The Aztec Indians Essay Research Paper The

The Aztec Indians Essay, Research PaperThe Aztec Indians, who are known for theirdomination of southern and cardinal Mexico, ruled betweenthe 14th and 16th centuries. Their name is derived fromAzatlan, the fatherland of the North. The Aztecs besides callthemselves Mexica and at that place linguistic communication came from theNahuatlan subdivision of the Uto-Aztecan household. The Aztecswere formed after the Toltec civilisation occurred when100s of civilians came towards Lake texcoco.

Latehouseholds were unfortunate and were forced to travel to theswamp lands. In the swamp lands there was merely one pieceof land to farm on and it was wholly surrounded by morefens. The Aztec households some how born-again thesedisadvantages to a might empire known as they AztecEmpire. Peoples say the imperium was partly formed by aprofoundly believed fable. As the the fable went it said thatAztec people would make a imperium on in a boggy topographic pointwhere they would see an bird of Jove eating a serpent while perchedon a cactus which is turning out of a stone in theswamplands. This is what priests claimed they saw whilecome ining the new land. By the twelvemonth 1325 Their capital metropoliswas finished. They called it Tenochtitlan.

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In the the capitalmetropolis aqueducts ( shrieking ) were constructed, Bridgess were built,and chinapas were made. Chinapas were small islandsformed by pilled up clay. On these chinapas Aztecs grewmaize, beans, chili Piper nigrums, squash, tomatoes, and baccy.

Tenochtitlan ( the capital metropolis ) was covered in elephantine spiritualstatues in order to pay their respects to the Gods. In theAztec faith legion Gods controlled an Aztec? s day-to-daylife. Some of these Gods include: Uitzilpochtli ( the Sun God ) ,Coyolxauhqui ( the Moon goddess ) , Tlaloc ( the rain God ) ,and Quetzalcoatl ( the discoverer of the calendar and composing ) .

Another portion of the Aztec faith was human forfeits. Fortheir forfeits the priest would put the adult male or adult female over aconvex ( rounded ) rock, so he would take a crisp knifeand cut the victims bosom out. They did this because theybelieved that good Gods could forestall bad Gods from makingevil things and they besides believed that good Gods got theirstrength from human blood and Black Marias so they had forfeitsin order to maintain their Gods strong. For major rites warriorswere sacrificed, for the warrior this was one of the greatestawards and for minor rites captives were used. In anAztec matrimony the grooms shirt is tied to the brides frock inorder to show at that place adhering and after the nuptials incentswere burned for 4 yearss before continuing with thematrimony.

In 1519 Hernando Cortes, a Spanish adventurer, ledover 500 work forces into Aztec district to seek for gold. Aztecsidea he was a representative for a certain white skinnedGods so they respected him. It all changed when the Aztecsproverb that Hernando was runing down their aureate statuesand transporting them back to Spain. The Aztecs decided toonslaught Hernando and his work forces. The Aztecs were successfuland drove the Spanish off.

In 1520 the Spanish attackedthe Aztec? s capital metropolis and destroyed their civilisation. Thatwas the terminal of the Aztec? s mighty imperium had built so longago. Work Cited 1 ) ? Aztec Indians? .

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