The Arbuckle Mountains. In the summer, climates

The Vicious Comanche When visualizing a native american tribe, there is an image or stereotype that pops up in most people’s heads.

When thinking about a native american tribe, you think whole. A family centered people, who did not value material possessions rather than relationships with others surrounding them, including people and nature. When picturing it, most people, including myself, think of families, helping one another in accomplishing daily tasks. These tasks including gathering materials for elders, catching fish at the stream, harvesting crops and maintaining clean water. Community, is the best word I could use to describe this stereotype. Now imagine this community, in which they pride themselves in, gets intruded by foreign invaders. Would you not expect passionate warriors? The Comanche Tribe lived in a large portion of the Southern Great Plains region of the United States of America. Their living areas extended into the Palo Duro Canyon and Arbuckle Mountains.

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In the summer, climates get very hot, regularly topping 100 degrees fahrenheit, while sometimes raining. The winters are less harsh, while there are dry spells in the spring. The men in the tribe were in charge of hunting and fishing. As far as hunting, the animals on the menu included rabbits, fish, and buffalo. Buffalo was their staple however, as they migrated with the herds. They drove them off cliffs or killed them with bows and arrows. The women in the Comanche tribe typically gathered berries, nuts, and wild potatoes. Comanche women also wore long deerskin dresses, while the men wore buckskin war shirts and breechcloths with leather leggings.

They wore moccasins on their feet. During the cold environment, they wore buffalo hide robes. The Comanche also had cloth bests and colorful blanket robes. The comanche lived in buffalo hide tepees, which were portable due to the constant moving. These tepees were constructed with long sticks that were placed in a triangular form which the animal skins were draped over. When they traveled, the sticks were wrapped up in a bundle and the whole village would be ready to migrate within an hour. As far as the government roles in the Comanche tribe, it was pretty traditional.

Women were in charge of the work related to work. This included raising children, cooking, textiles, agriculture, and raising tepees. They were also responsible for skinning and preserving buffalo for food. Men haunted various types of game, raided white and other tribes settlements, and were in charge of making decisions for the tribe. The Comanche tribe rarely traveled by the river. They usually walked to get to where they needed to be.

The Comanche used dogs pulling travois, a type of sled they dragged behind hem, to help carry certain belongings. Once europeans brought horses to America the Comanche became good riders, making it a lot quicker for them to travel. As far as religion went, the Comanche worshiped the Great Spirit and honored the buffalo. They also honored the horses upon arrival. The men tattooed their faces, arms, and chests with geometric designs and painted their faces and bodies. The women sometimes also had tattoos and paint on their faces and arms. Many spiritual gatherings included certain dances performed by the tribe.

As far as language went, the Comanche has their own language. Unfortunately, today only the village elders can speak the language, while the more modern age villagers speak English. The Comanche language has now become an endangered language. Briefly after the europeans arrived, the Comanche would become notorious for being a violent, brutal tribe. For nearly 150 years they ruled parts of New Mexico, Texas, and northern Mexico. The Comanche achieved this by robbing, killing, and plundering.

They used their skills with riding horses to their advantage, as they were known for being very dangerous in combat on top of a moving horse. They were definitely an imposing force that was hard to deal with. The Comanche are known today as being by far, the most fearsome group of native americans dealt with. The Comanche put up one hell of a fight when it came to the white men threatening their way of life. Not only did the Comanche not cooperate, they imposed a great threat that was not taken lightly.

The comanche fought for every last gasping breath to save their home. They fought not for themselves but for their children, parents, relatives, and materials. For invaders to come and take that away was a topic not handled lightly. The comanche are widely viewed upon as the most deadliest native american tribe to ever live, and I feel as if it is because of the passion in their hearts. Without their passion, the force of their fighting would be greatly decreased. As far as where are them now, the Comanche are far from endangered. Not only have the survived during the brutal era of the europeans, but they have thrived.

Most of the Comanche locals stay in Oklahoma, and many casinos are owned by Comanche natives. In fact, the Comanche also have their own police station, justice system, and website to name a few. In conclusion, the fierce, ruthless nature of the Comanche tribe when being threatened was the main reason I was attracted to them. To be passionate enough about your family, friends, and culture to become monsters on the battlefield is an incredible feat, one i will respect forever.


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