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The CentralIntelligence Agency also known as the CIA, is an organization thatprovides the government national security information from around the world.

The purpose of the CIA is to gather information from around the world revolvingnational security. The information gathered is given to the President andpolicymakers, so that they can make intelligent decisions regarding nationalsecurity. There are a number of steps needed to be taken in order for the CIAto accomplish its tasks. The first step to gathering important information isidentifying a problem or an issue of national security that concerns those who workfor the CIA. The CIA will begin to study many different factors such asactivities that terrorist organizations are planning, or the use of weaponsfrom other countries and how they will be used.

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All of this information isgathered in a variety of ways. The CIA will gather things such as foreignnewspapers, magazine articles, radio television broadcasts, and more, to givethem an understanding of the issue. One enough information is gathered andpieced together, the CIA will address what might occur next or what couldpotentially be a threat.There are four main teams/groups of people that work on thedifferent areas.

These teams contain special people who are skilled in whatthey work on. The teams are referred to as directorates. Each team focuses on adifferent part of the issue. When everything is finished being studied, andwhen the information has been gathered, the teams put together a big picturefor analysis.

The first two teams focus on intelligence. The thirdteam analyzes and writes papers about it. And the fourth team makes sure theprocess goes as planned.The mostwell-known team is the National Clandestine Service, also known as the NCS. Thosewho work in the NCS are often referred to as the “spies.” They often goundercover to gather foreign information more easily. The NCS gathersinformation and secrets that could have a big impact on the US.

Everyone whoworks in the NCS works privately to gather their information.The next team is theDirectorate of Science and Technology. TheDS&T focuses on gathering information through satellite images, radiobroadcasts, and other electronic platforms. They also gather information frommagazines and newspapers. These different sources are known as “open sources.

” Theinformation gathered from the NCS and the DS&T, is then given to theDirectorate of Intelligence also known as the DI. The DI gathers theinformation and interprets it. They then create written reports of theintelligence, and give the reports to a policymaker. The information from theNCS, DS&T, and DI, is all supported by the fourth and final group calledthe Directorate of Support also known as the DS. The DS provides the othergroups with safety, proper tools, training, and ensuring proper health in theirstudies.  


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