Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The Bad Beginning Essay

The Bad Beginning Essay

Just as they are enjoying a day at Briny Beach, the three Baudelaire children 14-year-old Violet, 12-year-old Klaus and baby Sunny, receive some bad news.

Mr. Poe, a friend of the family, comes across the foggy beach to tell the Baudelaire children that their parents have died in a fire that also burned down the family mansion. They were now orphans; the Baudelaire children face an unexpected future. They were soon headed to their new guardian.

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Count Olaf, who was a distant relative, but when they move in with Count Olaf, the Baudelaire children were certain that he does not care about them, he only wants to get his hands on the fortune their parents had left behind. He made them do difficult chores and made them sleep in only one bed. The children enjoys limit time of happiness by spending time reading books in a comfortable library with their new neighbour, Justice Strauss, who was a judge. Count Olaf discovered that if he was to marry Violet he would at last get his hands on the Baudelaire’s fortune.He disguised his plan by telling the children and Justice Strauss that they were all be performing in a play called “The Marvellous Marriage”. Violet and Klaus researched about laws in Justice Strauss’s library and figured out Olaf’s plan.

When Klaus confronted Olaf, he puts Sunny in a birdcage, locked her in the highest tower and threatens to drop her if Klaus and Violet didn’t cooperate. After the wedding scene of Olaf’s play, he stopped and announced that the marriage was legal. Mr. Poe, Justice Strauss and other audience were shocked but then realized that Olaf was telling the truth.

Violet then tells that she hadn’t signed the marriage document “in her own hand” as the law require, but that she used her left hand. Justice Strauss declares that the marriage is not valid and Mr. Poe assures the children that he’ll place them with someone else. As they were enjoying their successful plan, the theatre’s light went off, Olaf got away, promising to return and claim the money and kill the kids.