Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary The As I packed my bags munching

The As I packed my bags munching

The United
States, a symbol of freedom and controversy beckons millions all over the world
with its promise of opportunities, otherwise called as the American dream. I
recently happened to travel to this virtual melting pot where diversity in
religion, race, culture and religion blend together to produce a United Nation.

The county
offers the traveler a breadth of sightseeing and adventure. From the Atlantic
to the pacific, the rich landscape encompasses sweeping mountain ranges,
sun-kissed beaches, and desert spaces. The basilica of the immaculate
conception, the largest Roman Catholic church in the US, with its intricate
architecture is a treat to the eye.

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New York
city, the sun never sets here. There is nothing like quite the thrill of seeing
the northern lights at Alaska. This mystical green band of light in the sky is
seriously cool to see. They become prominent about an hour after sunset.

DC, is the capital state and home to the library of congress. The white house
stood there, proclaiming its flawless superstructure.

falls one of the stunning beauties in the US is the best spot for nature
lovers. A long walk through the narrow trial accompanied by the load roar of
the water was indeed a refreshing experience.

For all
food lovers, when life gives you lemons, don’t settle with a lemonade make a
key lime pie. The official state pie of Florida has made herself a worldwide
reputation. Thanks to the Florida sponge fishermen for likely originating the
concoction of key lime juice, sweetened condensed milk and egg yolks which
could be cooked at sea.

As I packed
my bags munching on another order of French fries, I wondered what else she’s
got for me. I thought about my relationship with this beautiful country, an
inquisitive traveler trying to capture as much as memories, and how the open
culture has guided me into quiet, reflective moments which you rarely get while