intending “ irregular pearl ” . The epoch was dubbed the name to connote unfamiliarity and abnormality. The churrigueresque manner began approximately at the terminal of the sixteenth century and lasted until the mid seventeenth century. The Baroque manner foremost developed out of the Catholic spectacle and poise associated with the Counter-Reformation. Subsequently, as the technique expanded north, it rapidly became celebrated at royal tribunals, where it represented the lifting regulation of the new monarchies. The spiritual differences which begun during the Renaissance with the Reformation and Counter Reformation continue good into the seventeenth century.

The spiritual struggle among the two groups influenced art greatly in this epoch. As a consequence of the Catholic Church ‘s Counter-Reformation, astonishing churches were built, decorated and furnished to the extreme. Consequently, the demand for alone extraordinary religious themed graphics was great. As the economic system flourished many European capitals began to raise, therefore the addition for architecture and ornament was high. ( Guisepi, n.d.

)Art during the Baroque period produced a esthesis of patterned advance, dynamic and apprehensiveness. The technique of strongly utilizing differentiation of visible radiation and shadow and a ceaseless measure of infinite is celebrated during this epoch. The presence of passionate spiritualty and pragmatism were besides immensely utilised. Artists were celebrated for demoing an person ‘s personalities, passion, emotions and thought simply through their facial looks.

Baroque art was a signifier of overdone Renaissance manner art.Baroque painters utilized the basiss of art distinctively from anterior epochs. In pictures lines were typically smooth and soft ; the colour strategy consisted chiefly of a individual tone. The difference between shadiness and small was an indispensable technique. Time was peculiarly of import to painters during the Baroque epoch. Artists viewed clip as an assessable object.

They believed clip slices lies off go forthing truth and justifies good over immorality. The usage of clip would be a repeating subject throughout the Baroque epoch. Similar to the Renaissance, the Baroque creative persons ornamented the inside of expansive edifices such as chapels and castles. Along with art, the Baroque manner surpassed the modern signifier of sculpture. Baroque sculptures were full of uniqueness, look, and action. The sculptures of this period besides expressed a passionate emotional cloud nine and creativeness. ( Guisepi, n.

d. )


Both the Renaissance and the Baroque epochs created several of the most celebrated artistic plants produced in the Western universe. While the two epochs illustrate typical differentiation in work manner and subject, however they reveal many features in common. To better understand the similarities of the eras a comparing of two plants of art from the two different periods is helpful.

The two pictures that will be analyzed and compared are Leonard da Vinci ‘s Mona Lisa and Peter Paul Rubens ‘ The Straw Hat.

Analysis of the Mona Lisa

The adult female portrayed in the Mona Lisa picture is known as La Gioconda or “ the Smiling One ” . The construction of the Mona Lisa forms a pyramid form, her folded weaponries and custodies functioning as the bottom base, her shoulders and weaponries organizing the sides and her caput as the extremum all linking to organize a pyramid. The support on which her left arm ballads is barely noticeable, widening to a vanishing armrest. Leonard da Vinci ‘s acute Renaissance period infatuation with characteristics and item is enthusiastically obvious in the picture. The smallest inside informations such as the folds in her gown, the superior usage of item of the background, and the construction of her hair are accurately and exhaustively painted. The picture looks as though it was submersed in a smoky haze which was created by district attorney Vinci ‘s adept ability to gradual intermix one country of colour into another without a crisp lineation. This technique allows the spectator to acknowledge the shadows and visible radiation of both the image and background.

The pictures lighting is submissive, nevertheless highly natural. The usage of natural and realistic highlighting and shadowing qualify the form, characteristics and look of Mona Lisa. Unlike her face, her dark tone vesture easy blends into the quietly lit puting behind her, unifying the work of art in the classical Renaissance mode. Regardless of the proficiently blended colourss, the characteristics of the scenery behind Mona Lisa are evidently noticeable, another typical technique of the Renaissance. The use of additive position is finely unostentatious due to the absents of separately positioned lines, but however are still present and noticeable, as the perceiver stares back into the scenery the disappearing point can easy be located behind the caput of the figure. The watercourse fluxing behind her, the distant mountains, the way and canal near the centre of the picture are typical characteristics of the painting regardless of the haze and make add-on involvement to the full picture. ( da Vinci, 1605 )

Analysis of The Straw Hat

The topic of Peter Paul Rubens ‘ The Straw Hat is Susanna Fourment. In the picture Fourment ‘s base is positioned to organize a pyramid construction.

Resembling the construction of the Mona Lisa her folded weaponries besides serve as a base, her shoulders and weaponries as the sides and her caput as the extremum all matching to organize a pyramid like form. The chapeau on her caput is placed casually with a minor angle, which creates a line that cuts the extremum of the pyramid. Her flared skirt which is somewhat perceptibly under her folded weaponries creates the sense of a 2nd, shorter pyramid that is concealed under the first. In his picture, Rubens demonstrates the authoritative Baroque freestyle brushstrokes.

This technique is perceptibly observed in the characteristics of Foument ‘s frock and chapeau. Her tied turnup and the plumes in her chapeau are visibly identifiable ; nevertheless their finer inside informations are buried by the graceful flowing brushstrokes, which is a typical technique of the Baroque epoch. Rubens employed the authoritative Baroque method of strongly contrasting shadows and visible radiations to foreground and concentrate on characteristics in his picture. To make a realistic visible radiation in the painting the lighting was focus straight on Fourment. Rubens usage of strong bold colourss for Fourment ‘s apparels along with the contrast of colour and texture among fabric and skin let her to stand out and clearly portray her as the focal point of the picture. The background of this picture is simply a mistily illustrated group of clouds with a intimation of bluish sky barely peeping through. As a consequence, the background of The Straw Hat picture is absolutely inferior to the focal point of the piece. Without typical images in the background to provide an allusion point, the usage of additive position is unobserved.

( Rubens, 1625 )

Similarities in both pictures

Both artists treat the similar themed subject harmonizing to the technique of their peculiar periods. Both pictures illustrate a immature lady in about indistinguishable airss, both organic structures are positioned at a 75 grade angle with the caput slightly turned back in the way of the perceiver. Both adult females have their custodies carefully positioned under the flop in forepart of them. Both adult female regard towards the right of the spectator neither one stares straight towards the spectator. Both adult females display a little content smile on their faces. Another similarity among the pictures is observed in the background of both picture. Both pictures create cryptic and dazed sceneries behind the adult female.

In add-on Rubens ‘ composing resembles the Mona Lisa so much that many questioned if Ruben deliberately setup his picture that manner.

Differences of the pictures

In the Mona Lisa painting district attorney Vinci uses precise and magnificent technique in the inside informations of the background ; the epoch ‘s passion for inside informations is enthusiastically noticeable. On the other manus, the background of The Straw Hat demands no attending. During the Baroque epoch creative person chiefly focused on the chief capable affair. Another difference in the pictures is the usage of additive position, in the Mona Lisa district attorney Vinici creates a clear vanishing point in the background of his picture, unlike Rubens ‘s picture were he pays no attending to the background scenery and merely focuses on the chief topic. Another differentiation in the pictures is the colour strategy, in the Mona Lisa deep dark colourss are blended swimmingly with the background and the sfumato technique is used absolutely to convey focal point to the inside informations of both the image and background, in The Straw Hat bold make bolding colour tones are used to do the image base out, besides alternatively of the sfumato technique Rubens uses the traditional Baroque technique of uniting strongly differing visible radiations and shadows to concentrate on and stress the characteristics in his picture.

Relationship and connexion of both historical epoch

Although both epochs are alone in different respects, yet the epochs portion similarities and besides go oning relationship.

The Baroque epoch is said to hold been generated at the terminal of the Renaissance epoch, which progressed to a dramatic, illuminate, energetic sophisticated signifier of art. The techniques of the Baroque art epoch united the sophisticated techniques and brilliant progresss of the Renaissance along with the emotion, strength and play of the high Renaissance with the Baroque manner of blending the basic basiss of the naturalist and classicist manners that are characterized by impressiveness, energy and emotional enthusiasm. Many art bookmans consider the Baroque manner a representation and continuance of the Renaissance epoch. Similar features of both epochs include the usage of visible radiation and colour, focal point on pragmatism and idealism, strong position effects, spiritual subjects and bare portrayals. ( Myers, n.

d. )To reason the Renaissance and Baroque eras generated several of the most famed creative person every bit good as chef-d’oeuvres of all clip. Although both epochs portion many similarities each epoch has its ain alone features and is alone in its ain manner.


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