Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The autobiography book shows Malcolm X Essay

The autobiography book shows Malcolm X Essay

            The autobiography book shows Malcolm X, experiences with racism in small towns, racial violence in the communities living together, criminal life and tells his imprisonment. The autobiography points out racism habit to show how society hierarchy of status determines our identities and sense of self worth. Black Muslims viewed white people as a form of satin force.  The conflicts which arose in this religion exposed the American Black Nationalist movement. This movement was attributed for resolving the increasingly struggle for civil rights all over the world. The Art of War by Sun Tzu comprehensively presents conception of security in both military, non-military and politico-economic situations. Sun Tzu considers War as the essential feature of human condition. He argues that preparation for welfare and the ability to conduct was successfully determine the state’s survival and security. The prince by Niccollo Machiavelli book shows how the state was governed by either Republics of princedom. Princedom was accustomed to the family of their prince and the leadership was hereditary. He shows a number of potentials problems and how to handle them, govern monarchies, dealing with colonies and how to treat conquered people.

            Conflicts in society norms is portrayed when Malcolm’s family moves to Michigan. White supremacist group burns down their house. Malcolm X watching their house burn down taught him what it meant to be black. The only profession black would engage was to either shine shoes or wait tables and the majority of black profession was poor and jobless. The hard times he endures makes him believe that the odds are stacked against blacks. From his hardship he learns that the only way to get something is to ask for it. He learns a positive lesson from this but the hardships from his life do not stop anyway, Earl’s life insurance company refuses to pay what it owes the family claiming that the death was suicide. The family can not afford a decent meal, they only have dandelions for a meal, this forced them to rely on social welfare. The poverty prevailing in his family makes him uncomfortable to mis with other people, this conflict influences his behavior by isolating himself from others. when white foster family adopted him, he feels like a pet in the family more than a human being. He got class president position and instead feels like a “pink poodle”. He does not feel appreciative in life of anything that comes by. In his class, Malcolm finds only on paragraph in whole textbook on black history. The teacher in his class comments that black people are still dumb and lazy despite their freedom from slavery. Malcolm has a dream of being a lawyer but teacher tells him that he suites carpentry profession. In Malcolm school we realize that even well-meaning white people do not see black people as equals (Haley chapter 1;2).

            America racial problem frustrates Malcolm, people call him names like “nigger and “coon” on the basketball court. This led towards development of his character .Since the society alienates him makes him feel that he does not fit in the society. He can not find himself a decent job, he gets a job nearly for washing dishes. Interracial romance going on at the bar where he dances in weekends is done secretly. The racial conflict in Lansing neighbor where he was hosted by a foster family did not value black people, his education would not help him much, he would have gotten a menial job or  become a middle-class lawyer. He racism experience shows the extend to which racism is ingrained in the society. He can not escape the atmosphere of racial prejudice as it dominates everything from his school, welfare on their argument that his mother could not take care of his siblings because he was black, and family relationships. The way the society treated Black people on discriminatory background, found its way in the family, Malcolm was treated more special by his father because he was of a lighter skin. He grows up by learning to navigate the paradoxes the society creates that being black is a major obstacle. the society of that time allowed black people to succeed so long as it does not come in the way of white America. (Haley chapter 2)

            Justice). when Malcolm experienced racism in his youth from his school mates, family and the neighborhood, who treat him different because he is black, he does not trust anyway who treats him well. Though his foster parents and some of his school mates treat him well, he thinks they only do so in order to show him that he is different and to show how unprejudiced they are. For his justice, Malcolm dehumanizes certain white people as  revenge for his own subjugation. We see that in Vegas, he has a white girlfriend and he views her less of a person. while in Mecca, white skinned people treat him as equal and he begins to acknowledge the humanity of individual whites (Haley Chapter 2-5).

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            In the “Art of War”, Sun Tzu brought the women to the palace, he commanded them to do as he pleased.  When they failed obeying his command, he presumed that the orders were not thoroughly understood. He blamed the disobedience of the soldiers to be the fault of their officers, he then ordered the leaders of the two companies to beheaded. After the execution was over,  sun Tzu send a message to the king saying that the soldiers had now properly drilled and disciplined.  He continued that they can put to any use that their sovereign may desire, they will obeyed commands of its leader and even walk on fire when they commanded them to. We see that conflict here established the norms of this soldiers, they were subjected to to some form of discipline that its soldiers saw suitable for them.(p.11). The conflict in China led the Soldiers and the people in its country to rely not only on the likelihood of the enemy’s coming but also on the readiness to receive him. The Chinese troops had no corresponding to combat exercises, they had to undergo some training and exercises to make them ready for an enemy. among the exercises were wrestling, throwing large stones and use of heavy swords that encouraged muscle building (Sunzi 14 ).

            Chinese largely depended in getting information of the enermy through spying. The negotiations which were carried on were not meant for settling disputes but to introduce envoys into the enemy’s camp so that they could keep in touch with what was happening inside. By doing this the Chinese army was strengthened so that they could not be taken by surprise by the enemies. They had 5 different spies located in different location in the enemy’s camp, this is what influenced their army to be strong. It surprised Sun Tzu that German aviators could not bomb polish headquarters every time it was moved in September, 1939. We see that Mandarins who studied military tactics to help direct operations in the time of war (Sunzi 19).

            The prince by Niccolo, we learn that when States are acquired in a country differing in language, laws and great good fortune, need to overcome them. The best way of a Prince dealing with it is to go live there himself since he will make his tenure more secure and lasting and it would not b easy for an enemy to attack his state. The Prince thought that either than going there himself, he can sent colonies to th key provinces, because they cost less than soldiers and more faithful. The prince who establishes himself in a province whose laws and language are different from his own, he has to be the head and protector of his feebler enemies a well. In dealing with countries which they took possession. Romans planted colonies, conciliated weaker powers, humbled the great and never suffered a formidable stranger to acquire influence. The Romans therefore foreseeing, never suffered their cause for the sake of avoiding war as they knew that war was not to be avoided but postponed for the sake of other side. This taught them the tactics of war which impacted in this behavior (Machiavelli chapter 3 p.2-6).

            In conclusion,  we do not understand our society norms. We learn of Malcolm  X racial discrimination in his neighborhood. The justice he took upon himself to lure the white girl into a relationship with him and later  disgrace her is wrong. Malcolm firmly held a strong believe that white pole are to blame for the desperate conditions black people went through. The black underclass makes him lenient in his moral evaluation of Harlem ghetto. He goes on to blame the white people and civil rights leaders  for their misdeeds that led to their poor life the black people are living, the “ghetto” he calls it. Although Malcolm strongly belies that white society are to blame for black America’s problem, he should have made stepped forward to the black community and campaign against this racial discrimination, black people worked hard in schools and get themselves better jobs either than doing doing anything to improve their status and blame it on white people. Some white people treated him well but he was suspicious of their motive, he always thought you were doing so to get something form him which wasn’t th case. By Sun Tzu executing his two soldiers in order for the rest of them  to obey him wasn’t right at all, they do not have to take someone life for others to see the seriousness in your point. Other measures would have enacted instead like maybe punishments, withholding their benefits or expulsion from the force all together.

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