The Amish School System Essay

The Amish school system is very different from the Danish school system – but the two school systems do have some similarities. The school will start around 1st September and will end around 1st May, between those dates, scholars do not get holidays. A normal day for a scholar, that’s what students are called, in an Amish school begins at 9 AM and ends 3 PM.

Scholars begin school when they turn 6 years old and they enter 1st grade and their final year is in the 8th grade, where they afterwards can’t take a further education.The 1st grade to the 8th grade, are taught in one room, by that I mean, that the whole school are gathered in one room. A school is allowed to have a maximum of 35 scholars. In a school, they do not use electronic devices, computers, calculators, phones etc.

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Only some schools use electricity. The scholars do not get homework, because they need to help their parents and they need to do their duties. Scholars do not compete in the school.

Cooperation is the school spirit, the older scholars help the younger ones.The basic subjects in the school are English, reading/writing/spelling, geography, history, German writing/reading. Religion is not a subject. A teacher is usually few years older, than the oldest scholars.

They are not married, and do not have another education than the scholars. Each teacher usually makes around 25$ per day. The school itself do not accept any money to support the school.

Every Amish school is supported by the community.


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