The Art of the New York City Essay

It was six o’clock in the morning, I lay there eyes wide open like a toddler on Christmas morning. Excitement flowing through my veins. I could hear the bustling movement of morning rush-hour, I could no longer wait for the others. I open the blinds to an inspiring view of the one of the most powerful buildings in the city, The Empire State building. Finally, the beautiful city of New York lay at my fingertips. I had waited my whole childhood for the chance to visit, to explore.

I grew up seeing New York on the television. I grew up inspired by a city I hadn’t been to but yet, I felt so attached. I saw the city in a different light. How an artist sees a painting, or how an environmentalist perceives the wilderness. Art represents something greater than a visual aspect, it portrays an idea. The beautiful thing about art is how you perceive it, how you yourself can relate to it even if its beyond what its meant to be. The city itself was art in my eyes, I couldn’t get enough.Every aspect of the city spoke volumes to me, it represented dreams and the ability to make the impossible become possible.

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How could man even begin to plan for a city of this magnitude? let alone make it a reality. New York City has to be one of the biggest “well-known” cities in the world. People flock to the city from all over the globe. But what inspires these millions of people to come spend thousands of their hard earned dollars to explore a city they’ve only heard about, or seen on some form of media?From a personal point of view these people are intrigued by the art of the city itself. Every building has a history, every borough or neighborhood has its own unique style.

Imagine it as art, different artist coming together to leave their mark on the city, representing Weaver 2 their ideas and heritage. New York City is the melting pot of the world. So many diverse cultures influence the city daily, year after year. Very few have this realization that a place can be an art. They rather see “art” painted or photographed.That may be true to a certain extent but how can you not view the New York City skyline as art? Isn’t art supposed to inspire the soul? Doesn’t art have an underlying meaning that you create out of your own views? Imagination is key to the philosophy of art itself. Its a beautiful thing to see such a mix of culture, I think its what draws more than 40 million tourist each year.

But it might also be the reason why its so divided. It seems that the people that live in the city lose the appreciation of the whole idea , they no longer see the beauty in it.A building becomes just a building, a place of work, or just a place of living. A quote from the short story of Curitiba says “most especially, New York, but in fact any place ringed with suburbs seems to me to have signaled the erosion of politics as something useful, to have turned it from a source of togetherness and common feeling into a reflection of apartness and self interest” (61 Curitiba) The downfall of the city of dreams is that it also makes you believe your supposed to accomplish those dreams or you amount to nothing.

It seemed as if the people were so caught up in their daily lives of trying to so call “prosper” that their mind no longer recognized the charming allure of the city, the art in every neighborhood. Robot-like business men on their phones not paying attention to a single person or thing around them. The first street I walked down I could see how fast paced the city was, not in an efficient way either. I could see the impatient frustrated drivers as they remain in park, or the taxi guys screaming obscene vocabulary to frightened tourist.

How could I ever enjoy the city feeling like the people that reside in it, are the ones that despise it the most. Seeing New York City in movies and television gave me that perspective as if viewing a Weaver 3 painting. Although I formed some bias judgments, I was able to see the city in a glorified aspect of art. I was almost sure that I was going to move there as soon as I got the chance. Every time I was able to see it I felt renewed inspiration. I felt new found dreams flowing through my veins. If man could surely make a city of wonders, then I could surely follow these dreams.But after visiting I was also able to see a different perspective.

I saw the city for what is really was. Residents swallowed up but mega corporations, good-minded people turned into business cutthroat capitalist. But don’t get me wrong, Im sure for every one of these self-absorbed people stands another who actually appreciates what the city stands for and the dreams it represents. In conclusion, I believe the City of New York was the perfect art form to represent my ideas.

Its not singled out to only one artist, or one idea.It combines the heritage and meaning of life from essentially every culture of the world, whether it be good or bad. The city itself enlightens you to find your dreams, to go in search to complete them. But it can also be a trap, a cut off to the beauty of life itself and a scapegoat to allow extreme individualism.

All in all, Art represents something greater than a visual aspect, it portrays an idea. The beautiful thing about art is how you perceive it, how you yourself can relate to it even if its beyond what its meant to be.


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