The art of illusion is the mastery

    The art of illusion is the mastery of showing a misperception of what is perceived to be reality. Kazuo Ishiguro has gone to a world that shows a true description of what it would be like to be outcasted from society. In the course of time a life is birthed and then expected to have an extraordinary life that is fulfilled with dreams, goals and ambitions. Life is filled with creative artwork and inspirations. After taking a further look into a situation of being outcasted from a society that has different perspectives on the way of living.

There are similarities of thematic ideas in Blindness by Jose Saramago as well. Blindness has shown that there is mass corruption for people that are contaminated. Once there is something a human being can not understand they list it as dangerous or wrong. The bigger meaning of Blindness is that when an intellectual situation can not be understood it is easier to lock it up in a cage rather than see a certain beauty it has to offer. Throughout the analyzation of the two comparative novels that were read during the course of this semester there was a common theme that had been discovered.

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The recurring theme that had a massive impact in both books was the loss of humanity. Not having a true clarity of what is happening can change the outlook of the situation in a positive or negative manor. The fact that humans are being fed false advertisements about how our true society is and how  “we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken.

” (Carl Sagan). When losing the humanity that a human has the right to obtain is taken away, what will be done about it?     Destruction, evil and hope are traits that Kazuo Ishiguro wants readers to relate to while encountering the extoraintary storyline of misperception. Kathy, Tommy and Ruth are given a life where they are controlled by people who see them as products not human beings. Emotions are bestowed among all Hailsham students either in a negative or positive way that they do not know how to grasp themselves.

Artwork was a huge portion of how Hailsham students were meant to deal with the emotion and past memories. As their memories of the good life fade the creation of poems, songs, paintings and writing could keep memories from disappearing.  “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly.

But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.”  (Ishiguro).  Losing yourself in the way that you are perceived can be heartbreaking. Tommy, Kathy and Ruth have been looked upon in a way they are not true to themselves. They are outcasted from a society that does not want to know them.

Tommy feeling like the act of despair is getting to him and thinks  “Sometimes I get so immersed in my own company, if I unexpectedly run into someone I know, it’s a bit of a shock and takes me awhile to adjust.” (Ishguros). Showing that being isolated into a confined area where socialization with an outer society can take a massive toll on one’s psychological state of mind. For example when Tommy, Ruth and kathy finally get the chance to go out to a restaurant where they are asked what they shall have to drink with a meal. Stund at the waiter actually giving them the opportunity to choose for themselves having no idea what to say but to be left speechless.

When eventually unwilling voluntold to get diet coke by there friend sitting across the table. This proves to show that when humans are told lies throughout their entire lives as well as told what to do and when to do it the truth will be harder to seek. Although at Hailsham creativity of the mind is is explored in depth as it is the only way to find inner self. Students are not given the freedoms that human beings should have throughout the course of their life.

They are given the opportunity to explore an idea of what society and humanity is like outside of their reality through artwork. Artwork was a symbol of how students would describe themselves through a dark world that they could not even understand themselves. The idea of having these creations that would describe how they would invision their thoughts was taken away after they felt they had a meaning or purpose. Mentors at Hailsham did not believe that students had souls for they were to produce and not contain any human emotion. “We took away your art because we thought it would reveal your souls.

Or to put it more finely, we did it to prove you had souls at all.”  (Ishguros). After finding that students contained emotion that a regular human in society carries mentors felt like students should be given a second chance at living the spectacular lives they obtain.

    When defining the word blindness, this can be looked upon in many different ways. Either it can be explained as a mindless game that no one will ever understand or it can be looked upon in a complex depth of analyzation. In the novel Blindness, Jose Saramago shows and demonstrates that life can be taken away from you by the snap of your fingers. However the novel tries to explain how metaphorically “seeing” is the truth beyond a personal perspective of life. Saramago’s novel clearly illustrates that the themes describe certain awareness of being,  how fear can take over the subconscious, destroy trust, and dehumanize someone. When seeing someone at first glance  “You never know beforehand what people are capable of, you have to wait, give it time, it’s time that rules, time is our gambling partner on the other side of the table and it holds all the cards of the deck in its hand, we have to guess the winning cards of life, our lives.” (Saramagos).

The thematic idea of blindness is that even when humans can see there’s still hate when the right of seeing is taken away. It only takes a few that have love and compassion that can change any given situation or outcome that is bestowed upon them. Discrimination is a big power that humans contain throughout this novel of blindness. The fear of the unknown causes humans to look upon pain and hatred instead of loving and caring. They use discrimination to gain power over others by using a bias of culture, race or disabilities.

It is easier to discriminate when you’re able to see the situation you were given “Perhaps only in a world of the blind will things be what they truly are.” (Saramagos). Just like how artwork can be deceived. The art of seeing a visual picture inside your head is the same feeling one would get if they were to look at a psychical picture. The treatment of these situations results in victims being frowned upon from the society that they’re in. It is assumed that such oppression can make people disgusted and resentful of what is going on.

However the struggle of discrimination is a huge factor. Humans become better, because it pushes people to open their mind to narrow minded views, this can break down stereotypes, and inspire humans with similar attributes that are contained for certain challenges. Trying to figure out someone’s mind is the most challenging concept that can be explored and “The difficult thing isn’t living with other people, it’s understanding them.” (Ishguros). Understanding a human being is very difficult always wondering what, why, when and how? As the entire facility that the characters are cooped up in becomes a wild, unorganized area that is no longer humaine.

The doctor tries to speak out “If we cannot live entirely like human beings, at least let us do everything in our power not to live entirely like animals.” (Saramago). Once a person’s perception is influenced by another this could subjectively disconnect the perception of what is perceived as real. People often see what they want to see and what they want to hear.  When the white blindness had spread to humans they were not concerned. It did not strike anybody because it had been a normal disability that some humans encountered. After this dilemma started to grow into a bigger cause it started to get more attention. The substantial growth in humans getting the white blindness had become a concern to government and then needed to be contained.

A recurring theme that was brought up through the entire novel was that when something was unnatural and unknown it needed to be contained right away. Instead of trying to find a cure or figure out the problem humans were just contained inside unbreakable facilities. Near the end readers started to encounter a hopeful finish to such a destructive incident that had affected society in a negative manner. Although it was negative this situation can be looked upon in a positive way as once you lose sight of what is important you’ll cherish every moment you have when you get it back.    Throughout the entire course this semester a topic was brought up repetitively for a topic of discussion. This was the importance of writing, sculptures, literature, and any type of creative influential projects. In the novels blindness and never let me go they also had a recurring      theme of importance for literature and creative influential pieces.

The novel never let me go had shown this by giving Hailsham students the opportunity to develop memories and lifestyles by letting them create masterpieces of artwork to represent past memories.  This would further develop the students enrollment in a society of the school and help further their educated imagination. Having previous memories of the gallery that the students I’ll try to remember when they were all younger kids was something that was discussed many times throughout the novel. “The gallery Tommy and I were discussing was something we’d all grown up with. Everyone talked about it as though it existed, though in truth none of us knew for sure that it did.

” (Ishguro). Blindness had a similar representation of artwork in a more physical manner. Everyone losing their site is a way of describing how humanity has lost the visual representations of what society should be as a human race. The distraction and cause of this encounter can lead to miss interpretations of what reality must be. Similarities are seen in never let me go as the mentors at Hailsham are trying to convince the students that the reality they live is all that there is to life. Yet there is a huge other spectrum that they’re missing out on because they’re being convinced that there is nothing else.

One theme that was highly noticed through the read of both novels was its perception of change in humanity. The idea of going through a terrible horrific incident that could change the outcome of how you look upon certain scenarios was a huge part of the two novels. They lost and humanity had played a huge role throughout both novels. The different pieces of literature had shown that even though it’s a different situation there can be common recurring events but try to prove the same point. Society has lost its meaning as everything is busting into different directions of views. Losing everything can be hard but it’s about what is done with the hardship in order to conquer the situation.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” (William Blake).  Finding out why isn’t always the correct answer to the solution. Needing to know everything isn’t always the right answer either. In the two novels that are being compared through this critical essay there’s also a recurring theme that appears to of not knowing. Through li Finding out why isn’t always the correct answer to the solution.

Needing to know everything isn’t always the right answer either. In the two novels that are being compared through this critical essay there’s also a recurring theme that appears of not knowing. Through .

The storylines the characters are given distractive guidelines of the way they live their lives but in the end they come to a common solution which is generated by hope. Without conflict and without something pushing us off our path that will guide you to a better way of life there would be no hope and faith in future.”To translate knowledge and information into experience: that seems to be the function of literature and art.” (Campbell). A huge trait that has had an impact in both novels has been the hero’s journey. The main characters of never let me go Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth have had to go on a journey to explore what they are capable of in the world that they live in. The main characters in blindness with the doctor and his lovely wife have shown that they’re able to overcome challenges even though they are given the worst out come in the situation that they are in. It is not what you think about the certain situation that is given to you but how you act upon the idea of what is going on.

Time is a valuable attribute that is consistent in both books especially knowing that the blindness will eventually go away in the novel Blindness. “If I’m sincere today, what does it matter if I regret it tomorrow?” (Saramagos). Putting everything out on the line to maintain a lifestyle that will help you get by is something so important. This is also seen in Never Let Me Go. The disaster that could be created over putting everything on the line could make a situation better or worse.”It was like when you make a move in chess and just as you take your finger off the piece, you see the mistake you’ve made, and there’s this panic because you don’t know yet the scale of disaster you’ve left yourself open to.” (Kazuo)   Having slight insecurities about making a decision on the journey you encounter can cause small trauma in the mindset but in the end is for better or for worse. It all comes down whether it was worth it or not.

In conclusion there are many thematic ideas that can tie these two books in together that will make them intellectually more applicable. Loss of human identity through tragic times has been shown on multiple occasions throughout both novels. As well as not being able to fit into a society that will not except difference between other human beings for reasons that are unknown.When human beings are led to believe a certain piece of information it is usually moulded from childhood presence of any information told by others. In both novels The importance of literature and creative insight is so important because it’s sculps minds into a better critical thinking process. This will generate more positive influential experiences while countering life. The human experience has relations to the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell in relations to the hero’s journey both novels had had recurring ideas of how the story would unfold.

This would create hope faith and reasoning to move forward after the tragic events that had unfolded through the novels. Having a loss in human identity can destroy someone mentally and physically. It’s not about what happens to you; Its about what you are willing to do to better your future.


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