The Awaking Essay Research Paper The AwakeningThe

The Awaking Essay, Research Paper

The Awakening

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The Character List:

Edna Pontellier-

Edna is one of the chief characters. She goes on a way of emotional, rational and

sexual waking up after passing a really pleasant summer with Robert Lebrun

Leonce Pontellier-

Edna? s hubby Leone spend most of the clip off from place on concern. He is

obsessed with doing money and gaing expensive ownerships for his place. He is mild and

gentle and tolerant of Edna.

Raoul and Etienne Pontellier-

Edna and Leonce? s kids, they don? T bent on their female parent nor their nurse. The are

really self sufficient and when leonce goes to new York for a drawn-out clip they visit there


The Colonel-

Edna? s male parent, many old ages ago he gambled away the Family farm in Kentucky, now he is

old and drinks toddies during the twenty-four hours

Madame Lebrun- Robert? s female parent she owns the bungalow in Grande Isle that the New

Orleans metropolis common people like to lease out for the summer

Victor Lebrun-

Robert? s younger brother, Madame? s Lebrun? s favourite boy Victor is spoiled and

objectionable, but is good looking

Alcee Arobin-

Alcee Arobin is a stylish immature adult male He attaches himself to Edna and they have and


Robert Lebrun-

A immature coquette, he attaches himself to Edna during the summer he tries to distance himself

by traveling to Vera Cruz

Madame Ratignolle-

Madame Ratignolle has many kids she is presently pregnant and makes Edna promise

that she will be at that place when she goes into labour.

Mademoiselle Reisz-

Mademoiselle Reisz is a piano player and is really ugly and cranky she lives entirely and Edna

come to vist her to listen to her drama and read missive sent that Robert sends.


The First half of the novel takes topographic point in Grand Isle, It is an island off the seashore of

Louisiana. During the summer it is inhabited but the Creole Families from New Orleans who go

at that place to get away from the heat and relax by the ocean.

During the hebdomad adult females and kids stay on the island while the work forces return to the metropolis of


During the summer Edna meets a immature adult male named Robert Lebrun. His female parent rents of

the bungalows on the island. The two spend about their full clip together and Edna greatly

enjoys his company. Particularly since her hubby by and large spends all his clip with work.

Edna starts to see a alteration in her ego the more she is around Robert. She begins to

develop a sense of herself as a whole individual. She realized her privation and her desires. She is no

longer content being a simple married woman and female parent.

During her minutes of self find Edna learns to swim in the ocean. She and Robert

besides spend allot of clip in and near the ocean. One twenty-four hours they take a self-generated trip in a boat to

another island. There Edna has a metaphorical metempsychosis of her ego when she falls asleep for a few


Robert Realizes the intimacy between him and Edna and decides to travel on a concern trip

to Vera Cruz with short notice. This causes Edna to go down after he leaves. She

/ & gt ;

befriends Madame Ratigonolle a pregnant adult female. Besides Mademoisell Reisz is a single old

adult female who can do Edna weep by playing the piano.

When Edna and her household return to the metropolis, her hubby bussniess himself in his work

and doing money. he likes to buy excessive ownerships for his place. Edna upon return

goes back to her usual life manner. but shortly becomes disgruntled and takes up picture. She begins

to move in a uncharacteristic mode harmonizing to her hubby. Leonce confused goes to the household

physician and asks for advice. He is told to go forth her alone.The Doctor suspects that she is in love

with another adult male but doesn? T discuss that issue with him.

Edna is decides to make what she wants. Even though he hubby and society disapprove.

Edna invariably thinks about Robert and this makes her happy on some yearss and sad on others.

When she finds out that Robert is composing to Mademoiselle Reisz. She goes and vists her to her

listen to her drama and read the letters.

The Colonel ( Edna? s male parent ) comes to see for awhile. When he come Edna devotes all

her energy to him even though they are non near. When he leaves they leave on a set of bad

footings. This causes Edna non to go to to her sisters marrying in Kentucky. After her male parent foliages

so does her hubby kids. Leonce goes on a drawn-out concern trip in New York. The kids

are sent to the grandmas in the state.

Edna is left entirely and begins to bask he new life entirely. She eats in lone and vists her

friends. She besides paints a small. Edna begins to chance at the race path and her friendly relationship with

the charming immature adult male Alcee Arobin begins to go sexual/

With her painting net incomes and her wings from chancing Edna decide to travel out of her

house and mover around the corner to a? pigeon house? . She wants to be independent and

doesn? T want her hubby to hold any claim on her. She hears that Robert is traveling to New

Orleans and eventually admits she is in love with him.

Subsequently that twenty-four hours for the first clip Edna slumbers with Arobin. She has many emotion but no

shame. A few yearss subsequently she throws a party for her birthday and traveling out. Edna continues her

matter with Arobin but she doesn? t signifier any existent fond regard to him.

One twenty-four hours when Edna vists Mademoiselle Reisz flat she meets Robert and the

meetings is unusual and awkward later that twenty-four hours the two portion a passionate buss and he asks her to

marry him. Before she is able to reply she must go forth and go to Madame Ratignolle who is in

labour. Robert claims he will wait and when she returns he is gone. When Edna returns to Grande

Isle she strips bare and swims into the ocean with great passion. She swims out every bit far as her

limbs will transport her until she reaches exhaustion. Memories of her childhood flash before her eyes

and she easy drowns. She does this to detach herself from her kids and their claim to her.

What I have learned:

What I have learned is that no affair how strong you thing love is there ever is a rear and

if you eventually happen yourself you wear? Ts need anything else


Its about a adult female who finds her freedom in a supressed enviorment


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