The Anasazi Indians Essay Research Paper The

The Anasazi Indians Essay, Research Paper

The Anasazi Indians

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From the scattered mentions made about the ancient Anasazi Indians in

Tony Hillerman & # 8217 ; s A Thief of Time, one can place several cultural

features of this cryptic folk. One can detect how they lived, where

they lived, their faith, simple twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities, and enigmas about

their civilization. Even though many mentions are made about this folk, people

will ne’er cognize the truth, for there is an unresolved enigma to why the Anasazi

disappeared. Even to this twenty-four hours no 1 knows what happened to them.

The location of over 100,000 Anasazi sites have been found outside of

Bluff, Utah along the San Juan river. Anasazi Indians were really finical as to

where they lived. They chose to brood in drops faced to catch the winter Sun

and shaded in summer, with adequate flood plain to turn something and a beginning of

H2O. These two narrative rock homes in drops were built big plenty to suit

30 people in them. There is one uneven fact about this: the Anasazi purportedly

carried roof beams more than 50 stat mis from the woods of Mt. Taylor and Chuskas.

These Indians lived as little scattered households of huntsmans and seed gatherers.

They developed agribusiness, learned to do baskets and irrigate.

The Anasazi faith was really different compared to other faiths of

the universe. Anasazi Indians chose to bury their dead either in the rubbish or

against walls. The shades of the Anasazi were feared widely by most Navajos for

some ground. The oddest thing about the

Anasazi is that they had some sort of

infatuation with a humpbacked, flute playing adult male named Kokopelli, or the

Watersprinkler. On many walls all over the country, a drawing of Kokopelli can be

found. These Indians besides drew broad shouldered signifiers called Kackina Spirits, and

a & # 8220 ; Big Chief & # 8221 ; looking out from a ruddy stained shield.

There were many uneven things about this folk, such as, & # 8220 ; Why did these

people disappear after being about for over 1,000 old ages? & # 8221 ; No 1 knows where

they went, but we do cognize they built roads. They didn & # 8217 ; Ts have wheels nor battalion

animate beings. We besides know they lived in a land of small wood and H2O. The

Anasazi made really keen pots, but they made really uneven drawings on them. Some

pots were of a deep rounded signifier, painted on the inside in rose with wavy picket

& # 8220 ; ghost lines & # 8221 ; . They had a geometric form enveloping two interlocked spirals,

with two hatched, serrated rectangles below the rim. Because of the oddness and

rareness of these pots, some were priced higher than $ 15,000. Some of the Weirdest

things about these American indians is that they had excessively many fingers an excess tooth on

the right lower side, and a hole in the lower jaw.

As said in the debut, no 1 knows what happened to these Indians.

Many believe they merely disappeared, or were abducted by foreigners, but no 1 knows,

and likely will ne’er cognize what happened. Regardless of what scientists find,

nil can turn out the truth, except for the truth. So until the truth is found,

the Anasazi remain to be one of the most cryptic folks of all time known to adult male.


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